Overwatch 2 Ban - venting to Blizz

First, thanks for making great games that I enjoy and care about as a long time Blizz fan.

I think it is unfair to ban a plyr for 5 min for quitting a 2 rounds in about 4 hrs ply due to likely multiple cheaters on the other team. Please address the cheaters rather than those trying to help community eliminate cheaters. They are very easy to see and I call out but cheats are so common that others defend. I suggest look at the replays and don’t take my word…‘oh get good’ and defend by plyrs on their team that can’t even see the replays. Viewing a replay and watching for common cheats requires no skill.
Just watch the cheat callouts on youtube and that is where I learn to see them. Common cheats - 10/10 headshots or mid body w/no miss, no body or limb shots in open q or qp, people that auto lock on tgt at 90deg or directly behind them, right click no miss by soldier and sojourn…I could go on.
I even got a warning that I was ‘bad’ when I logged in. I assume cuz I called out a blatant cheater and their team raged at me during the game. I susp they all reported me as ‘bad’ plyr. Stopping cheaters via plyr report is not working as most don’t know what cheats look like. Again, I’m just calling out what I see ‘pros’ point out on youtube but agree the aim is not natural and tracking thru walls is obvious. Anyways, I play much less due to the cheaters and letting them go makes other players think they need cheats to compete. Not endorsing and hate cheaters but see their logic as it is frustrating to see and lose to trash talking cheaters. Off to find a different game for a while…