21.6 Known Issues

Same here …
Any news or workaround?

Getting semi-regular “not responding” crashes after winning a mercenaries fight mid-bounty. When I end task and go back in, everything resumes fine…and opens up to the “pick a treasure” screen when I got back into bounties…but it’s obviously annoying.

Bug in Mercenaries - The BlinkFox isn’t getting always the last abilitie casted by enemies, in some turns she just get a random abilitie, and I’m using the equipment.

[Mercenaries] today i begun a day with activated and completed Vol’jin task that i completed while it was bugged. But after i took it - i can’t take more then 4 quests in one time. It must be 5, but it’s not. Can you fix it ASAP? There will be a day restart soon. I’ll lose 1 quest with it :frowning:

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No, it’s always been four quests. Plus Toki’s daily and Valeera’s story slots, but they’re separate. You’ll get five quests on day restart (assuming you cleared all four character tasks slots and Toki’s last daily); four character tasks and Toki’s “do two bounties” daily. The character task slots (when empty) can be distinguished by their “New visitor tomorrow” placeholders. Mysterious Strangers only hand out character tasks. For a new daily from Toki you have to wait for the day reset. Every time you do one of Valeera’s story quests, you’ll immediately get the next one unless it was the last one. When you do the last one, that slot will go unused.

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Same here, but I didn’t know that my opponent was disconnected too when I play zephrys.
Please fix it, thanks!!

The druid’s card is broken. She splits a spell for 6 mana into 2 cards for 0 mana.

Bug report, merceneries. Sneed activate saw has a 2 turn CD instead of 1 in game while the card stated 1 turn CD

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I am playing on hs mobile and 90% of the time when me or my opponent plays zephryis right as the animation starts before the cards appear the game just crashes. and as always the game doesn’t reconnect unless u close the app and open it again. btw. fixing all the lags and sluggishness of the app in general would be definitly be quite fair after over 5years of existence…

thank you

Forgive me for being dense, but I play Hearthstone from my desktop computer and there is no Google Play there. I have it on my android phone, but don’t play games on my phone so how am I supposed to get an update for HS that does not show up as I am still on version

if you are on pc skip android suggestions.

Hearthstone on pc usually autoupdates , but if you changed the options on launcher to “never automatically apply updates” game will not autoupdate.
But Near the Play button where you launch Hearthstone , there is a cog, and one of the options should be “find updates” , is under the Repair one.

Can we get a confirmation that Blizzard is aware of Diablo Duels Achievements not working. I looked at the list of known issues and it’s not there.
I have 11-0 and I don’t know if to complete it or not.

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Millhouse task 6 destroy 40 minions stuck at 38 /40, can’t complete this task.

Good day. Playing in the “duel” mode for Diablo took the treasure “Deathly Death!”. Firstly, the description is written in very small print, it is impossible to read. Secondly, the treasure itself does not work, I noticed many times - not a single creature dies after the death of a creature with death rattle.

Bump , becouse editing 1st post dont put thread on top


Please fix two bugs–

  1. Sneed’s Extra Blades not functioning correctly.
    I have Extra Blades 3 equipped and when Sneed comes off the bench he does not start with Active Saw active.

  2. “Attack random enemy” may target immune enemies.
    Not sure if that is intended, but it is very frustrating to watch Mr. Smite (while using Overboard) attack an immune Jaina or Samuro.

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I’m asking again about confirmation that Blizzard is aware of Diablo Duels Achievements not working.
I’m not asking for bugfix I know it takes time to make it. I just want this issue to be acknowledged.


I’d prefer if they removed it at this point… Why even making an achievement for a limited time event hero? i dont really care if it may come back in the future, just dont make an achievement like battleground did is better. Its been bugged for a lot of time so whats even the point to fix it? just remove it!

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Just to let you know, after the latest update I have tried Sheldras Moontree again and he is still causing a crash for me. (Sheldras Moontree - Game Crash Bug) I don’t know if it’s a “me” problem or general problem.

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My tasks are still stuck on Vol’Jin quest #14 now for more than a week. it says that the quest is completed, but I can’t claim any rewards…
Please fix as this is taking a precious merc task slot !!!