HTTP 403 Errors on Character-Media Profile Endpoint


I’ve been encountering HTTP 403 errors when attempting to access the character-media profile endpoint for multiple characters. Below is an example URL where this issue is occurring:


Could you please investigate and resolve this issue? Any assistance or guidance on how to avoid these errors would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Raidbots is also experiencing a high rate of 403s. This is breaking character portraits on the site.

Got the same issue for like a month now. Tried my api connection and the try it feature as well as curl - same result. It is only for character media, equipment loads fine.

“code”: 403,
“type”: “BLZWEBAPI00000403”,
“detail”: “Forbidden”

@okwinza in the discord posted this solution

you can generate any character media urls yourself using this

render.worldofwarcraft com/eu/character/sylvanas/{cat}/256323755-main-raw.png Where {cat} is

Lowest byte of the ID number. 256323755 = 0xf4730ab and 0xab = 171, or 256323755 mod 256 = 171.

render.worldofwarcraft com/{regionCode}/character/{realmSlug}/{cat}/{characterId}-{imgType}.{ext}
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