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Greetings Developers!

We’d love to see the apps our developers have put together using our APIs, so we encourage you to share information about your app here!

Below this intro post, there is a wiki post that we encourage everyone to share their contributions in. On the old forums, we had threads multiple pages long with everyone’s additions. It was wonderful to see, but potentially difficult to find specific community apps. We hope that the wiki-style format will make the experience much easier for everyone.

We can’t wait to see your contributions, and welcome to the new API Discussion Forums!

This is the wiki-style post referenced above. Please feel free to edit this post and add your app below the previous entry! Here is a template our community member, Manaberry, put together, that we encourage everyone to use:


  • Username:
  • App Name: What is the name of your app?
  • URL: Give us the link to your app!
  • Platform: Web/Mobile/etc
  • Code: What language did you use (Java/PHP, etc)?
  • Functions: What does your app do?

  • Username: khadys
  • Name: WoW Auction House
  • URL: wowauction(dot)us
  • Platform: Web (possibly mobile in the future)
  • Code: Ruby on Rails
  • Functions: Displays auction house items, including unit price. Lets you search for an item, and filter auction house items based on rarity, level range, and item level. I also record current and historical WoW Token prices.
    ( Note: I had to format the URL that way as I get an error, saying I can’t include links in my posts )

  • Username: primair
  • Name: MetaGamerScore
  • URL: metagamerscore(dot)com
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: Ruby on Rails, js
  • Functions: Cross platform achievement tracker. Tracks achievements from 22 different games and platforms, including all exposed Blizzard games.

  • Username: Ulminia
  • Name: blizzard-api-oauth
  • URL: code: github com/Ulminia/blizzard-api-oauth
    inuse: wow-bloodgod com/
  • Platform: web/server
  • Code: PhP
  • Functions: interfaces with the blizzard api for games to assist in user logins and retrieval of account and player character information

  • Username: khadys
  • Name: D3 Ladder
  • URL: d3ladder(dot)com
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: Ruby on Rails
  • Functions: Provides a searchable Diablo 3 leaderboard for all regions except China

  • Username: Schiller
  • App Name: WoW Query
  • URL:
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: Ruby on Rails / Go
  • Functions: Allow advanced users to query API data in a relational database or using GraphQL

  • Username: Lukem
  • App Name: StarCraft II Profile
  • URL:
  • Platform: Web / Mobile
  • Code: JavaScript
  • Functions: Showcase your StarCraft II season stats in an elegant panel alongside your Twitch stream.

  • Username: Ukon
  • App Name: WoW Auction Helper (WAH for short)
  • URL: https:// wah.jonaskf. net
  • Platform: Web (Chrome/Firefox)
  • Code: The frontend is Angular(current) with Typescript. The backend uses AWS lambda functions, written with TypeScript. The whole application is hosted as a serverless application.
  • Functions:
    It is a tool, designed around helping users make gold. And here are some of it’s features:
  1. It has user and pre-configured dashboards
  2. You can see all the auctions at AH (as of the last dump) as well as if you have been undercut or not as of that time.
  3. Filter through recipes by profit etc
  4. A tool to find the current value of your pet collection
  5. Easily add recipes to a shopping cart, that estimates potential profit and cost, based on which auctions you might have to buy. It can also take your faction and in-game inventory into consideration. Given that it is provided to the app.

  • Username: Leeka
  • Name: Drustvar
  • URL: drustvar(dot)com
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: php, vuejs (Symfony 4)
  • Functions: Awesome PVP Leaderboards with class & spec filtering. PVE Mythic Leaderboards WIP. View top talents, essence, etc used in pvp and pvp by your class & spec. Main focus will be around the LFG tool, but as of this post it isn’t quite ready yet.

  • Username: Prdik #2397
  • App Name: ESLive
  • URL: eslive(dot)tv
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: Node / express / angular (hosted on AWS)
  • Functions: Unified schedule for various major esport events. ESlive currently tacks 6 games (HS, SC2, OW, LOL, PUBG and RL). It also broadcasts live streams of those games and provides VODs for HS, OWL, LOL games. For HS, when playing VOD, it also shows decklists of both players. There is still a lot of work to be done in adding new games (WOW arena, WOW mythic dungeon, DOTA2, CS:GO, …), as well as adding new features (standings, live stats for currently played matches, team info, players info and so on).

  • Username: imaleo
  • App Name: SmurfWalletOW
  • URL:
  • Platform: Windows
  • Code: C# Wpf MVVM
  • Functions: This app makes it easy for users to login into their alt(smurf) accounts without login out from battlenet.
  • Username: Miqololo
  • App Name: featbet
  • URL:
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: NodeJs, Angular2
  • Functions: Online Wager application for starcraft 2 players
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Hi developers, here is my app’s information for Diablo3.

  • Username: Miles

  • Name: D3 Tools

  • URL:
    US: https:// apps apple com/us/app/d3-tools/id1481043093
    CN: https:// apps apple com/cn/app/d3%E5%8A%A9%E6%89%8B/id1481043093

  • Platform: iOS

  • Code: Swift/OC

  • Functions:

  1. Browsing hero rankings, profiles, items, skills, and builds information, awesome PVP Leaderboards with season & hero-class filtering.
  2. Collect items, skills, and even heroes for quick browsing next time.
  3. Four languages can be switched inner the App at any time to meet the habits of players in various regions.
  • Username: Alexchaos
  • App Name: Blizzard Games Profiles
  • URL: https:// play. google. com/store/apps/details?id=com.BlizzardArmory&hl=en
  • Platform: Android
  • Code: Java
  • Functions: Makes it easy to access your profiles for WoW, D3, SC2 and OW from a single app on the go with your phone.
  • Username:Ptimimi
  • App Name: Wow-Wishlist
  • URL:
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: PHP, JS
  • Functions: *The app is a search engine for the wow items and it permit to manage them into own wishlist *

Hello Miqololo. Im working on a project. And you seem like you have knowledge of what needs to be done. Please contact me if you don’t mind thank you

  • Username: Baumannzone
  • App Name: D3PF (Diablo3ProfileFinder)
  • URL: https:// diablo3 .netlify .com
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: Vue.js (Javascript), HTML and CSS
  • Functions: Allows you to search users by battleTag and see your heroes and items. It’s very simple and it has no back-end. Made for fun.
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Hi everyone! Here is my Telegram bot (in progress)

  • Username: Nysler
  • Name Wow Details Bot
  • URL: telegram(dot)me/wowdetailsbot
  • Platform: Telegram (web or app iOS/Android)
  • Code: Python
  • Functions:
  1. Set or update Region to use
  2. Set or update Locale to use
  3. Show info stored (Region and Locale)

All functions depend of region and realm setted previously

  1. Get token price from region
  2. Get detailed list of gear of a character (requires realm and character name)
  3. Get detailed list of stats of a character (requires realm and character name)
  4. Get list of battleground statistics of a character (requires realm and character name)
  5. Get details of PvP bracket of a character (requires bracket like 2v2, realm and character name)
  • Username: Nhea
  • App Name: Guilds of WoW
  • URL: guildsofwow . com
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: ASP .NET Core
  • Functions: Players can register their guild after login and get a lot of helpful features. Like custom guild page, recruitment, guild posts, events, images, weekly reports. Also players can list their characters as recruits.
  • Username: luckypants
  • App Name: Hearth: TierList
  • URL: N/A
  • Platform: Mobile (Android)
  • Code: Java
  • Functions: Return a list of all the cards used in Arena with Arena Rank Number. If the user clicks on the card in the list; it will go into a detail view of the card.

However, i did noticed i’m not able to grab all the card listed for Arena? I can only retrieve a ‘Standard’ list of cards?

Disclaimer: This is not an application per-se, it is a framework for generating client code to consume various API Endpoints.

Can`t edit the wiki post because of the link restrictions.

  • Username: nephest
  • App Name: SC2 ladder generator
  • URL: nephest. com/sc2
  • Platform: web
  • Code: java
  • Functions: Flexible StarCraft2 ladder/stats generator for any team format/region. Global stats: games played, team and player count. Distribution: race, league, region. Users can log in with their account and create a personal ladder out of their favorite players.

Hello! Here is a web app I have been finishing up in python.
mikepy. com
It’s mostly a Armory profile for your Classic WoW characters. The armor can be updated with an addon’s copy paste string and displayed in a web browser or in a discord server through a discord bot that is using discord-py.

I wasn’t able to edit main post. Here is my app info,

  • Username: neiloth
  • App Name: The Gadgetzan Times
  • URL: thegadgetzantimes(dot)com
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: Javascript (Nuxt, Express, Node and DynamoDB)
  • Functions: This app calculates the profits of crafted items for each profession with real-time auction data using Blizzard API.
  • Username: Throkwa
  • App Name: WoWpi Guild - wordpress plugin
  • URL: wordpress(dot)org/plugins/wowpi-guild/
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: PHP
  • Functions: Custom post type for characters which will later translate into specific page templates for guild’s characters, Guild Roster shortcode using Datatables javascript plugin, cron job that reimports updated information regarding characters (5 characters each hour).
  • Username: MiK
  • App Name: QuestHog
  • URL: questhog(dot)com
  • Platform: Web
  • Code: react
  • Functions: Tracks current expansion weeklies and dailies for World of Warcraft characters. Reflects if done or not done.

Nazwę użytkownika: TOMALA
Nazwa aplikacji: OVERWATCH
URL: Daj nam link do swojej aplikacji!
**Platforma: Mobile **
**Kod: Java **
Funkcje: Aplikacja offline do gry w zamkniętym świecie gry
Nazwa użytkownika: TOMALA
**Adres URL: **
Platforma: JAVA
Kod: -
**Funkcje: Przeniesienie całej gry na platformę mobilną **
Nazwa użytkownika: TOMALA
**Adres URL: **
Platforma: JAVA
Kod: -
Funkcje: Przeniesienie całej gry na platformę mobilną (komórki z systemem operacyjnym JAVA; z zachowaniem języka programowania, samodzielne tworzenie tekstur JAVA, postacie posiadają wszystkie umiejętności bohaterskie, ręczne pisanie kodu gry naprawia wiele istniejących błędów podczas skanowania, na osobnej kopii gry przeznaczonej do testów związanych z bezpieczeństwem gry oraz bez posługiwania się niedozwolonymi programami do obejścia oficjalnych programów gry.