No joke game share fix!

After struggling to get this to work all day I can finally validate a work around to anyone experiencing game share problems!
Requirements: 2 controllers

Step one!
Make sure both the account that purchased the game, and the account you’re trying to share with are on the same console

Step two!
Start diablo 4 on account that purchased the pre order

Step 3!
If a character has already been made, must create a new character on account that has purchased the game, at this point before starting turn on second controller and sign into account you want to GameShare with (should get a message stating player 2 can join once player one starts the game)

Step 4!
Once new game has started on account that purchased the game, join in as player 2 on the 2nd controller

Step 5!
Leave game on controller player one was signed into, and bam! It lets you stay!

Edit: Twitch
Link to my twitch if you need proof or live help!
Also shoutout to perendia for discovering if you don’t have a second controller you can use your phone with the ps remote app!


Thanks, but I don’t want this weird work around. I want my wife to get the preorder bonus too that I paid for. I paid $100 for myself on PC and $100 for my wife on PS5. Both are tied to the same (why is this even a thing). Give her the license I paid for Blizzard.


I agree but this is the only way I know to play until the 6th so Im going to exploit it, f blizzard
Feel free to add me @bigsxywitglasses on psn if you need any more help anyone!

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Thanks bud… this worked! My spouse and I are playing couch co-op from the moment my new character started.


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Can your spouse start prologue so that you guys are on the same point in the story?

Glad I could help! I’m streaming on twitch now if anyone needs proof as well!

Yes. We are both lvl 1 and starting from the very beginning.

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So good to hear let’s get it!

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Wouldnt this stop the original person from playing tho

Works for me on the other account on my PS (main account is fine fortunately). Not perfect but it’ll do til they can figure it out, thank you.

Okay so me and my friend are both on ps5 and usually when u start up a game on the original account it woukd kick from the game ur playing so i dont understand if this is a work around that.

Add me or hit up my twitch I’m streaming rn if need proof

Ok but would the account that holds the copy would be able to connect on their console after we go to the city?

I tried that but when I sign off with p1 account, game is saying that p1 need to reconnect. It doesnt let me play as p2 when p1 is not signed in.

So basically we wont be able to plau on 2 separate console using this trick :frowning:

Yes you can Madame! I’m doing it now using this fix my twitch is here if you need proof Twitch

It worked. Do i have to create a new account every time i want to log in?

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This does work can confirm.

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After bypass, kicks out of the game when connected from the second console

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It’s only a work around in that both players can play during the open access. You just can’t play at the same time. Very annoying, I’m in the same situation.

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