[Now Live] Patch 2.6.7a Update

Edit (11/20): Patch 2.6.7a is now live in all regions, and the Era reset has been completed. See you in-game!

Edit (11/18): Added another Bug Fix to the bottom of the patch notes. Please see below.

Hey all,

So as you may have seen elsewhere, we’ll be issuing a small update to 2.6.7 between now and the start of Season 19 to address some balance issues prior to the start of the Season of Eternal Conflict. This patch isn’t going to resolve every balance issue; there’s simply not enough time between the need for QA verification and patch submission for all our platforms to address everything. That said, we’re committed to continuing to balance with community feedback in mind as we release additional patches throughout 2020.

For Season 19, though, here’s what you can look forward to (these Patch Notes are currently pending through Localization for official release, so please take unofficial translations you read with a grain of salt):


  • Lamentation
    • Now increases the damage of Rend by [100-150%]
    • Developer's Note: As we've indicated in forum posts, we overshot on Lamentation's original implementation during the 2.6.7 PTR. However, we also very much undershot the overall balance of Rend/Whirlwind's adjustments by removing this bonus completely. After reading a ton of your feedback and completing our own internal testing, we've settled on a middle ground we believe reaches the balance level we were shooting for.
  • Shield of Fury
    • The benefit of this item now stacks up to a cap of 20
    • Developer's Note: As many of you noted coming out of our 2.6.7 update, we also overshot on Crusader with the live patch. We love to see Crusader performing much better with it's new set, and this cap should reign in damage to a more reasonable level


  • Wizard
    • Wave of Force (Arcane Attunement)
      • Stacks of Arcane Attunement are now removed upon entering a Greater Rift (PC Only)
      • Note: This change will be coming to Console in a future patch.
  • Patterns of Justice
    • Fixed an issue where the Tempest Rush Flurry rune attack did not benefit from the 6-Piece bonus when cancelling Tempest Rush (PC Only)
      • Developer's Note: We were unable to resolve this for 2.6.7a for Console; however, it is slated to be fixed on Console in a future patch.
  • Fjord Cutter
    • Fixed an issue where Fjord Cutter was increasing all damage to slowed or chilled enemies instead of just Seismic Slam damage
  • Won Khim Lau
    • Fixed a bug where Epiphany would trigger teleporting while channeling Tempest Rush (Electric Field) when Won Khim Lau was equipped

We know there are still other things to address, including Rathma Necromancer, Bazooka Wizard, and general Demon Hunter performance (among other concerns for other classes that we have slated for future patches). We’re not ready to deploy changes on these fronts, but we are continuing to pore through feedback, experiment, and iterate on potential solutions, so please keep making your voice heard in a constructive manner!

We’re also discussing extending future PTRs for patches that include additional set items; one week was simply not enough for the iteration process, and we’re adjusting accordingly.

It’s taken time to get communication to a more mobile and agile place, and I appreciate your patience while we’ve worked to get new processes in place. Hopefully it shows that we’re working on addressing as much as we can, as timely as we can; we are passionate about Sanctuary and its inhabitants, and we’re doing our best to make Diablo III as awesome as it can possibly be.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in Patch 2.6.7a and Season 19!


Thank you! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much Nev and the barb community !!!


Sounds like what people were hoping for.


Woot i’ll finally be able to play a barb again =D !


Will the failed bazooka fix be reverted so we don’t require a macro to play bazooka this season?


Yess awesome news!!!


yes! This sounds like a great compromise from what I can tell. Looks like that gives us 4 options for speed metas:

  1. rats
  2. whirlwind
  3. sader
  4. sader/ww barb hybrid

The nerf isn’t too heavy on sader, so thats cool. It was definitely OP before but im glad it’s not nerfed to the ground.

Good news for everyone as far as I can tell.


Does the teleport fix with Won Kim Lau work towards all tempest rush runes? just want to confirm because it happened with Flurry as well and they say “Electric Field” in the post


Unexpected . Im really happy about it


I’d also like to know that. Else would be super unfair for players that managed to pull this build off without macros.


Super awesome thanks.


Amazing news!!! Thank you Nev and Dev Team!


O M G!!! thank you!!! so hyped right now!!! this is gonna be a great season!!!


Like some said since your not adressing Bazooka now you should reverse the Bazooka “fix” since its only playable with macro now, before you could easily play it without one. Also this “fix” is interacting with chantodos/vyrs since after enterting archon i saw that instead of 4-7 chantostacks for the next rotation i get only 1-3 now which makes every time out of archon longer with no dmg.


Has there been any word about whether or not Chantodo will be returned to its former glory? As it stands right now, the only high clearing solo wizard build will be bazooka. Which, as we’ve established, can only be played with a macro. In addition, the alternative to rat runs would be most welcome. Being able to run speed exp GRs with a Chantodo wizard and a WW barb would be fantastic.


Thank you for listening to the community and keeping us up to date through out. It’s appreciated.


i would like to see blighter fixed too, otherwise next season everyone just gonna hunt for blighter. a simple fix is just to make the poison attack below 75% or 65% then it wont die under a min. its an EZ fix.