21.6 Known Issues

I don’t know somebody wrote about this problem, but I’ll write. I got a problem after updating. Pressing the button starts the game, but then the game crashes. There are also people on the russian forum who have this problem. Hopefully this problem will be fixed

No mention of Battlegrounds Perks and 1st place and top 4 victories counter being wrong.

If you haven’t looked at you own game yet, go check your progress for the Battlegrounds achievements and then look at your wins/top 4s.

Mine are out by as much as 50 on wins and over 200 for top 4s.


Yesterday i get my task 7 for voljin in the mercenaries but this task never show up in the tasks book. I go for misterious guy to choose task 7 again but i cant get task 7 again, always getting tasks for other mercenaries but never for voljin. For sure its a bug. Please can you help me solve this problem?

same issue… and with a bunch of copies of Monstrous Parrot i must have duplicated 8+ deathrattle effects in my first game/try with zero progression

Hello!! it’s been two days since I can’t log into my server account in the Europe, and like me there are many people with the same problem. It is the second time I have written a report and they have not even answered me or anyone else with the same problem. I am seeing that they answer and fix other problems but ours does not, no one has received even an answer. After more than 5 years playing, I for my part either fix the problem or at least answer or stop playing … Thank you

Hello, i dont know if somebody already reported this but im not seeing anything about it so i thought ill share it here. In wild there is a bug where when you play zephrys in a pvp game the game crashes and both players disconnet. Super annoying since your turn is almost over when u reconnect. Renodecks kinda unplayable atm. Hope you get this fixed soon! thanks.

  • [Added 11/3][Mercenaries] We are aware that players were getting stuck on certain Vol’jin Task levels. We’ve temporarily disabled him from visiting the Village while we investigate a solution.

This is hilarious, being stuck in certain tasks of him is much better then not getting any at all, you have made the bug buggier! Congratz!

if you didn’t disable it at least people could advance on his non problematic tasks if they get them.

have the same problem, and can confirm that it only happens when classic is selected in ranked play mode.

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I’ve REALLY tried to be patient. I’m not much of a “poster” but at this point, something has to be done. I STILL can’t claim my Merc cards as I can’t even get though stage ONE of the tutorial. I assume I’m supposed to make a team or something to that effect, but literally, nothing works; I’m just stuck with no options other than to delete my team, which then can’t be recreated.

I’ve tried every suggestion I’ve read to no avail. Not sure what to do at this point. I’m using a Samsung Android phone. Any help would be appreciated.

Eudora = Equipment
From Task2 completion. Says:
Passive: +1/+4
But when equipped only gives +1/+2

Are you sure this is fixed? I have gotten one quest from the main storyline at the beginning of the day for the last two days - when I clear it, a new quest doesn’t come until the next new day - so I have only gotten two quests related to the new content so far.

I assume there are more quests since I haven’t received one related to the third encounter or anything, and I also assume I will keep getting the quests one day at a time but somehow I doubt that is the intent.

Hi, while you have fixed this for Duels. In Wild, Jerry Rig Carpenter is bugging Hidden Oasis with this and is abused by Token Druids.


I still can’t get vol’jin from mysterious stranger, is that supposed to be fixed already or is that something we have to wait for “in the coming days” as well?

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Same here. How long till we can get vol’Jin tasks

Now I understand why today I see 3 tickets less than usual…

yeah today i have 2 tickets , but people who abused it got -150 gold removed for every extra ticked used … i still wait someone who came here posting " OMG i have -5000 gold, how that happened ??? "

edit: a chinese guy first posted he got 83.000 tickets , later he posted a pic with -66.000 gold

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Hi, there are some bugs I’ve to report (Standard/BG)
•When you pass the mouse on a dormant minion, you can’t see anything about the card
•Sometimes there are some problems with the animations of legendary minions when we play them (Anacondra, Tenwu and others): they are oversized in relation to the other minions
•”Storic” bug of the dagger/weapons: when you pass the turn a little faster after you play weapon/use HP with Rogue, the weapons remains opened
•Visual bug of Scabb (the one earned from rogue quest reward) when you play stealth on it (spell of the quest)
•Bug with the Warlock quest (Demon Seed): progress goes one by one
•Visual bug of gold in BG (sometimes at the end of the turns the gold grow even if I have spent it all)
•Animations with pirates are bugged in BG and they cause important lag
•Bug with the counter of the cards in Darkmoon Faire achievement (I’ve earned it but I haven’t all the cards of the set)
Bonus bug😂(not so important):
Diablo opening words in Duels with the Italian client language are still in English
Have a good work :slight_smile:

(Duels) Diablo claws of terror not hitting next minions, I didn’t have pillage the fallen only started once I played Tamsin from quest.

66.000 gold, jeje he can play 3 or more years, then XD

The voljin hotfix gave me a voljin task back in the campfire. It was task 18, completed and i could claim it. Problem is : I was stuck at task 17 before the bug. That cost me a pack by missing a task…