Hearthstone joke, ridiculous Battlegrounds

forget this stupid freaking game, so ridiculous how some people get way better setups and card hands at battlegrounds that is just super hard to actually take anyone out you guys have it so jacked up, its just ridiculous and stupid, boycotting the stupid battlegrounds for now if not forever, its not even fun anymore people get so high astronomical damage and or health, ridiculous, maybe you could even it up a little better, since the last update, when you guys keep changing crap that, just made battlegrounds all but impossible, damn sure isnt fun, just fed up and frustrated probably just gonna quit playing the 1 sided never my side game permanently, tired of getting pissed off cause of terribly unfair gameplay, not all of us have daddies credit card to buy your way overpriced and way to exspensive crap, thank you for not ever listening or trying to do anything to fix a problem

This forum is for feedback about the Digital Shop. The API forum is for the API interface used by app and website makers. Nothing you have posted here will ever reach the Hearthstone team.

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omg thank you so much i had no idea no wonder no comments were coming in and im sorry, just gets frustrating alot of the time, ill watch where i put posts from here on out