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StarCraft II Community API Update

In early January we’ll be taking down the StarCraft II Community APIs to ensure compliance with the new data-protection regulations going into effect at that time. We understand how valuable these APIs are to our communi…

5 26 March 2020
Hearthstone API Updates

Hi all, We’ll be posting updates to the Hearthstone API under this thread. As a reminder, documentation is located here. If you have comments or requests please post below and we’ll review. We have a few to share tod…

15 26 March 2020
Showcase Your App!

Greetings Developers! We’d love to see the apps our developers have put together using our APIs, so we encourage you to share information about your app here! Below this intro post, there is a wiki post that we encoura…

12 22 March 2020
World of Warcraft Community API Migration

Greetings, travelers! We are kicking off a full-scale migration from the old World of Warcraft Community API to the new World of Warcraft Game Data API and World of Warcraft Profile API. On 2020-03-16T07:00:00Z, the Com…

37 16 March 2020
Data Protection Notice and FAQ

Greetings Developers! We’ve reached out to inform our community about some policy changes regarding data protection on the Developer Portal. Blizzard will be giving its players greater control of their data. These chang…

28 3 February 2020
Community Created Libraries & Resources

A number of our the developers in our community have put together resources, libraries, and other tools that you may find helpful when developing against the Battle.net APIs. An extensive library of those resources can b…

10 8 January 2020
OAuth 2 Community Implementation Examples

Members of the developer community have requested examples for OAuth implementations in different languages. We’ve created a few examples which can be found here, but in recognition of the talented developers in our comm…

3 4 January 2020
Welcome to the Blizzard API Forums

Welcome to the Blizzard API forums! Here you’ll find links to documentation and discussions between the developers of the various APIs and the community consuming them. This forum is intended for developers interested in…

3 1 August 2019
Community Discord Server

Invite link: https://discord.gg/CVxtmes Join your fellow developers who are working with the Blizzard APIs in our Discord server! We encourage people to join and share experiences with the Blizzard APIs, support each ot…

2 1 August 2019
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