What is going on with your console servers?

Its our own fault. We farm to much pindle. And we make the queue longer for PC. So we get what we deserve. By the way > go preorder dia 4 on konsole

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I say keep doing pindle runs make pc gamers be in longer qeues just to piss them off


PC might farm too much pindle, I can’t get through normal since the service is never up while I have the free time to play. That coupled with the rollbacks and I’m still stuck at the ancients. It’s not an issue of not being capable of playing well, it’s an issue of not being able to play at all


I think the most interesting part is they know what platform you bought the game on. I obviously have it on console but I can’t comment on general discussion WTF is with that. That’s really weird imo


Blizzard aren’t even giving updates on Twitter anymore. Just complete radio silence.

I’m on PS4, getting a ps5 today. Just attempted to log in and my character isn’t even there. This is bloody ridiculous.


There was a PC patch on Friday that added in a queue visual onto the game while we started queueing players during high traffic windows.

We noted that consoles would have this within a week. It’s looking like it will be the first half once it gets through all the first party certifications. As of now, console is kind of flying blind and it unfortunately is leading to timeouts for users which knocks them into offline. There are moments where players are getting in as we have a team around the clock turning on the faucets for console players to feed online but they are difficult windows before the timeouts.

This weekend has led to an even more massive increase in players connecting into one specific region and is thus causing players to move to other regions and create queues there. Again, we have a team on this 24/7 and calls going on 24/7 as they work on troubleshooting and keeping things going with the databases.

It’s not ideal. I know as even I have had difficulty playing myself and I’m hoping we can have a further update for you all here soon. Again, apologies on this everyone.


What can of a crap bollox update is that. I want to play the game, any by the sounds of it many people are queuing for hours to play 1 game. Is this really the solution you are coming up with?
Why sell so many copies of the game when you knew the servers couldn’t handle the load.


Could you guys just add a big middle finger to the error display that says “We don’t care about you” instead of the “check your connection” error.

Total garbage for a company this size.
I tried for a couple of hours so this “faucet” opening is a bunch of lies.


Solution is to handle bigger amount of players on pc and show connection error on console. :rofl:


So, Since the game on console isn’t working as intended and hasn’t been for at least a week. Considering, Its only been officially out for 3 weeks and your beta tests should have revealed these problems. I’d like a refund. Also, your solution is only aimed at PC people? I paid the same as they did. Blizzard… WTF?


Again another weekend without playing D2R… when should I play Blizzard?


This reminds me of a response from ten years ago. Pathetic imo. I guess someone replied but seems like a bs reply


Sorry but do you not test your patches before releasing them? You have literally cut out most of the console player base to try and fix an issue. At least during the week the servers were only down for a little bit. Now we are totally locked out. Yes I know some people can get on, after eleven hours I managed to log in before getting kicked out after a short while.

You do realise that we pay a monthly amount to play your game online yes? Please can you confirm a fix is being worked on before this magical patch is due to come out?


Easy fix allow online characters to be saved locally and played offline then people would only be on the servers to multi-play and trade. No one should have to spend 100s of hours on both online and offline in order to finally be able to have fun anytime. Console already gets shafted out of many basic features that are on PC and have been since the original. I have it on both because some things are much easier on PC like trading (until this que BS anyway) But I prefer console for solo gameplay but want the option of trading especially since we can not /players 8 on console which makes offline play unplayable.


Thanks for the update its appreciated. Although it feels unfair to lock a big portion of your player base out from the game by implementing a functionality that you must’ve known could not be handled by the console platform game clients. In all honesty I as a console customer feel like a second grade customer compared to PC… but thanks for the update.


At least finally some official statement.
Thanks for that.


We can see how qualified are the Blizzard devs, QA, PM, PO, to release something supported only on PC, where no one tested on console before releasing it

Or (the most real fact), console are just low priority and can be handled with no rush, am I right?

That’s sad, real sad.


Don’t believe them on the pc front either. I was 248 in a queue, waited almost an hour to get on, 3 mins later the game crashed an I was at the back of the queue again. We accepted trash like this 10-15 years ago but with modern cloud technology, you can avoid queues. This is a rip off blizzard and I own all the Diablo series on multi platform. I may never buy a blizzard game again.


Yup. I remember this pezradar guy from my gears of War days. They just post random replies to try to help. But he posted this in a post so it means nothing instead of posting a new topic

I would have waited to buy the game if I knew I couldnt play for an INDERTIMNATE amount of time. I keep hearing about this “offline” mode but am failing to see where I select that at the title screen. If you are just buying the game it seems pretty unplayable to me.