NO Original Decks in Hearthstone

I enjoy playing CCG’s because of the Random Decks but lately whenever I play Hearhstone I’m going against Pre-Made Decks. Where is the fun in playing a Deck you know is GOING TO WIN 90% of the time. For me that’s as boring as can be. I make crazy decks that if the concept works it is fun for me and my oppoenent. So far I have yet to play against ANY ORIGINAL PLAYER DECKS. Take the last player I went against APEX … with a name like that I’d expect a Sharp Witty Player that would DIE before playing a Pre-Made Deck someone else came up with but NOPE He brought out a Warlock Deck that I’ve read about in Forums. By turn 3 I could tell it as a Premade, I was embarrassed for APEX to go from TOP PREDATOR to BOTTEM FEEDER.

Seriously plaing a Premade Deck to see how it works is fun, then destroy it and make your own deck using some aspects. For example I have a rogue Deck that is based off getting Pogo-Hopper into a Dreadnaught ASAP then using a Lackey to give it Taunt & or Rush making multiple copies using Togwaggle Scheme AND -OR Lab Recruiter and if you happen to have a minion that doubles Battlecries even crazier then you simply have to drawa more cards until you summon the next 4 that double each time its played. You have one problem your Health.

Now take that and run with it. Its not a Premade Deck In fact no one has ever made one yet. I have my version that I’m still trying to master.

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