22.0 Known Issues

Sometimes, at the hero choose in Battlegrounds the heroes dont come. They are stuck in the part of the deck and its impossible to choose. After this the game dont start. I had this bug in smarthphone and pc.

Combo keyword is missing from Edwin mercenary second ability.

Do you have Round of Drinks equipped? It removes the Combo restriction.

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When? Where?
I didn’t receive any reward for the last season on my mercenaries achieves, unless I didn’t notify. I’ve reached 6000, and no coins, no booster, no compensation… Is it normal?

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… I guess Im bad. Sorry for the wrong feedback.

More than one entire month, dozens of different user reports, two patches and these developers still don’t want to fix the Zephrys bug + Sphere of Sapience that disconnects both players all the time…

Waste money to make commercials like the recent with Garry Kasparov that does not improve any aspect of the product = maximum priority

Put resources to fix bugs that literally brokes the current match between two players = save it for tomorrow (until year 2050)

Now you can continue ignoring us and also don’t forget to increase me the difficulty level when I matchmake a player just for saying the truth, I don’t care about your bad practices, I only want this bug to be fixed. But you prefer to ignore us during more than 30 days, so I only have bad words of criticism about this dev. team and CMs (who also ignored us from day zero). I think it is logical and common sense.


Varden Task 10: Modulating Temperature does not progress. I tried Lich King’s frost armor, Varden’s Ice Lance and Jaina’s Water Elemental.

Hallo zusammen
Ich wollte noch ein Problem melden ,habe jetzt 3 mal hintereinander die Karte Irres Genie Dr.Bumm gespielt, mit meinem Kriegerdeck.Und drei mal nachdem die Karte gespielt wurde, ist das Spiel abgestürzt.
Gruß Marco

After the release of update 22.0, I bought sets of mercenaries for gold, knocked out a portrait of Valeera. Next, I bought a package in the store “Coming from the shadows”, the description of which says that if the basic portrait of the mercenary Valir is already in the collection, then I will receive any other (including diamond), and if there are all portraits, then compensation in 100 coins. The problem is that after buying a paid package, provided that I already have a standard portrait of the mercenary Valeera in the collection (no other than the standard one), I did NOT get a different look, but immediately received 100 coins of compensation. Has anyone encountered this? And do they solve this problem ?

Maestra of the Masquerade still doesnt work

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Already open 60 without any legendary merc.
The game are totaly broken, the mercs are very bad! You are just shadow of Blizzard ang quality of games that was before.
Continue ignore us and we will ignore your product.

at least is still playabe with 10 classes the chances of getting rogue arent high

In Mercenaries you earn the season rewards as you go, not all at once at the end of the season.

Which language shop did you get this in?

Dr. Boom Mad Genius is still disconnecting and crashing the game when is played.

Was playing Dungeon run the other day and i played Illucia but i never got copy of my opponents hand, it’s very minor issue if it happens only on solo content but i figured to let you know.

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That is most likely intended as per:

Hearthstone Common Issues

Mutanus task 10 seems to be broken. Or is stated in a way that is not clear on what the task is.

Had a funny and pretty specific one while playing face hunter against paladin :
in hand : Demon Companion, Trampling Rhino

  1. played Demon Companion, triggered Oh My Yogg → Demon Companion transformed into Secret Passage
  2. Drew 4 cards including Warsong Wrangler
  3. Played Warsong Wrangler, drawing and buffing my other Trampling Rhino
  4. EOT, Secret Passage triggered, I got my first Rhino back

→ the Rhino I drew with Warsong Wrangler was buffed, but not the first one who was “in the Secret Passage” while I played Warsong Wrangler, althought Warsong Wrangler card text specifies : “wherever they are.”

I don’t think it is a very common issue, but I found it funny to share.
Also this might be my first post on this forum, please tell me if I didn’t post this in the right section :slight_smile:

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Since release of 22.0 patch during gameplay I’m experiencing stuttering and micro feezes. This can be noticed while getting cards from the deck to hand or ocasionally when casting spells or when animations happends in general.