Blizzard Shop Feedback

Can't activate new subscription, or purchase expansion (1)
September Print Issue Tomb of Sargeras (7)
Will never buy from Blizz Store again! (1)
Pending purchase (1)
Haven't recieved gifted game time from freind (2)
Partial Bnet balance payments (2)
How about Discounts WC3 remastered (2)
Can't add payment option (2)
Can't buy gems PW to short! for long PW (1)
UAH/EUR/USD for Ukrainian accounts as a currency (1)
This "feedback" board is worthless (1)
Can't gift on my currency and that sucks (1)
WoW Classic description issue (1)
WoW 15th anniversary pullover hoodie in men's sizes (2)
Deceptive advertising for preorder bundles? (1)
Prepaid Giftcards across regions (1)