24.4 Known Issues

Yep also just had this happen when opponent played Theotar and chose my Tamsin hero card


Some of my bounties in Mercenaries are no longer marked as completed. Specifically, the 6th and 7th heroic bounty in the first area and the second bounty (both normal and heroic) in the third area are no longer considered to be completed. This also means that I can no longer access the third bounty in the third area.

There is a bug with cariel and dew process, when in fatigue you draw more cards than you are supposed to. I ended up drawing 10 fatigue cards after 2 dew processes were played instead of 3 and I had cariel out

Mercenary mode:

  • some pack rewards are not immediatly granted: I had to log out and in to get the reward pack after claiming “Whispers of the Old Gods task 17” (the darkmoon rabbit one)
  • other packs rewards work fine instead: the “One, two, five!” achievement gave me a pack that immediatly showed up

Task 14 Garrosh is bugged. You can complete it by making the enemy gain stats instead apparently (i did it with Yshaarj and in 1-1 heroic, killing the quillboar, buffing them, which by the end of the contract I assume, completed it? unsure if that’s the reason but you can finish it without even playing garrosh and in less than 5 battles, not 10 like the tooltip says

Battlegrounds :

  • It seems like the Malygos BP skin has been retroactively deactivated from collection
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noticed these issues in Mercenary mode:

Corrupted abilities from darkmoon that summon arent uncorrupting and merc is still taking damage even if ability is used (cthun, nzoth, tamsin all had same interaction)

Summons with charge are not attacking when summoned indirectly (via cthuns deathblow on mindflay or sprouting tentacles)


the new rogue secret which says “pick a minion it is destroyed when another enemy minion is destroyed” activated when my mage trap killed my opponent’s minion and then his trap destroyed my minion.

Really? Which one of the quests (I have done only a couple of them yet)? Maybe one should hold on with opening packs before completing the new storyline… PS Or, if I undertand the way it works correctly, get them all instead in order to get a portrait, which are more rare, instead, if one so desires.

Incidentally, have you got all legendary mercs?

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Theotar bug is very frustrating when it is often the only “actual” win condition for some control decks.

The new mercenary timed bounty reward track gave me a legendary I already had in my collection :frowning:

ie. I got scammed (it was tyrael)

you got a standard tyrael skin that you didn’t have because tyrael received as a skin from the distribution

Me too :((
But I got Vandar. This is very frustrating. And I don’t think that’s how it was intended. Looks like a imperfection

Cannot purchase Runestone after purchased it several times.

The bug with Reno the Relicologist is still present after a month in the game (every time you play Reno the Relicologist, the Hearthstone client becomes non-functional and you have to restart to rejoin your game), first reported below:


Alright, so we’re getting reports (in this topic above and elsewhere [1,2]) that there are story tasks which are supposed to give a ‘Random Legendary Merc’ as a reward, however, they apparently give portraits instead (and not something like ‘give a random legendary mercenary that you don’t own, if you have all of them, then give a random unowned portrait for a legendary merc, elsewise give coins’), according to the community. Could you please clarify whether this is intended or not, and, if it is a bug, what the plans for it are and whether those affected will be compensated? This question has important ramifications regarding pack-opening, and proper communication would be very important and much appreciated.

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/HSMercenaries/comments/xpqqe7/psa_cthun_story_quest_gives_a_random_legendary_as/
[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6mNp0yNhDk


Nope I’m missing two of the new ones

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please add searching tools like “not maxed” or “level:<30” in the mercenaries collection.


Had the same issue here. Got Korrak the Bloodrager as my first quest Legendary and got a portrait for Korrak as my second quest Legendary, which was disappointing, to say the least. I don’t really know what to expect from these devs anymore.

i opened 47 packs and didn’t find a single legendary merc, is this a bug or just terrible luck?