Chargeback without a refund?

Account is stating chargeback due to a case being opened with paypal,

**A chargeback has been applied to this order. While it’s being processed, you won’t be able to access this purchase.

Now the case was closed on paypal prior to the account having the chargeback showing up and locking me out of the game.

My concern is blizzard thinks ive been given a refund but i havent and is now saying to play the game i have to repurchase it???

The forums are not a means to contact Billing, unfortunately. You are going to need to put in a ticket if you can’t access a game you paid for.

Chances are, that Blizzard does not have the funding from Paypal if you are still locked out. I hope you don’t have to go back and forth between Paypal and Blizz. That would be frustrating.

You will want to use the Support ticket tree to get to Payments → purchase failure. That should at least get it into the Billing bucket.

I have thats my issue, they state paypal has refunded the money which they havent. The gm in the support ticket is useless, literally blizzard have waited till the claim was cancelled to lock me out, so i now have no game and no refund. With no way to directly speak to billing what am i supposed to do?!!

did you ever get the chargeback funds back ?