Bug/problem list for Devs: what to fix for D2R

I think it would be great if many bugs would be fixed for D2R and i would like to create list of bugs which should be fixed. I would like to hear from all of you to help to make this list and maybe help devs to know what should be fixed. Do you know a bug not listed? React and explain the bug so i can add it. I will start with 3 bugs and add more later myself.

1) Quest items Hardric cube item upgrade bug
For example Horadric staff can be upgrade to NM unique version creating an unique hand axe( Horadric staff Hand axe) which normaly should not exist and cannot drop.

2) Andariel Quest drop bug
Bug will occur if player kills Andariel as quest and game is ended without talking to npcs in town and going to act 2. If you go to act 2 after you kill her, drop is normal. If game is ended before going act 2, drop from her is forever worse.

3) Boss quest drop bug
If player who dont have completed quest joins game created by someone else, who has it already completed, drop is better than standard non q drop if player who doesnt have quest completed makes the kill.

4) Poison kill Bug
If you re-apply poison to a monster that is already poisoned the state ownership isn’t changed, if the previous poison was set by another player, that player will score the kill, even if its your poison that did the final damage.

5) Manaburn Bug
Monsters with Mana burn ability in some occasions burn more Mana than intended

6) Charge bug
Often causes Paladin to be frozen in place, useing W(weapon switch) help to unfrozen the character. I think thats not only bug , I believe sometimes animation is backward. Charge skill has more bugs than this btw.

7) Strafe/Fend bug
If playing an Amazon and allocating points to either Dodge, Avoid or Evade, and using Fend/Strafe, there’s a bug that the Fend/Strafe animation would go on however all following hits will automatically miss should any of the three dodging skills occur while Fending/using Strafe.

8) Druid Fury bug
Bug works similary as Fend bug, I am not 100% sure what is causing that, maybe block animation or something different.

9) Invisible Mercenary bug
Mercenaries sometimes disappear and are invisible, they still do attack and do dmg but you cant see them on screen.

10) Ethereal bugged armors
The ‘add sockets via tal thul ptopaz’ cube recipe for armors adds an additional 50% defense when used on ethereal armors.

11) Deadly strike bug
Deadly strike should double amount of damage character is doing, basicly roll between min-max, instead only maximum damage is used for final damage. Fixing this would probably make melee characters generaly weaker so it is for consideration if fixing is good idea.

12) Enhanced damage/+Max damage jewels Bug
Enhanced damage/+Max damage jewels don’t work properly in armor. There is another bug related to enhanced damage/max damage jewels. These jewels if they have both stats, do not give enhanced damage to the weapon if they are placed in anything other than a weapon. Consider fixing this or at least looking into it more.

13) Amazon Farcasting Bug
An amazon can ‘throw’ her charged strike by quickly swapping between a throw skill and using charged strike almost instantly afterwards.

14) Charged strike skill exploit
There is method which will allow using charged strike from distance, landing all charged strikes into the target. I dont want to describe how to do this to avoid people exploiting it. I can explain how to do this and how to fix it if devs will contact me.

15) Poison Vipers Bug
Tomb vipers in Nihlathak temple incorrectly applies physical damage on every frame with their poison cloud attack rather than thier poison damage resulting in huge damage if charcters moves in clouds.

16) Sound lag Bug
Sound lag appears when too many particles are on screen and stuff starts dissapearing, its actually from the sound effects. This was one of they ways duping was done.

17) Hirelings damage bug
Mercs doing more damage then intended. The code automatically assigns MONUMOD_HIREABLE to mercs, it causes them to deal more damage then what is shown on the screen. Editing BossMods.txt to disable MONUMOD_HIREABLE vanilla server calls should fix this.

18) Physic hammer skill bugs
This skill supossedly contains several bugs but I am not aware how they works.

19) Sand Leapers bug
Sand Leapers deal their leap damage before they leap.

20) Conversion skill bug
This skill supossedly contains several bugs in code.

21) Inferno skill bug
Inferno has hardcoded framecounts, they are different on the client/server (leading to stuckage bugs), the default seq_input of 10 is bad, it should be 9 (this causes several of the missiles to do no damage ). Also inferno range for monsters doesnt work properly, making it start further away rather then traveling further, this is noteable vs. diablo on hell which will never hit you with his lightning if you are within melee range.

22) Day/night cycles bug
Light settings, day night cycles are bugged. Time does randomly flow backwards

23) Will’O’Wisps bug
Will’O’Wispshave broken AI, they just walked around without first using their vanishing anim (instead they used it randomly) and have no anim for appearing again.

24) Arcane Tower and Desert Turret bug
Arcane Tower and Desert Turret missiles are desynced client-side.

25) Courtyard/outer Cloister doors bug
Bug with the courtyard/outer cloister doors, they dont handle their open/close animation properly client-side, which makes you able to walk thru them when they are closed.

26) Shifting corpse bug
Corpses rotating randomly at strange moments), this is supposed to be real performance killer, what happens is that the game frees the preloaded gfx when it checks if it is already loaded.

27) Armageddon bug
Armageddon is telling the client to launch missiles that it doesn’t launch server side.

28) Throwing mastery bug
Throwing mastery not being used by double throw properly.

29) Quantity bug
Related to quantity ( give yourself a javelin and depleat it until only 1 is left, throw that one, you’ll notice it deletes the item before anything is thrown! )

30) Holy bolt bug
Holy Bolt doesnt hit properly clientside if you change the skill before the missile hits.

31) Siege beast stomp bug
Siege beast stomp doesnt do damage due to checking for a missile its not using anyway.

32) Assassin traps bug
Some of the Traps (Death Sentry, Wake of Fire and Wake of Inferno) cast by the player OR his shadow will count as boss/champion monsters. This increases the boss counter for the area and because there is a limited amount of boss packs that can spawn it prevents more real boss packs from spawning.
When casting a few Death Sentries on the first tile of the map you will basically get almost no boss packs in the area.

33) Blade shield skill bug
Blade skill is supposed to be highly bugged, sadly I dint find proper info how.

34) Str/dex Items bug
Serious bug instroduced by v1.10, items that need extra str/dex to wear but give a bonus themselves dontt get unequipped if you no longer have enough str to wield them (because the player kept their bonus)

35) Molten boulder Bug
Molten boulder does not explode server side despite the fact it does on the client.

36) Open grave bug
Player cant get stuck ontop of an open grave. I belive there is several places in act 3 where it happens also.

UPDATE v. 1.03 - 27.7. 2021

37) Another Mercernary bug
Diablo 2 calls the levelup routine for mercs at gamestart, which gives them full healing, this has the side effect that it sends the levelup packet to the client before the client has properly entered the game.

38) Sand Maggot Eggs
Sand maggot egss are sometimes rendered immortal.

39) Vultures bug
Bug that could mess the entire game session up ( with enough work you can make a vulture fly out of the valid level region, placing it in a NULL room where it will proceed to perform ai calls that will most likely lead to random crashes as expected data no longer exists )

40) Items charges charges price
Price of charges is added to the item price twice, it gets added among the stats addition and in a separate routine for charges, this is probably why they’re always so expensive.

41) Telekinesis targeting bug
Telekinesis sometimes ignore objects/items even if you directly target them if used in conjunction with enemy monster being closed.

42) Exploding and poison potion shrine
The exploding and poison potion shrine drops potions at the player’s coordinates (looks very weird with telekinesis).

43) Taunt skill bugs
This skill has several issues

  • The target is overwritten in the wrong way, making the chance of it working properly extremely low.
  • If it does work, it assumes the monster has mode Attack1, independent of any txt checks or whenever its melee or ranged…
  • If the AI override fails it resets the AI to normal, but doesn’t remove the taunt state!

44) Diablo AI bug
Diablo’s AI has several bugs, especially with his broken running attack (which never worked properly, not even in v1.00), he is supposed to maul the player, but instead he just walks on his spot in melee range…

45) Duriel AI bug
His skills doesnt use damage from the correct damage columns in MonStats.txt, and his AI code overrides the aura level.

46) Asassin trap damage dipley bug
The damage of sentry traps is not effected by elemental mastery stats, despite the display showing it as being effected.

47) Intentory exchange function
The vendor trade screen is not excluded from the inventory item exchange function. If Items being sold by vendor occupy too much space, items sold by player cannot be bought back.

48) Item breaking bug
When an item breaks, the game doesnt updates the skill buttons accordingly if the present skill can’t be used without an item.

49) Last skill charge bug
The last skill charge for any given skill is not used properly and is deleting the skill before the skill is even cast.

50) Unbreakeable items
Bug is prevented items from breaking (even if their current durability hits 0) when you attack without pausing (ie, you keep the button pressed) There is another bug related to this where leaving the game mid attack, before the durability and quantity updates can be done, you can join the next game with an item that has 0 durability but isnt broken.

51) Socketed sets bug
Because unique and set items don’t get costs for their stats added, they also don’t recieve extra costs from anything socketed into them (except for the base price of the socket filler).

51)Picking up gold in groups
The game is supposed to stop piles dropped by a player to be shared with party members if someone picks them up, unfortunately this sometimes doesnt work correctly (if the original player left the game or you drop the surplus gold again the pile became shareable).

51) Jerhyn wrong message line
Jerhyn is supposed to not use the gossip message of “things are getting worse by the hour” after you’ve entered the arcane sanctuary, unfortunately its set to default to message # 2, which is the same bloody message.

52) Jamella opening inventory bug
The lag occurs when opening Jamella’s inventory.

53) Hireling damage bug
This is caused by the game trying to remain compatible with legacy behavior for classic (although it’s technically bugged there too), in legacy games hirelings recieve their damage from UMOD_HIREABLE which sets the value of STAT_MAXDAMAGE and STAT_MINDAMAGE equal to STAT_SECONDARY_MAXDAMAGE - 1 and STAT_SECONDARY_MINDAMAGE - 1, unfortunately the game tests the conditions leading up to this incorrectly and will bail if the initial value of STAT_MAXDAMAGE isn’t above 0. Hireling base damage is assigned using STAT_SECONDARY_MAXDAMAGE/MINDAMAGE and not the basic damage stats, weapon damage isn’t factored into your total damage (their damagerelated stats are disabled outside of combat), as a result the only way for this code to execute is when your hireling gets basic damage from a non-weapon item/skill. Rogues are excluded from the involved functions with a hardcode because their damage is calculated elsewhere.

54) Hireling skill bug
Hireling skills were not assigned correctly clientside, first of all the game doesn’t send the hireling type to the client, it instead tries to deduct it from the seed and name. This is done for the current difficulty level instead of the one the hireling was originally hired on, which results in the initial skills either being wrong (Act 2 NM mercs) or not assigned/assigned at the wrong levels (depending on the amount of slvl bonus per level they receive). Further, the game never updates the levels if the hireling gains levels later on. This among others causes the notorious hireling flashing bug where they go invisible after using a skill, it also fixes bugs where the number of charged bolts shot by act 3 lightning sorcerers is desynced between client/server.

55) Experience related bug
Due to the experience share distance being calculated from the monster and not the kill attribute it is possible that you don’t receive experience for your own kills.

56) Items not dropping from kills
There is a buf where monster being killed in certain place can result in not dropping the loost, because loot dropped outside of accessible places.

57) Accessible places outside of map
It is possible to teleport to certain places behind the walls. Mostly in outside areas of act 5 and Forgotten towers levels where countless is.

58) Kick Skills Part I
The result of this bug is that the skills will not perform an attack server side until you let go of the mouse button

59) Kick Skills Part II
It looks like it originally was supposed to factorize the mLvl and cLvl of target/attacker like other skills, but ends using the mLvl of the target for both factors (which means not matter what you attack with it, the outcome of this formula will be the same).

60) Kick Skills Part III
Due to incorrect code in the default melee damage creation func, kick skills will recieve elemental damage from weapons.

61) Another Psychic Hammer bug
Copy/pasted code from Dragon Talons knockback section, with the same formula bug on (using [acronym=“Monster Level”]mlvl[/acronym] twice).

62) Power strike skill bug
The power strike SrvStFunc ignores the attack rating bonus from skills.txt

63) Smite skill bugs
It wasen’t ever meant to hit all the time, they do call the attacker/defender routine :!:, the problem is that they ignore the results of this, probably because they confused AND with OR. Smite also does not set unitflag #64 which tells the game a skill has been executed successfully (which will cause all kinds of glitches that may seem irrelated), finally. Smite used by monsters uses the damage specified for mode A2, even if they didn’t use A2 to launch the skill (and even if they have no damage specified for A2).

64) The Hell Meteors
(stuff in river of flame) is entirely broken, that is meteors flash around the screen but never land, and when they land only rarely explode, and when they explode they spawn just 1 flame, instead of a fire patch (like meteor, and like they worked before v1.10)

65) Boos events and delayed timers
Boss events that are delayed by a timer (Poison Death, Cold Enchanted, Lightning Enchanted, Firegolem Explosion, Fire Enchanted, Lightning Nova on death and others) all use the same timeout Id, as a result each single time a timeout is being set, all of these events will execute their effects.

66) Problems with monster elemental damage
Monster elemental damage is completely broken, the function used to generate monster stats does not discriminate between the different elemental damage columns, as a result the game will use the damage from the first column for all elementally enchanted attacks the monster can do (=Gloam Bug), this is further complicated by the feature that elemental damage done by monsters is effected by their critical hit chance (eg. Fire Explosion can deal double damage).

67) Some monsters doing too much damage
Melee attacking monsters that do life, mana and stamina steal damage do twice the amount of damage indicated

68) Mana drain bug
Mana drain bosses actually do 512 times the proper damage!

69) SrcDamage
Skills that use SrcDamage values other then 128 do not have the proper amounts of damage as SrcDamage is incorrectly (and inconsistently) applied throughout the code which may lead to damage being reduced more then it should, on missiles the situation is worse as some damage types are not reduced at all.

70) ED% issue
This is more of a design flaw then a bug, the game will apply the ED% bonus after other damage bonus have been applied, this is not a bug because there is no way to change the check order in vanilla (weapon damage and extra weapon damage use the same stat, so changing the order would break ED% completely).

71) Poison stat/length issue
Problems with Poison_Count stat with Poison_Length when it comes to applying SrcDamage to the missile damage, as a result skills like Multishot (that have SrcDamage other then 128) will end up with invalid poison duration when you have more then one poison source (this is related to the above but deserves a seperate place)

72) Max hitpoints/regeneration issue
Monsters that are low on max hitpoints will end up having no life regeneration (value rounded down to 0)

73) Summoned monsters
Summoned monsters will recieve extra attack rating and defense equal to 100% of the value listed in MonLvl.txt for their mLvl (noratio is ignored)

74) Monster ranged attacks
Monsters that use ranged attacks that require attack rating (Quill Rats, Blow Pipers etc) have twice the attack rating they should have

75) Throwing and shooting skills
Throwing and shooting skills that add an attack rating bonus to the missiles do not add their bonus (it passes 0 to the function instead of reading the bonus of the missile)

75) Blessed aim/Penetrate skill issue
Blessed Aim and Penetrate use the same state, as a result the two skills can cancel each other out because they will replace each others state statlists

76) Problems in code I
There are many places in the code where Blizzard forgot to handle life and damage in 256ths, this results in 1/256 life assigned to units, which can cause all kinds of weird behavior

77) Evil urn
Evil Urn were not meant to spawn spiders

78) ObjGroup data
The ObjGroup data listed in levels.txt is very broken, some groups have a chance of 0% to spawn, other groups do not contain objects and thus just decimate the amount of objects spawning in the area

79) Curse resistance issue
Curse Resistance is checked in the same function that handles most time-based statlists assigned to units, except for a few cases that are handled specially it will be applied to every time-based statlist, which means it will reduce the duration of positive effects as well for Fade (assassin skill)

80) The Frozen Horror arctic blast bug
The Frozen Horror arctic blast incorrectly triggers events, which can lead to a sprite overflow when the skill is cast on a Sorceress using Chilling Armor

81) Problems with nMon/uMon
This isn’t a real bug, but then again it does cause some likely unintentional behavior (such as generating nests as bosses), the game uses nmon instead of umon to pick bosses after normal, which means they are picked out of the normal enemy pool instead of the special boss pool

82) Magic Pierce and Magic Skill Damage Stats
These stats, while not being used by vanilla, are inconsitently referenced by the code, so should they chose to use them in the future without fixing this mess, expect new bugs.

83) Boss monsters animation issues
Several boss death effects do not have NoMultishot set to true, as a result encountering and killing them if they have the Multishot UMod will spawn their death effect up to five times (Shenk et al.)

84) Oblivions Knights
Extra oblivion knights added by v1.10 and v1.11x do not recieve the proper components, which means they show up with mismatching glow around their hands, this is caused by them not checking the BaseId, but rather checking the HcIdx

85) Colors for Crafted Items
The game does not display affix-colors for Crafted Items because they were forgotten in the item-color function inside D2Client.dll

86) Issues with boss drops
The fix to the old chest glitch has broken some act boss drops, some act bosses were originally meant to drop 7 rather then 6 items

87) The target seeking flags
The target seeking flags used on the client and server for missiles that automatically seek a target (Guided Arrow etc) are not identical, this can sometimes lead to different units being targeted on both ends, which makes the missile vanish.

88) Trapped sould drop
Trapped souls that drop their items with a delay (those that go up in flames when you touch them), do not take into account your characters gold and magic find, they pass NULL to the tc function

89) Desert level for uber Quest
Desert level for the uber quest in v1.11x is copy/pasted, and forgot to set the Waypoint Id to -1 (255), waypoint lists are constructed clientside, and we all know what that means.

90) Uber Diablo/Diablo clone prolems
Uber Diablo (or the Clone, one of the two) doesn’t use the diablo-mode chart entry, instead he uses the same normal monsters use, which can cause unexpected problems.

91) Treasure Class Upgrade Bug
This is a critical bug, the function does not check whenever it is reading the last record inside the TCEX BinImage, as a result it can end up traversing random memory.

92) Poison clouds sound effect issue
Some poison clouds have invalid hitclass set in Missiles.txt, as a result they play the same sound like a javelin does when you walk into them, which can be very annoying. The trail left by Plague Javelin doesn’t do damage, because of a typo in the serverside movement function

93) Problems with new monsters from 1.11b
The guest monsters added in v1.11b (and also the Diablo Clone) have broken chains which will lead to various (but not really noteworthy) glitches

94) Broken runewords codes
Some of the property codes assigned to the v1.11x runewords are not spelled properly (which will make the game quit assigning stats after the bad property is reached, which in itself is a bug, it should just skip it, like it does elsewhere)

95) Walkable flags in the tiles are not properly set
There are several places where the walkable flags in the tiles are not properly set, allowing players to go to places they shouldn’t be able to (eg. teleporting into walls), this also applies to monsters spawning on inaccessable islands (for example in the Act III sewers or the summoned creatures at Gibbding location)

96) Items spaqwn tih wrong affixes
Some items spawn with affixes they shouldn’t recieve (such as circlets listed for both series of damage reduction, instead of only the first one meant for circlets, shields with AR), Small Charms should be able to recieve the Lucky prefix, instead the small charm version is assigned to large charms, some affixes have invalid itemtypes listed, which prevents them from spawning on those types (staves noteably listed as staff and not staf). There also are some problems with the qLvl and reqLvl of some affixes (ex. King’s and Master’s have the same qLvl and among the resistance affixes the strongest affixes have a lower level then a bunch of weaker ones available on the same items [IIRC] ), another incarnation of this is the Lizard’s prefix on small charms, there are two variants available at the same qLvl that add different values (rather then one affix only), the weaker one was meant to be replaced by the later (I assume this because thats how some others like this are set up, the masters of copy/paste just forgot to edit the line…)

97) The Uber Quest Items drops
The Uber Quest Items drop in single player as well, where they are completely useless (quest drops like these should be hardcoded…)

98) The AiParams
The AiParams for some monsters (Vampires noteably) are incorrect, leading to the earliest species being more aggressive then the end-game variants, the Guest Monsters do not have their Ai adjusted at all, which means most of them act like Act1-2 enemies.

99) Certain things are handled clientside
Certain things are handled clientside that should never be controlled by the client, for very obvious reasons I wont mention what, because these things are presently not known to the armies of seething scriptkiddiots and I have no intention to feed them. (copied with comment from author :slight_smile: )

100) Trang-Oul’s transformation bug
Trang-Oul’s transformation bug (which is even listed on the Arreat Summit) - that being locked as a Vampire locks everything from attack, cast, and open-things speed at a vampire’s, rather than the player’s actual. It’s really annoying to get “frozen” after kicking a barrel. Also there is Trang-Oul’s Avatar Cast Rate Bug (it slows down the player for no known reason)

101) Fire enchanted bug
Fire Enchanted damage got doubled, despite what stated in 1.13 patch notes.

102) Diablo clone spawn mechanic issue
Diablo Clone spawn mechanism encourage douping.

103) Player killing problem
PK problem: doesnt require mutual hostility-declaring to be able harm other players, deactivating hostility from one side result the other player still being able to harm the one renounced hostility.

104) Another player killing problems
It is possible to use Waypoint instanty after hostility to another player. Also since missiless will not dissapear after player will use town portal, this is used for TPPK Hack. Change to this should help against hacks based on this mechanic.

105) Anya Resistance Bug
After players characters death the resistances given by the Act5 questreward scroll disappears in effect but not at the shown value of character sheet, and only retruns when leaving the game.

The client will continue executing the ClientDoFunc for skills even after you go into hit recovery, which leads to blank zeal swipes and ghost missiles that do not hit anything because they don’t exist serverside (affects Fury, Zeal and Strafe),
dodge / avoide / evade interrputs Fend, Jab and Strafe in the way the animation continues but no damage is done

107) Druid Spirits and their immunities
Druid Spirits get 2 immunity on Nightmare and 1 in Hell, what makes them weaker contrary to all gamedesign.

108) Ladder/nonladder games
When a nonladder character tries to join a ladder game, the following message is displayed: Game does not exist. When a ladder character tries to join a nonladder game, the following message is displayed: A nonladder character can’t join a ladder game.

109) Sanctuary skill bug
The skill Sanctuary does not work correctly: the Enhanced Damage doesn’t work at all. Sanctuary doesn’t actually give +dmg% vs undead, and according to the files it should also give +AR vs undead, which it also doesn’t give.

110) Qual’keh (act V NPC) mercenary bug
Game stops and bring back to chatroom when trying to revive mercenary without enough money at Qual’keh (act V NPC)

111) Diablo Spanish’s version
“% launch skill when attack/struck/die/level up” is not shown on item description in Diablo Spanish’s version

112) Barbarian Leap/Leap Attack bug
The bug where you lose the ability to cast these skills until you exit and rejoin the game is fairly annoying and might even get you killed in hardcore.

113) Merc Equipment Auras
Merc Equipment Auras - Having to reequip your merc’s Insight/Harmony/etc to turn on the aura every time you resurrect him/her is a minor annoyance, but a big time waster for everyone.

114) Slowed Baal
When you use Clay Golem, Decrepify or items with Slow Monster on Baal, it completely neuters him. Because of the way his animations are set up, he constantly interrupts himself while slowed, never finishing one animation before starting the next. This bug prevents him from using teleport and many of his other dangerous skills, making him one of the easiest bosses to slaughter.

115) Dire Wolf Bug
Dire Wolf often trying to eat corpse that they cant eat. (for example corpse of Skeleton or Thorned Hulk.

116) Another Volcano skill Bug
It cant be using on very narrow place, for example stairs in arcane sanctuary and it cant be using on monsters that stay near by some objects.

117) Hellforce Hammer glitch
New glitch with Hellforge Hammer: it can be found more then one time by the same person.

118) Wirst’s Leg bug
Runewords do not work in this weapon at all. I think because it is handled as unque item, despite it is a regular item.

119) Damage/Defense Reducing skills:
Damage/Defense Reducing skills: They have been broken since the game has been released. They are included in the damage calculation instead of using the end-result damage to calculate it.

120) Thorns in pvp
thorns stacked dmgreduce in PvP (first dmg caused to target player is reduced, then the reduced number is reduced again when reflected to the attacker)

121) Fire golem bug
It does look like Fire golem fire absorb is not working to heal him.

122) Lightning traps killing Nihlatak wtihotu competing quest
The two top lightning traps are actually so strong that at Nihlatak they can cause a bug killing Nihlatak so fast and from far away that the quest turns uncomplatable.

123) Reapiring harpoons
Repairing harpoons and of the sort will not increase the quantity above 20.

124) Dragon Talon skill bug
Dragon Talon skill first uses the monsters physical resistances, then converts the unresisted physical damage to its explosion damage, then uses the monsters fire resistances to further more lower the damage. This way it uses to kind of resistances instead of one, and is absolutly useless against physical immun monsters for what this skill was invented.

**125) **
Act 5 Quest #5 - destroy the 3 Ancients Barbarians. Using Cloak of Shadow on them might crash the game.

126) Grief Runeword Smite Bug
The damage of Grief applied fully when Smite skill is used.

127) Impale with critical/Doublestrike
While using Impale Critical Strike (and maybe Double Strike?) abilities do not work.

128) Ice skating
Ice skating in town (run, then hold shift. The characters walking animation stops, but the movement does not). This might happen even outside of town.

129) Respec-aurastack glitch
Respec-aurastack glitch (when respeced the visual parts of skills will remain, and charactersheet modifiers falsly remain until skill is recast or rejoned to the game. Not sure what happens with period-skills, like Enchant, Werewolf form, Energy shield, Venom etc.)

130) Too long poison duration
Sometimes when player’s character gets poisoned (eg. in Act2 from Greater Mumies) the poison duration is unexpectedly long and the damage unreasonably high. Eg. when normally (99% of the time) the poison-effect damages 1/5 of the mximum health of the player this bugged damage will cause 3 times the maximum health the character have very fast.

131) FE + CE bug
When both ability is present on a boss monster, their effect activates twice on Nightmare difficulty only.)

132) Gambling on classic from gheed act 1 normal
He has throwing weapons in the gambling screen (unidentified), which when purchased are always ‘white’ superior throwing weapons, not magic/rare/unique

133) Dragon Talon skill bug
Dragon Talon attacks twice for every “hit” (but this bug is predicated on other bugs in various kick skills).

134) The knockback chance on assassin finishing moves
The knockback chance (at assassin finishing moves) factors slvl vs. mlvl, but incorrectly uses mlvl as a subtraction (leading to the end result being only slvl).

135) Den of evil quest reward bug
If somebody completes Den of Evil in a game, and somebody who hasn’t done the quest joins the game, Akara will give them the option of respec as a chat option, but it does nothing. (May require the other player to be in game already, and then rejoin, but not get the quest done)

136) Hratli
Due to typos in the column headers of weapons.txt, armor.txt, and possibly other places, Hratli incorrectly has a MagicLevel of 1. Her(?) name is misspelled as Hralti in those headers.

137) Oblivion Knights and healing
Oblivion Knights never attempt to heal their allies (they select a target to heal, however).

138) Fetish Shamans bug
Fetish Shamans never use their Fetish Aura skill.

139) Fangskin bug
Fangskin, the superunique in the Viper Temple level 2, never drops any items in hell. This is because he has an incorrect Treasure Class.

140) Frozen Horrors in Act 5
Frozen Horrors in Act 5 cast Arctic Blast, which is incorrectly flagged to trigger events. This can easily cause a sprite limit overflow when they cast it on a Sorceress with Chilling Armor (or a character with a “Fortitude” that has cast Chilling Armor on them).

141) Dragon Claw bug
Dragon Claw: If the first claw attack hits, the second one does normal damage and does not receive the charged-up bonus. (Also true for any multiply-hit finishing-moves of the assassin)

142) Prevent monster heal
Prevent Monster Heal doesn’t get applied from your merc’s items.

143) Aura-stacking bug
When a character in-game equips 2 pieces of equipment which add the same active aura (example, equipping a dream runeword Hat and a dream runeword Shield both with lvl 15 holy shock auras), the aura’s level will be stacked up (giving a level 30 holy shock aura).

144) Waypoint bug
Waypoint sometimes cannot be activated for the first time you hover your mouse on them.

145) Broken Duriel drops
The change to duriel to allow the essence to drop screwed up his treasure class
he now sometimes doesnt drop a TP at all and sometimes drops nothing but town portals.

146) Dueal wielding issue
char type = barb…while duel wielding, holding 1 weapon the damage adjusts as it should. adding a 2nd weapon for the first time the damage adjusts as it should in the character sheet. replacing either weapon with a 3rd , the damage remains unchanged. from that point on, in order to see the damage adjust i had to unwield all weapons. closing the inventory and character sheet windows, the “incorrect” damage was still listed in the character sheet when character window is reopened.

147) Decreased base speed of Hydra projectiles
The projectile speed seems to have been decresed instead of being increased as stated in the patch notes. If they were meant to be increased, it is a bug. Only for players, ingame monsters work fine.

148) 2 DT claws bug
When an assassin wields a +2 DT claw, her DT skill level does not go up. Doesn’t matter which hand she holds it in. +2 skills claw works, but not +2 Dragon Tail claw.

149) Naked character bug
When stat-up charms like hellfire charm, ani charm, 2 strength small charm, 1 dexterity charm are used,character is dressed But in the others monitors character is undressed.

150) Another Oblivion knights issue
Oblivion Knights (located ANYWHERE) don’t cast the curse Lower Resist anymore.

151) Polearm mastery spelling error
On the Barb there is a spelling error on one of the skill icons. It says “Pole Arm Mastery” instead of “Polearm Mastery” (the space). All the weapons say “Polearm Class”.

152) “Drop barabarian” bug/exploit
“Drop barabarian” bug/exploit (bug doesnt appear in Single Player games).
Barbarian, wich have at least one point in each skill at Masteries tree, under Shout, Battle Orders, Battle Command, Enchant, Venom buffs and with few auras (Fanaticism, Holy Shock, Holy Fire) causes droping from game other characters.

153) Wrong Paladin’s Smite damage on screen
Wrong Paladin’s Smite damage shown at character screen when items with “+ Damage” attribute equipped.

154) Sorceress skill Telekinesis and Waypoints
When Telekinesis casted from far distance on waypoint it opens waypoint screen but waypoints at that case does not trigger. Also you can access Waypoints in town using telekenesis, however if you’ve just spawned in the game and haven’t moved before attempting to use a waypoint via telekenesis then you cannot travel to any other waypoints until you move.

155) Invisible missiles
Missiles like Bone Spirit or Blessed Hammer can become invisible for players. In case of skill Blessed Hammer, missiles become invisible when Paladin moves around very fast when casting Blessed Hammer (with FRW attribute on items, Charge, Vigor).

156) Radament & countes
Radament & countess reported sometimes missing.

157) Leaper cannot be killed
Leaper cannot be killed (0 hp monster), might be already fixed but I am not sure, this bug was kind of new in last patch versions.

158) Whirlwind death disconnection
In pvp, when whirlwinding, sometimes when you die while in the whirlwind animation, it freezes at the “hit escape to revive in town message” and sits there for an annoyingly length of time, then connection has been interrupted follows.

159) Double swing negative mana gain
Double swing at higher levels have positive mana gain, which doesnt work tho.

160) Blaze skill bug
Blaze don’t give 1% damage per point to firewall.

161) Dual-wield in were-forms is bugged.

162) Hsarus’ Iron Heel bug
Hsarus’ Iron Heel (Set Chain Boots) with an Assassin and it doesn’t display the kick damage that goes with it of 6-12. It goes is applied and everything though.

163) Worldstone keep laugh issue :slight_smile:
When in WorldStoneKeep levels and fighting without walking around (happens when many monsters are present and using a somewhat low damage weapon) the AI thinks the player doesnt do anything, so initiates the elemental attack from Baal. The effect actually doesntt come to play, but the laughing effect do happen from this effect.

164) Tyrael and Red teleport
When defeating Baal Tyrael appears fixedly at the location where Baal is defeated. Compared to Tyrael the red portal appears at a fixed location. The result of this is that sometimes the portal´s location is inaccessible.

165) Hunger/Rabies bug
It is little known that, when continuously attacking, Hunger always misses every other attack at certain breakpoints for Werewolf, and always for the Werebear. (“server calculates a different animation length than the client”), which made me believe that the bug might be fixable by tinkering with animdata.d2.

166) Knockback issues
a plethora of problems, knockback will sometimes not update the flag telling the game the unit was moved from one room to the other, additionally it seams theres a wrong hardcode which applies the EndOfKB behavior of sandleapers for all other monsters and the one intended for normal monsters to sandleapers. Units were meant to stall for 15 frames after KB to give the client a chance to catch up (ie avoid desync), but this is done only for sandleapers, not surprisingly, making it choose that behavior for everything perfectly syncs KB in MP games.

167) Waypoint Memory Leak
The WayPointRoom appended to pObjRegion (a new segment created each time you activate a waypoint by visting it, not clicking on it), isn’t freed properly should more then one waypoint be activated at about the same time (this CAN happen in MP games). Only one node is freed, but the index is set to NULL, thus leaving some memory leaked.

168) Airstrike Bugs
I forgot to list these two bugs before, the Freezing Catapults in act V don’t do anything because the code for their collision functions is broken (I never bothered to look into what exactly is broken, but my guess is that the general radial AoE redesign in v1.10 broke this). The Hell Meteors (stuff in river of flame) is entirely broken, that is meteors flash around the screen but never land, and when they land only rarely explode, and when they explode they spawn just 1 flame, instead of a fire patch (like meteor, and like they worked before v1.10)

169) Unowned Skill Summon Bug
Summons created by skills you do not have (CTC, Oskill) will vanish after random events take place because the summon rehashing function is called in places that shouldn’t call it (such as when drinking potions other then rejuv potions)

170) Cleansing skill Glitch
Less severe, but still, cleansing will also reduce the duration of shrines because shrines are incorrectly flagged as curses in states.txt

171) The AI bugs
Many monster Ais are incompletely coded, for example the Fetish Shamans will never use their Fetish Aura skill and Oblivion Knights do not attempt to heal allies (in the later case the game even attempts to pick a target for healing, which needlessly wastes cpu cycles because the return is discarded right away), many other Ais have potential to jam up, this section is too large to cover in detail, theres just verymuchalot of broken stuff here…

172) Palette Shift Bug
The last batch of palettes in RandTransforms.dat is never used by the game because they forget to adjust the index in the only lookup that really matters (the one in the drawing function)

173) Batdemon and sandraider AI is broken.
Sandraiders will often stay frozen in movement.

174) Blade sentinel issues
Blade Sentinel and Blade Fury assume +dmg% does not apply to the added damage, even though it does. Blade Sentinel and Blade Fury do not show the 1/2 damage multiplier when equipping a two-handed weapon.

175) Blade shield bug
Blade Shield’s weapon damage multiplier doesn’t display it applying to the skill damage, even though it does get multiplied.

176) Cloak of Shadow crashing the game
Cloak of Shadows causes crashes when used against specific monsters, usually with special sequences like Leap Attack or some monster spawning skills.

177) Shadow warrior/Shadow master skills
Shadow Warrior and Shadow Master have all of their aurastats/passivestats set equivalently to the values put for aurastatcalc2 and passivestatcalc2.

178) Blade of ice cubes
Blade of Ice ice cubes instantly disappear instead of melting.

179) Bash Damage bug
Bash’s added damage only applies to leeching, it doesn’t actually increase the damage you deal.

180) Summon spirit wolfs issue
Summon Spirit Wolf gives +attack rating instead of +attack rating%.

181) Spirit of Barbs skill
Spirit of Barbs adds less damage return than it says it adds.

182) Firestorm damage calculation
Firestorm’s damage calculation is inaccurate, underestimating how much damage it actually deals.

183) Another acrtic blast bug
Arctic Blast deals 10/24 times the amount of damage it says it deals.

184) Cyclone armor skill
Cyclone Armor is supposed to have three different stages like Bone Armor, but it doesn’t work properly since the eventfunc doesn’t update the counter (only Bone Armor can).

185) More Armageddon stuff
Armageddon overestimates its fire damage per second.
Armageddon assumes +% fire skill damage applies to the fire damage per second, but it does not.
Armageddon adds physical damage, which isn’t displayed on the skill.
Armageddon fire patches instantly disappear instead of fizzling out.

186) Terror skill
Terror doesn’t adjust for the difficulty reduction that applies to its curse duration, thus making it display a higher duration than it actually has.

187) Corpse explosion
Corpse Explosion has a slightly smaller physical radius than elemental.

188) Raise Skeleton and Raise Skeletal Mage
Raise Skeleton and Raise Skeletal Mage have an incorrect life display, since they do not multiply the added life from Skeleton Mastery by the base +% life of these minions.

189) Yet another charge bug
Charge can break if Holy Shield runs out while you are charging; this prevents it from being used for the rest of the game.

190) Fist of Heavens
Fist of the Heavens desyncs horribly and, based on the txt files, seems to give more bolts than it should since the calcs are wrongly described.

191) Concentration bug
Concentration says it prevents action interruption, but it instead interrupts actions, doing the exact opposite of what it says it does.

192) Enchant skill
Enchant says that it reduces the damage bonus to ranged weapons, but this is not true.

193) Chain Lightning badly desyncs.

194) Frozen Orb bug
Frozen Orb releases cltside-only novas every time it collides with an enemy, even though it only produces a real nova when it runs out of range or is destroyed by an obstacle.

195) Sacrifice skill
Sacrifice ignoring +dmg% vs demons/undead and Deadly Strike/Critical Strike.

196) Thunder storm skill
Thunder Storm not describing its decreased delay with levels.

197) Energy shield skill
Energy Shield not describing the exact multiplier of damage taken to mana.

198) Several skill stats not described on skills
Blessed Aim, Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Lightning not described the base level passive bonuses.

199) Valkyrie skill
Valkyrie not describing its synergy from Decoy which gives +% all resistances.

200) Blessed hammer
Blessed Hammer not describing its 50% damage vs demon bonus.

It’s possible to acquire several (but not all) quest rewards instantly by simply sending quest completed packets. One example is a player may be rewarded the +5 stat point reward from returning lam eson’s tome by sending a quest packet without even having the object in their inventory. IIRC it works for the horadric malus as well. It could also perform innocuous things like filling the Pandemonium Fortress with Mephisto’s Soulstone.

It’s possible to select a hidden ‘kick’ skill (the one used to break pots etc) which has 100% accuracy and knockback. For instance, some PK exploits will watch for a namelock teleport or a teleport on your character’s tile and then automatically activate this skill, sending the opponent into kb animation instead of sending you into the ‘slain’ state via hammers or whatever.

I would like to say thank you to everyone participating and to user “Olivie” who put together huge list of bugs which I used and implemented into my list. Also I would not be able to put this together without great work of people at phrozen keep who reported about many bugs over the years.

If blizzard and developers who do the remaster would be interested to fix bugs, I highly suggest visiting “Phrozen Keep” web where many modder were able to fix some of these bugs also visiting “Mods by nefarius” and his work on “Metalstorm” mod project could help a lot as he was reporting there a lot about what is wrong in the code of Diablo 2.


I’ll give my opinion-

I like these bugs and think they’re neat.
Please don’t change them :smile:


I understand but do you think its right to keep bugs or exploits just because you benefit from them?


It’s a remaster, I’m undecided on mana burn bug and snake bug too, neither of those benefit the player.

Can you explain mana burn bug so i can add it? I forgot how it works.

I might be forgetting the exact numbers, but mana burn mobs burn 256x more mana than intended, I think double that in Hell.

It was something the devs mentioned in a video I think, I’m guessing they’ll fix it.

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It would be really cool to fix it for ES sorc.


Amazon Fend bug and Druid Fury bug:

If playing an Amazon and allocating points to either Dodge, Avoid or Evade, and using Fend, there’s a bug that the Fend animation would go on however all following hits will automatically miss should any of the three dodging skills occur while Fending. The work around is to not allocate any points to any dodging skills which obviously is not ideal and pretty much makes Fend a useless skill in the end. I think that the Druid has a similar issue with the Fury skill.


The Andy quest drop bug was fixed on the realms, however it still works on local single player.
Edit: This is a different older Andy bug. The kill Andy->portal->Warriv->Travel East->Save/exit method confirmed still working by Geezer as of today.

Fix the Necro iron golem vanishing bug!

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Thanks, i will add bugs there to my list. Cant edit post now.

yes. The D2R devs have literally said they are purposefully leaving in over 90% of the bugs from D2. Since most of the bugs were small ones like this that could benefit the player. Like glitching your merc. They will get rid of all the negative bugs though.

Heh, I’ll bet the old Dual Dream stack glitch won’t make a return any time soon. :laughing:

Walk into throne room, zap, zap, hell Baal is dead.

Three bugs which probably require some thought as to whether they should be fixed. I think the last one definitely is worth a look into fixing and will be ‘less controversial.’

1 ‘Ebugging’ armors - i don’t see why this shouldn’t be fixed since it has an unintended result which deviates from the original formula. The ‘add sockets via tal thul ptopaz’ cube recipe for armors adds an additional 50% defense when used on ethereal armors.

  1. Running bug - Another bug involves your block rate and defense when running. Your defence is reduced to 0 when running and your block rate is reduced as well - i can’t remember what it it is precisely but its almost always better to be walking when dueling or playing the game in general. Consider fixing this - but again, some people might complain about it being fixed.

Neither of these ‘fixes’ will necessarily alter the balance of the game but people might or might not be upset by the change.

  1. Enhanced damage/+Max damage jewels don’t work properly in armor. There is another bug related to enhanced damage/max damage jewels. These jewels if they have both stats, do not give enhanced damage to the weapon if they are placed in anything other than a weapon. Consider fixing this or at least looking into it more.

  2. ED/+MAX DAMAGE JEWEL BUG : There is also a bug relating to damage reduction/magic damage reduction - not by % basis but by an actual number - but i can’t remember the details and intend to add to this maybe later.

  3. “AMAZON FARCASTING” An amazon can ‘throw’ her charged strike by quickly swapping between a throw skill and using charged strike almost instantly afterwards. I can’t remember the details on this - its called “FARCASTING” and you will want to consider whether this should remain in the game. I don’t remember the details on how to do it because its been a while since i played a zon and i’ve tried to do it with limited success(not zero success but its very difficult to do legitly). Needless to say getting hit by an amazon’s lightning bolt skill is much less damage than being hit by a charged strike and people would use this bug to delete people in duels since charged strike does so much more damage but suffers from needing to be used in a melee fashion normally.

There was a hack around that allowed people to do this consistnetly, I never met anyone legit who could do it consistently whatsoever and i’ve been around for a long long time dueling or doing pvm content.

  1. There supposedly is a bug that is very rare where Lister the Tormentor can one-shot a fully geared character. Its insta-death - this is worth investigating. Many people have said this has happened on hardcore.

  2. Fix the bug where Ismail vilehand(Travincal council member? him or someone else) explodes while amp damage is on your character doing an absurd amount of damage when he explodes - frost or fire nova on death. If you don’t have 3k life + Max resists you’re going to die in nightmare to this.

What do you mean won’t make a return? you mean will? lol

Trang FCR bug. You are stuck at the base casting rate of the vampire avatar. No matter how much FCR you put on him, he’s still insanely slow.

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Hey could you point me to info about the Andy bug being fixed on realms?

“In patch 1.10 there is interesting bug. After you kill Andariel and talk to any NPC (as most players do), she begins to drop items from her quest TC after every following kill. The bug was fixed on the realms, but persists in single player.”

Edit: This is a different older Andy bug. The kill Andy->portal->Warriv->Travel East->Save/exit method confirmed still working by Geezer as of today.

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Breakpoint changes for transformations are not a bug, but intended.

I think the only bugs that need to get fixed are game breaking ones.
Stuff like desync due to str “bugging” or swap casting definitely needs to go.

This is not bug tho, i belive its designed like this. When you walk your block is full, when you run, its half or 1/3 i think. Same with defence probably. It kind of make sense :slight_smile: