Valla's Bequest Interaction *SOLVED*

Valla’s Bequest Testing

DiEoxidE and I tested Valla’s Bequest for several hours a few times now. Originally, we were skeptical (which is a good idea when little information is known) and we thought the the reason top players were running Valla’s was due to a placebo or bandwagon effect. During our later testing on July 1st, we determined Valla’s Bequest does have a tangible effect on the number of projectiles.

I have restructured this thread now that we know what is going on. I also have deleted the old tests we performed since they did not show any difference between Valla’s Bequest with another hand-crossbow. For the sake of clarity, I won’t mention the details of those earlier tests to avoid confusion. I cropped all the updates as well to keep only the pertinent information.

Our new tests involved three players (one attacker, two targets) in the Scorched Chapel. We had one player strafe in place in a corner while the two target players were arranged in a line so that the piercing hits were hitting both targets. During our tests, with and without Valla’s Bequest, there were some attack speed breakpoints with appropriate distances between the two targets where Valla’s Bequest clearly showed the extra projectile spawns since some were aimed at the closer target and others were aimed at the further target (slightly different trajectories).

DiEoxidE has made a consolidated video showing the results of our tests:

The GoD 4-piece set bonus appears to have a 9 frame internal cooldown which means if your Strafe breakpoint is higher than 1.6667 then Strafe will spawn a primary every other attack. Valla’s Bequest fills in the internal cooldown gap enabling more primaries to spawn.
As a correlary, it appears that Valla’s does nothing when your attack speed is in the 1.5001 and 1.6666 range (doable with a bow or a hand-crossbow + shield) since you’re attacking at the optimal breakpoint. Also, Valla’s appeared to have no effect when using above 2.5001 attacks per second.

Again, originally we thought that this was a placebo or bandwagon effect since the interaction is only visible at certain attack speeds and with multiple spread out targets. Until today, we only had a notion that Valla’s was helping but weren’t sure why.

As a mathematician and a scientist in real life, I recommend waiting for confirmation on a given result to avoid a spreading around wrong information if it turned out to be false. The spread of misinformation or misconceptions, especially in today’s current environment, can be dangerous to the progress of knowledge and understanding. For the Valla’s Bequest example, it was important to understand why the interaction worked the way it did instead of just copying the leaderboards blindly (without considering breakpoints).

Lastly, I would like to add that there is some more work to be done in determining optimal breakpoints with dual wield setups with Valla’s Bequest when above 1.6667 attacks per second. Additionally, Rocket Storm also generates extra projectiles as demonstrated by Wudijo due to the same internal cooldown gap.

Have a nice day!

Special Thanks
I would like to thank the following players for helping in our tests or providing hints as to what the interaction might have been:

Wudijo and his clanmates
and everyone else who contributed testing ideas


Only thing I can think of for Vallas is “if” it caused an affect to proc extra pierces which I doubt it does. Cause even before Area Damage, Devouring Arrow pierces seems to be OP, in a sense to clear trash super fast…People could be in belief that Vallas is causing double pierces for whatever reason.

It doesn’t, if it did, these tests would should show it.

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mic drop

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EDIT: But seriously, we WANT to find interactions with weapons because that gives players more variations to play with. We however, need more than “it feels like” opinions before one can feasibly recommend it.


Most people aren’t gonna actually “test” it, recording gameplay and re-playing in slow-mo mode to count pierces/arrows…Like ya said in original post, bandwagon effect.

But for whatever reason, aside from some/most people being higher paragon, the leaderboard is currently littered with Vallas Request in their build. Of course we all know higher paragon doesn’t mean that player is a better player than the next person.

Well, until you top players start competing with the current top builds…People are gonna continue bandwagon these Vallas builds that are littered on top of leaderboard. =)

Theres a couple 4800-5200~ paragon players up there you, or dmkt, possibly Iria, could probably compete with, get on it. =)

Just seems like more testing is required. Not that your test isn’t useful, but it only shows that if there is an interaction here, it isn’t exposed in the controls you used.

Has anyone done some general GR spamming to see if there are any glaringly obvious clear speed differences? Given the legendary power on the weapon, the only bugged interactions that seem likely are some kind of doubled up proc chances for something out of this set of controls like area damage, or maybe a bugged interaction with Stricken (which all of the top 5 at least seem to be running).

The placebo effect is already well underway. It won’t matter if a few of us with different variations decide to push.

LB clears aren’t a definite indication. If I had the paragon of the 12k asian player, his legendary gem levels, augment levels and AD, my GR 137 on PTR would have been at least a 148 with my setup. Difference is, we can actually show, with evidence, why. We cannot with the Valla’s Bequest, because no real evidence exist, yet.


This makes me sad, as I have a nice primal Valla’s sitting in my stash (my 1st primal ever from my 1st ever 70 clear back in season… whatever season it was that the free primal for a 70 clear was introduced). :frowning:

I was hoping a strafe-based set would make Valla’s and K’mar Tenclip actually useful for once. Oh, well. This set seems great otherwise.

Thats really the only thing I could be thinking is happening…Is in a real-time Grift clearing instance, not in some controlled environment only attacking 1 target. That isn’t how devouring arrow works. Cause obviously it’s alot easier to kill a pack of monsters thats pulled together as opposed to killing 1 monster. The pierces make such a huge difference.

Maybe for whatever reason, however reason, Vallas is counting 1 pierce as 2. I dont know…

You’re responding without reading the entire OP, nor watching the video. We tested this with multiple targets too. Come on man, don’t be that guy lol :frowning:

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I feel ya, not disagreeing with you one bit. But as I stated in another post…Just as with UE Multishot players. It just isn’t a viable build for a good majority of the people that try that particular build. It’s very skill intensive with little room for error. And just a good majority, hell, probably ATLEAST 90% of UE (or in this case GoD6 using duel primaries) aren’t gonna be good with it.

You’re right…Not gonna lie. lol I read about the 1st half and started skimming through the 2nd half and didn’t even see the video. =)

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That isn’t the point I’m making. This thread is about facts. We don’t have facts when it comes to Valla’s Bequest (yet). We have facts for all other combinations because they were able to be replicated and/or shown with math.

We’ve heard all of the “well i think it might” or the “it seems like” or “it feels like” answers before. It is because of those things that we decided to spend a lot of time retesting this weapon again, and we found nothing.

It’s hard to help the community and give info to further setups etc if we cannot literally say why, how, or if it actually even works. Many long time posters here are respected because we test thoroughly and give out accurate info.


Hmmm ok. And all I’m doing is trying to throw ideas out there for why who what when where how. I’m not a tester, you and I both know that. And I’m not trying to discredit you or Iria or dmkt or any other tester or long time respected poster to these forums. You guys have my utmost respect.

Now having said that…My opinion still stands referring to UE MS and GoD6 HA+ES cause like I previously stated…Just cause it may be the best build out there doesn’t mean its for everyone. UE MS has for a long time had potential to be one of the best pushing builds competing with N6N4 (Atleast before LoD Rapid Fire came along) and how many people pushed with it…Or were able to push with it to a high degree? Not many…Cause it’s too hard. GoD6 HA+ES I feel like is still the same story. High damage output and still extremely squishy, in which most people can’t handle playing.

It’s just the same argument as say Shadow Impale vs UE MS, or GoD6 HA+ES vs GoD6 HA+Polar Station vs N6GoD4. The tankier builds offer alot more room for error and gives players a better comfort zone. Not everyone is able to play glass cannon and be content.

I only brought up myself in terms of paragon/gear difference with the player that first cleared a 147 GR, in that several other variations could have done the same thing given that kind of paragon power. Currently there are several variations clearing in the 140’s, but the reason behind this Valla’s fiasco is because of this guy that wore it and others followed without anyone knowing if it’s doing anything at all.

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Yea I know that, I never said otherwise.

The concerns brought up by Mersinary are legitimate. Personally I would have preferred to see longer kill times to really flush out any potential differences before concluding there is no benefit, but of course I’m not complaining – I haven’t gone out of my way to do that testing myself.

What I have done is record video and gone frame by frame over minutes using both Valla’s or another weapon. I have seen no interaction when using Valla’s. Still, that isn’t conclusive since there could be some other situation that I haven’t tested for.

We need sVr on the case!


We agree in that longer test times would have been more accurate. With all the rage behind the weapon, we still should have seen something significant in the time frame we chose. If we would have seen even the slightest hint that Valla’s was doing something, we definitely would have gone longer.

I was going to wait until the season started to bother farming, but I figured with the mystery around this going on I’d get on early and gather it up.

Haven’t seen even a hint of something interesting going on with this weapon so far. The only thing I can think of yet that would be harder to control would be hitbox related; something where the projectile hits a larger target more than intended per pass. But the effect of something like that seems like it would be too dramatic to not be immediately observable given how many large hitbox enemies you come across in any given rift (plus you’d think this would have also shown up in something like cubed Buriza).