24.4 Known Issues

Hello all,

Patch 24.4 is now live on desktop and mobile. Follow this post for details on known issues being tracked in this patch.

The issues we’re tracking this patch include:

  • In Battlegrounds, the Theotar’s Parasol Quest Reward has been temporarily disabled, as it was found to cause crashes in specific situations.
  • The Battlegrounds Rewards Track does not open to the latest page to claim rewards. The fix for this issue is coming in the next major patch (24.6).
  • [Resolved 9/30] In Constructed, the team is investigating reports that Theotar, the Mad Duke’s effect is causing issues.
  • [Resolved 9/27] In Mercenaries, Garona Halforcen is improperly not appearing in Mercenaries Packs. Update: Players who opened Mercenaries Packs during the time that this was bugged have received two Mercenaries Packs as compensation.
  • [Resolved 9/29] The team is aware that Mercenaries have lost their +1/+5 Maxed Stats bonuses. Update: This fix is rolling out to servers in waves.
  • [Resolved 9/27] The team is aware that the update is still not available on the Amazon storefront. The update was cleared for release with the other mobile updates this morning, so it will become available automatically, as soon as Amazon releases it. Update: The patch is now available on all devices.
  • [Added 9/28] The team is aware that the Dark Flight Malygos Battlegrounds Skin has become unavailable for players who previously claimed it. The team is investigating the issue and planning a fix.
  • [Resolved 10/6] The team is aware that Contract Conjurer’s discount does not work as intended in certain circumstances.
  • [Resolved 10/6] The team is aware that some players in various modes are matching into the same opponent multiple times in a row. The team is investigating the issue and potential solutions to it.
  • [Resolved 10/6] The team is aware that Dew Process gains an extra trigger for a player after a hero card is played.
  • [Resolved 10/6] The team is aware that Defense Attorney Nathanos is copying the Deathrattle minion selected in the state that it died, including modifiers like Silence. The team is investigating the issue.
  • [Resolved 10/6] The team is aware that Murder Accusation can also trigger when the enemy weapon “dies,” not just an enemy minion.

We will continue to update this post as we get more information.


Mercenary bugs we (discord) encountered:

  • Garona Halforcen is unobtainable from pack
  • The maxed tag and +1/+5 stats gained from maxing is also gone

Another mercenaries bug we found: Packs are giving duplicate mercenaries. Just got Tyrael from a pack, even though I’ve had him for months already. And can confirm the bugs mentioned by alexieishere.

You have free skin Tyrael. You got a standard skin

I hope we can get some sort of reimbursement for the merc packs because I crafted that merc not even realizing I should have gotten it from a pack due to it being Rare.

if it helps Theotar doesnt work 100% when you pick a hero card


Where is the exchange coins feature you said you´d add??

Next patch. Not this one. They clarified that last week.

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That isn’t planned for release til 24.6.

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Why can’t we play multiplayer anymore in Battlegrounds???

Well that’s annoying. I was all excited to open some mercenaries packs and bought a bundle with the “rUnEsToNeS”, only to find that I’m unable to open packs… Can I get a refund?

The Old Gods questline for the new bounties ends on a quest for a legendary Merc, but when completed gives a legendary portrait not Merc


Am I reading this right? People are unable to claim track rewards and you’re not fixing it until 24.6, in roughly a month?

EDIT: Never mind, I had to log out and back in for them to show up.

I understand disabling opening Merc packs for awhile, but why are new packs rewarded for completing Task # 16 on two of my mercs not showing up? I had 4 packs before, so I should have 6 showing now, but it is only showing 4.


You can flip to those pages and claim the rewards. The issue is that it doesn’t open to your current page by default.


Can you literally not f up a patch for once. I wonder which old bugs have been reintroduced as well as its tradition for the hearthstone dev team


Looks like achievement popups aren’t working

If you have a deathrattle minion who was silenced, if you select that minion with Defense Attorney Nathanos, the deathrattle doesn’t go off and the deathrattle minion you get in hand will be played as a silenced minion. Also, Nathanos does not inherent the deathrattle. This doesn’t seem right based on the text of Nathanos.


Can’t open mercenary packs.