Add New Payment Method (GCASH) Philippines

Hi Blizzard Team, I am from the Philippines, normally people here do not have credit cards or debit cards, we usually pay in Cash or eWallets, can you guys incorporate your payment methods with Globe Telecom GCASH? would help us gamers a lot. Here’s the link, at gcash dot com .

Best regards,

Thomas Rainier T. Saballa


True, I agree. Please add GCash as payment method. It will be very helpful and for sure many will buy more in our Country. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi! Gcash has a virtual card you can use for online purchases. i just used it to purchase diablo 4. :smiley:

here’s how to activate it. [ https : // tinyurl . com / 2zrstkc7 ] (just remove the spaces blizz doesn’t allow links)


Sorry, I think this reply is not relevant to the thread but just would like to ask cause I used my Gcash virtual card to purchase battlenet currency and right now the amount is till on pending like almost 24 hours already. I’m kindah worried what to do and customer support seems doesn’t know what to do. He just advised me to clear cache and try again. The funds already deducted in my gcash account. huhuhu, anyone, please help.

As a Blizzard games fan since 2000’s i couldnt agree more to this post. Please add GCASH as mode of payment. its secure and really convenient!