Void elves can look like blood elves but not vise versa

Karen, you all have been pitching an absolute fit for 15 years or so because your pretty pixel elves were in the wrong make believe group which hurt your precious feelings. No one is buying the idea that you’re actually above all this like you keep acting.


i have ? since when ? lol

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Don’t want to be considered part of the group don’t act like all the other bad actors in the group act.


what are you even on about lol :joy: :sob:

apparently saying to not be mad over void elfs getting more options means im a “karen” :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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A thousand percent! Her characters race very much reflects her personality, it’s very fitting.

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Honey, sweetheart, Karen, I’ve been posting versions of a list for over a year now and tons of people have been quoting it all over the place. I made it because one of you Anti-Belf players was posting a list and intentionally excluding things people were asking for.

You’re being grossly disingenuous to say that we haven’t been asking for what we want. WE HAVE. You’re being really really disingenuous by claiming otherwise. So sickeningly disingenuous you should check your pants and make sure they’re not on fire.

Here’s an example:

And more…

Stop saying we aren’t asking for stuff.


And we love you for it, just saying. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:



Yes they were. Once that can of worms was opened I knew it was only a matter of time before they would add blood elf customizations to it. Next will be the option for blood elves to be paladins. Why not? Lore got flushed down the toilet a long time ago. The only good thing to come from this will be all the whiny brats playing blood elves going back to their correct faction.

Those are some nice suggestions for the Blood Elves. I actually like the idea of having a Blood Knight fantasy for the Blood Elves, then just being “Paladins”.

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I would just like the Nightbornes to be fixed up properly due to all this catering to Alliance players. I have my doubts it will not be the lengths I would like. Which is a bit sad seeing Void Elves are on what? Third customization update? Haven’t seen any other race receive as much updates…consistently. Some races got more than others not disputing this, but only once.


Oh you ask for stuff that is true. However the real problems lies with the reality that most of your people would rather use all their time on GD in void elf and high elf threads rather than your own.

It’s easy for them to add more to Void Elves because they are a copy + paste model and skeleton. It’s harder for other races with unique skeletons, such as Zandalari or Nightborne, who are both in dire need of customization options.


Well Blood Knights are the Blood Elf Paladins. They do have their own slightly separate identity. It’s why my guy has a red and black mog.

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Yeah, I know. But there are some of whom think it is just Paladins, but they’re not. In game, giving them more options to show off that Blood Knight identity sounds like a really cool idea for the Blood Elves in terms of customisations.

I was pretty much thinking the same thing. More people might actually create these characters if they actually looked like decent model + skeleton. It was one of the most vocal complaints about the Nightborne.

I’m not entirely sure how lack of options hurt Zandalari. I’ve never created one. I know they have more going for them due to the Druid class. I am unaware of how many customization they have, but tbh I think they look pretty good in armors. Which can’t be said for other races. Including Nightborne to me.

A lot of races are lacking in quite a bit of customization…


It’s funny. They did it notoriously and nothing mattered at the end. Because their pursuing endeavors made the high elf community stronger by supporting it. And everyone was happy they failed.

Like “King Joffrey”. Tried to do things notoriously and being obnoxious. Died and no one cared. Everyone was happy “he” died.

Still waiting for Blood Elves to get a real customization pass.


I made a thread talking about getting half elves instead of blood elf customizations on VE.

If interested in talking about half elves here is a link to the thread;