⭐ DIABLO IV - Feedback Collection Thread

Diablo IV - Feedback Collection Thread

  • The Diablo IV Team has asked for feedback and suggestions on how to evolve and improve D4 to be the best it can be

  • This first post is focusing on “Feedback Videos”. It will not focus on Blizzcon D4 Showcase-videos or people’s broad experiences at Blizzcon etc.

  • Individual Player-Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome, but will not be re-posted in the first post. Thanks for understanding.

  • Please focus your feedback on Diablo IV and on how to improve it. Refrain from personal attacks, toxic behaviour, opinions on the views of fellow players etc. You get the idea. :hugs: Happy posting!





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I’ll help:

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Some good feedback from the forums:

Reach out to Matt Uelman, who created the iconic Diablo sound for Diablo 1 and 2, and ask him to compose the soundtrack for Diablo 4:


Some good feedback threads about gameplay design are:


great feedback and review i like this guy view on the game 110% agree

Matt Uelmen would be my first choice for obvious reasons as well.

However, I don’t think there was ever a chance of him being involved in D4.

The reason being that all people in charge of D4 and involved in D4 weren’t around when the Diablo franchise reached its peak with D2LOD. Therefor they don’t truly understand Diablo IMO. None of the people on the D4 team played D2LOD to the extend some of us have, and that’s the exact problem. Some of them played more and some played much less or none at all. They simply cannot understand and thus cant reproduce what makes D2LOD so amazing.

Blizzard should truly consider hiring people like MrLlamaSC as “advisors” and pay them a small salary for the contracting they do, or outright hire them as full time employees.

Despite many things Blizzard does “right” with the Diablo franchise, some fundamental aspects seem to be to hard to grasp for some people at Blizzard and/or the Diablo 4 team.

That being said, they still have time to prove us wrong and show that they know how to make a proper successor to D2LOD.

@Aristotelian & charley222

Both Videos have been added to the list - Thanks!


Few suggestions I’d like to add (include if you wouldn’t mind…)

  1. Remove RNG from CC affixes per hit (chance to stun, chance to slow per hit), also would recommend to remove chance to dodge stat (and even chance to block, if there’s such a thing). RNG procs ruin PvP. Instead introduce a “Stagger bar” for the player (just like the bosses have it). When it gets 100% THEN cc procs. Can “work around” stagger bar (for stun or slow) fills up faster per hit (for attack rating), and “Stagger bar decays faster” for def. In addition can make engagement type skills have some CC attached to them so wouldn’t feel like impossible for someone with good Stagger Decay rating to get CC-d
  2. Alternate how Town Portal works in dungeons. Make TP similar to D2 where you have X charges (dungeon-defined) and it opens after some small-ish delay (3-5 seconds). This should (kinda) be enough to replace potion-spamming demands, would ALSO allow the devs to define dungeons by difficulty (some dungeon has 5 TP max, another has 8, some have 40 per 4 man party total, others have 80)
  3. Try mode. Allow 1 re-spec when leveling is complete but give us a “training ground” to test those things. Could be vs an Angel, could be on a “Shooting range” vs a bunch of punching dolls (HotS style), could be vs a monster (or monster type at least) of player’s choice

Those things are (IMO) good ideas, have another couple which are “optional” but think still good to “mess around” with:

  1. “free dungeon key” per week (for those that want a challenge but not the grind). Think of something like “this week’s mutaton mission” of SC

  2. Re-Include main stats (Str, Dex, Int) but have those things NOT be very stackable (and not significant). Make a lvl40 item give max of 40-60 of those things and NOT 6000 or something. How to use them ? = directly in skills, Magic missile does A-B damage per hit + int, Meteor does A-B damage per hit + int * X, whirlwind does A-B per proc + Str (or Str/X), Upheaval does A-B + Str (or Str * x)


I will only be adding video-feedback in the first post in order to keep it neat and clean without the need to read through hundreds of paragraphs from all the people. This thread is intended for the Devs to have a place where all the good feedback videos from our favourite streamers is collected in one place. This will hopefully increase the chance that they will actually watch and take the feedback to heart, in order to prevent the same mistakes that D3 did.

That being said, your feedback is more than welcome! but will remain where it was originally posted within this tread. Thanks for your understanding.


The only feedback you’ll ever need


Bluddshed and Rhykker have videos too. And they reliably still play Diablo 3.


Hi TrvAix!

Yes they do have videos for sure, but they haven’t created videos that focus specifically on actual feedback and improvement suggestions. Their videos are predominantly focused on showcasing what they saw and played at blizzcon, rather than giving precise and focused critical feedback on important aspects of the game.

If they post specific feedback videos, then I will certainly add their videos to the list! I really hope they will produce dedicated focused feedback videos, as I cant post 2-3 of their videos and indicate that they gave feedback for 5-10 seconds at some timestamp within a video. I hope you understand.

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Fair enough, I guess I might need make a vid then… Maybe :slight_smile:

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more storytelling is always good.
yeah im the guy who read all the quest-texts in WoW.
i still do.


As if it was necessary, totally agree with Top commander. I understand some d3 players can feel irritated by your “know it all” attitude, but sometimes annoying people are right.
Anyway Llama send all the feedback by mail to Blizzard.
One thing that is missing in this list is artstyle… There is also to talk about, it’s quite complex and I think I’ll have to prepare screenshots of everything that is not right. At last, I think the creative director knows exactly what the franchise is about. His 3 panels were spot on. Artstyle is back on track, but far from destination. Big problems remain.
I’ll try to list the incoherences with screenshots.


Might as well name this the “Diablo IV - Campaign to Recreate Diablo 2” thread.


Use diablo 1 for darkness make light radius mean something, you never know whats going to attack you from the shadows. Thay combined with ambient and dark theme bgm. Secondly diablo 2 as a palette for trading, gear meaning something like legendaries rines etc, skill trees environments and immersive soundtrack to bring it all to a living breathing world. The incredible optimization and fluidity of diablo 3s combat but a little slower make killing enemies more difficult and have more meaning. Less drops but better quality. Do away with smartloot brimg back trading. Take some notes from grim dawn since you have 5 areas in the game make them factions in which you build reputation more reputation you get from an area the more customization and gearand cosmetics that umlpck from thay themed area as well as specific upgrade jewels runes or gems. (Whatever we use to upgrade) and crafting materials for specific weapons and armors. Slow tye game down a bit (not saying we shouldnt run through trash mobs) but make bosses more difficult. Just instantly killing bosses for loot is crazy. Make tons of events and quests that actually have meaning. If youre going to release cosmetics as mtx make sure you put more than enough amazing gear in game that cam be gotten. Point of these games is to look good also while slaying. This isnt path of exile that gives free expansions and constant updates so dont charge ridiculous amounts for mtx. Since i know you will be chargong 60 for base game play expansions already. Its not bad to sell cosmetics at a small price but make sure thay extra revenue goes back into the game. Since diablo 3s story was a mess, make the lore work and make sure that since the campaign isnt linear that it still makes sense. Since we all know now that the nephalim are feared by demons and angels alike. Make us fight alongside both to take them down and then ultimately lilith. If youre going to have seasons…“sigh” instead of hust a game that keeps evolving, make sure that every season offers new bosses.mechanics story and adventures and also make sure that (amd this is important) there is ALWAYS content for those who dont run seasons and make sure thered always a stable economy by addimg things theough season that fall onto non season afterwards. We need to be giving meaning back to characters that we make originally instead of hust starting seasons over and over and ultimately deleting our older characters… Theres gotta be more depth than this. I guess ill stop here for now but hope this helps.


This is exactly the kind of propagandizing bullbleep Blizzard shouldn’t pay attention to at all.

It’s the same tired idea you always post - that unless someone has spent multiple years of their life playing a particular game they don’t have the experience or input needed to design another game.

If people like you and MrLlama want to design the flippin’ game, then go throw your resume up there and get hired - it’s not like Blizzard hasn’t been hiring for pretty much everything regarding Diablo over the past several years.

Or better yet, get together and Kickstart your own ARPG.


This only reminds me of Diablo 3 development.

So much feedback ignored.


Hi @TopCommander :upside_down_face:
I see your point. Cool.
It’s hard to come up with feedback sometimes. I believe Bluddshed has done suggestions, but mostly on his live stream. I wonder if anybody has a source with those ideas written down somewhere.

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I have to say that Noxious video was the most comprehensive and well thought out so far. He covered pretty much all of my biggest problems and also gave examples on how to fix them. I really hope the devs are watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qrxNCH-vbk