21.8 Known Issues

Hey all, we wanted to let you know about some of the issues we’re tracking in 21.8:

  • We rolled out a hotfix today for players who disconnected on the “Choose a Faction” screen and were, as a result, were unable to choose a faction.
  • Cram Session shows the correct Spell Damage modifier, but then does not draw the correct amount of cards with some Spell Damage modifiers (such as Talented Arcanist). The fix for this bug has been entered into a future patch.
  • The Vanndar Hero Skin (from the Fractured in Alterac Valley pre-purchase) and Steel Guardian Malfurion (the new mecha-themed skin) are using the wrong hero power animations. The fix for these has been added into a future patch.
  • We have run a heal-up for players who were not fully fixed when the Vol’jin Mercenaries tasks were corrected last patch.
  • [Updated 1/4] The Search function when building a deck using the Wild card pool on mobile can become locked into only showing all Wild cards, and not allowing more search terms to be added to the search. We are investigating this issue. The current workaround is to either leave the deckbuilding interface entirely and then return to the deck to do a new search; or convert the deck to Standard, clear the search field within the Standard interface, and then convert the deck back to Wild to continue building. Update: the bug fix for this issue has been found and entered into the next major patch (22.2)
  • Golden cards from the Wild set Goblins versus Gnomes are uncraftable at this time. The fix for this bug has been entered into a future patch.
  • Players are unable to access the Collection Manager’s Hero Skin selection interface while in the Classic format, sometimes resulting in visual bugs and/or lock-ups. The fix for this bug has been entered into a future patch.
  • [Resolved 11/19] Aranna loses her Battlegrounds Armor when she transforms. The fix for this bug is slated for an upcoming hotfix.


11/19 Update:
We are in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix that includes the following updates:

  • Fixes a bug that caused Aranna to lose her Battlegrounds Armor when she transforms.
  • Fixes a bug that caused Rush minions in Mercenaries to be able to attack again if their position shifts.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented Mind Thief from triggering Combo effects.
  • Reduces the Mercenaries turn limit to 30 Turns (Fighting Pit only). This is a temporary fix to address “stalemate” situations in the mode while a larger fix is being worked on for a future update.
  • Loosens Mercenaries matchmaking rules for extremely high-end players.
    Update: The Mercenaries turn limit was reduced to 30 turns, not 25 turns as initially stated here.

11/19 Update 2:
The team is aware of a bug causing crashes when starting Battlegrounds games. The team has isolated the issue and is working on solutions.

11/19 Update 3:

  • We have now reverted the bug fix to Aranna’s armor in Battlegrounds (so Aranna’s armor is bugged again), because it introduced the Battlegrounds crashes mentioned above. We will work on a better solution to the Aranna bug that we can safely implement at a later time.
  • Separately, we are aware of an issue where players on Android devices who update those devices are then unable to play. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE VOLUNTARY UPDATE OFFERED RIGHT NOW OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM PLAYING ON THAT DEVICE UNTIL WE FIX THIS ISSUE. We are investigating that issue and the solution to it for people who were already affected.


11/20 Update:

We have resolved the issue with the bad update that was blocking Android devices. Affected users will need to install a new update to correct the issue. If the latest update is not showing, we have a suggested workaround: go to Google Play → open your profile icon in the top right → open “Manage apps & device” → select “Updates available” → select “Update All.” We believe that should cause the update to appear on your devices. Once you have updated, you should be able to play again without issue.

We will update this post with any other major known issues as we track them. Thank you.

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The Diablo Duels achievements are still broken (you cannot get any process for the winning as Diablo in Duels achievements) as a note in the current patch.



Some bug reports from other users:

November 3, 2021 (1):

November 3, 2021 (2):

November 5, 2021:

November 6, 2021:

November 7, 2021:

November 8, 2021:

November 10, 2021:

November 11, 2021:

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Hi ! As Aranna Starseeker, when the character changes for the Aranna Unleashed, the armour is not being kept. I am not sure if this is the proper way to work because we lose the ‘small advantage’ that armour brings.

Hearthstone Mercenaries: Kurtrus’ task 10 doesn’t finish. I am stuck on 29/30 battles and any more finished battles do not complete this task. Finished about 10 more battles with more then 25 attack on Kurtrus.

Edit: After relogging, the task progress did count.

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Has anyone else the problem, that she/he cannot queue Battlegrounds with friends? the blue Play button just stays grey and says waiting.


Mouse control in the game is unable on android version since last update. Fix please!!! It was more comfortable than tapping phone screen.

Hey, thanks for the report. The team is looking into it now.

Turns out the fix for this one was fairly easy, so I’ll be adding it to the known issues and it should be resolved soon.

Please can you add that the animations on golden Vessina are still broken? Hadidjah told me on Reddit in August 2020 that the bug had been logged and would hopefully be fixed soon. Celestalon told me on Twitter in October 2020 that “I asked around… It [the bug] hasn’t been forgotten”.

The card is supposed to look like this:

Yes, my friend and I are having the same issue. Is there any known fixes?

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Drek’Thar doesn´t work with Shudderwock.
What should happen = Once the Deck is empty, Shudderwock should spawn 2 Copies of itself
What does happen = Nothing… it just keeps repeating the “empty” Battlecry without any sort of effect.

Honestly had I known it wouldn´t work, I had picked the other Faction Leader and atleast had SOME use out of these Cards…

Can you please fix the issue where we cannot play battlegrounds as a party? Or at least let us know what is going on.

Will you also have the courtesy to mention my report to let me know not only me but the rest of those affected, that the devs are going to work on solving this bug?

Many affected people have been waiting for a response and solution since November 2.

All of us can’t play a match in this game with Zephrys without having a crash.

All of us had been ignored by devs since that day.

I think some courtesy would not hurt.

Drek’Thar pulls minions from your deck, so when your deck is empty it is correct for it not to summon anything.

The team is looking into these reports. Nothing has been shared because there is nothing yet to report back at this time.

Sheldras Moontree is still (Sheldras Moontree - Game Crash Bug) causing a game crash for me.

I’m still unable to choose a faction at login. not offered and I don’t have either of the new legendaries in my collection.

Hey there. The devs looked it up and saw that Vanndar Stormpike is in your collection, initially claimed two days ago. You can find it by filtering your collection by Fractured in Alterac Valley.