API Bug Forum is a mess and possible solution

Dear Mods, Blizzard Devs and fellow 3rd party devs,

I am working on the API for two days now and the “API Bug Report” Forum is a total mess. Since I am quiet new I have no idea if the forum is even moderated, it doesn’t look like that. There is a ton of threads that are not remotely related to the API.

So instead of ranting (which I really wanna do because coding on your APIs is “not amusing” ;)) I come up with an idea how to fix that:

Because there is no public API and every access to the API needs a client anyways, please restrict posting to the “API Bug Report” Forum (and maybe also this forum) to people that have at least one client id/secret pair in the “API Access” area.

What do you say?

Cheers plopp <3

API discussion and API bug report are just two categories available on this forum, if they were to implement such restriction it would affect the whole forum.