Method/endpoint check if char is dead in classic hardcore?

Hi everyone! I’m wondering what’s the best endpoint (or just a method) to check if a character has died in classic hardcore?

details below: : My approach at the moment is to check if their profile summary returns a 404 and also checking if they match char id of the previously logged data point (${realm_slug}/${char_name}?namespace=profile-classic1x-us ) I am doing this over a couple of guilds so a couple thousand characters and I have found that the api doesn’t seem stable enough and gives inconsistent 404s, im on a third round of testing to compare result tables atm just to make sure im not going crazy becauseit seems to be happening on a small scale but not a negigible one The only thing I have found is an “is_ghost” property in the above profile summary endpoint, but this is definitely not a feasible way to do it as some (or all?) have their profile summary 404 except for maybe a handful? I had ~700 characters have is_ghost true and 3.3k give me a 404 which means i wouldn’t even be able to retrieve their “is_ghost”) Additionally, i made a test character and kept them as a ghost that was not deleted and they 404’d in their case I’m looking for a way to BE SURE that a character has died instead of a 404 that could be caused by any number of endpoint stability issues. Though I fear this might not be a thing as it would go against the implication of the endpoint using char_name as a uuid, which makes me suspect deleted/dead characters are just simply deleted with records gone or archived somehwere an endpoint can’t reach