Does Blizzard have a customer service phone number

I need to speak to someone and the trouble ticket system doesn’t correct or answer my issue. Is there a number where I can actually talk to someone?

No, there is no dial in number anymore. It was removed almost 8 years ago. The dial in number was for Account Access issues, Billing, and some tech support but people flooded it with everything from game suggestions to ban appeals. Nobody could get through :frowning:

Now they have a ticket system that categorizes issues. If you have an account/billing/or some tech support issues Live Chat or Phone Callback become options when available (open).

What issue did you have? The system can be a bit tricky to navigate and maybe I can offer some suggestions.

I did a transfer of a toon but forgot to empty the mailbox. I do not want to lose what is there. The toon is sitting there saying it is still processing but it has been two days now. Help please!

The transfer will not process until you log in and empty the mail. If you need game time to do so you can ask CS nicely about it. They sometimes grant 24 hours so that you can clear up mail, heirlooms, or caged pets that might be preventing the transfer.

You have a couple options. Posting on the WoW Customer Support forum is the best one to start with. The Blues there can see your account and give advice.

I am honestly not sure if you can log in once the transfer is paid for or if you need to cancel it, move your mail, then do the transfer again. Ask on CS.

They can tell you what your options are and if you need to submit a ticket, they can walk you through it.