Game kept on crashing with patch 2.6.10

As per topic title, Game kept on crashing after applying patch 2.6.10. In Crystal Arch map finding Diablo.


Same is happening in my game.
I portal into Great Span (Act 4) walk forward for 5 secs then game crashes to windows
“An unexpected Error has occurred”
haven’t played for a long while and now this.

I’m having game crashes while using ZOMBIE BEARS in Grifts.

Same problem, crashing on the way to Diablo, on the stairs. I’m playing offline on PS4.

Wrong forum. You should post this on the Console Bug Report Forum.

Same problem here!
what should I do?


@AOman: Same as what ?

  • @RGSL is reporting crashing in Crystal Arch (en route to fight Diablo)
  • @MuPpeR is reporting crashing in Great Span (en route to fight Izual)
  • @N64AU is reporting crashing while using Zombie Bears in a Greater Rift
  • @Cisek is also crashing in Crystal Arch, but on a PS4

Same as OP on PC. Crashing in Great Span, I have a portal created there, as soon as I move it crashes. Or if I take the main portal it crashes immediately.

Same with me. I cant play atm

i have crashes when try to look some players profiles… not all time… but randomly! game frezze … in windows task manager i look on diablo status “not respond”… only helps to remove the task in the task manager! problem started with the patch 2.6.10 only ((

I came to report the same bug as the OP. I tried it using a DH and Barb while helping someone get a Necro achievement. Changing the game difficulty or running solo also results in the same crash.

To “work around” the crash that occurs after walking up the stairs in the Crystal Arch, start the Prime Evil quest at the beginning and run all the way through to Diablo. So kill Izual and then Diablo. Not a satisfactory solution, but it’ll work until the bug is fixed.

hey everyone wanted to chime in to let you know that we’re aware of the issues mentioned in the thread. As always, please feel free to continue to share any bugs/issues especially with crashes. If you have steps to repro, that is SUPER helpful.

thanks all - ill keep you posted


Words of hope have been spoken. Our quest is stood waiting for the next patch.

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my game crashed yesdarday on stream twice (( i try to make some short video on my twitch channel and posted link here if possible

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It seems that each time I save progression in ACT IV it crashes after.
But if you start in ACT III and keep going trough ACT IV then you don’t crash.

Crash to Win 10 desktop after logging into D3 and using the waygate to Great Span


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Hi, thank you Rich for your reply. Within the group of people I’ve been playing with since the patch, each one has had several crash-to-desktop events. If it helps, we have only been running Neph rifts and GRs. All crashes occurred within those areas. We were unable to find any pattern as to what was causing them.

Adventure Mode, Act II, City of Caldeum, heading towards Belial.
At the top of the stairs, crash to desktop.
100% reproducible.

Crash ID

Campaign Mode, Act IV, Fall of the High Heavens, Begin Quest.
As you approach Tyrael, crash to desktop.
100% reproducible.

Crash ID

Radeon HD6700 series
Windows 10 64 bit build 19041.572

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Crash ID : B52FF4BF-42AE-4705-8D0B-303613180D1E

Game crashed in a Greater Rift on Europe

I see a bug the forth cube slot hasn’t been permanently added to the game