No option to purchase a digital game code of War Within

You have 2 choices:
Purchase the game on the account or GIFT to someone who has to be a battlenet friend of yours for 3 days or longer. So, a game company that sells digital games gives customers no option to purchase the game and receive a game code via email or simply from their order/transaction history like they used to. Who decided this was a good idea to remove? Now I can’t buy the game, now I can’t give out game codes I purchase, two steps backwards by removing this feature. Game sales will be impacted.

They havent added activation codes for months and there is only one thread on the forum. On Reddit people don t even understand what codes we are talking about, some believe that they were deleted in Draenor. We are from sanctioned regions, we can no longer continue to play, because Blizzard “We are out of politics” is bullsit