Void elves can look like blood elves but not vise versa

To start things off, my intention of writing this is not to complain, but instead to add some potential conversation to the table.

Now, to get into the meat of this topic I will assume that every one knows that the void elves are basically blood elves, but with a more void aesthetic. The 2 races share the same skeleton, and the only difference really just lies in that the customization is more fitting of a race being tainted with the void. In shadowlands with the new customization options, Void elves can resemble blood elves due to the skin color being able to be non void tainted, their eye colors can be changed to blood elf eye colors, and their hair, like it has been since release can be without the void option as well. This makes void elves now essentially alliance blood elves, if you choose not to have void customization options.
So now this makes me wonder, If void elves can so closely resemble blood elves now, than why cannot blood elves be able to have void customization effects for their skin color, and hair customization?

I get that with more customization options being added to shadowlands, it is cool that void elves can be able to closely resemble blood elves, but why not return the favor to blood elves??

For people who say, " It wouldn’t make sense for a blood elf to have void customization features because they are no void elves", then why can a void elf literally just be a copy and pasted blood elf on the alliance, with the only difference being that their hair is a little bit messier, and they don’t have as bright hair color options.

Should blizzard allow blood elves to have void elf customization if, void elves can literally become blood elves with choosing a non void tainted skin color, and a non- void hair style? and if void elves are able to customize around the void customization options, than are they eve void elves at all??? Or do the alliance now get blood elves for free now, and the favor isn’t returned to the regular blood elf race.


Yes and no.

Velfs are infused with the Void. It’s part of their DNA now.

They’re not tainted. They’re completely and entirely infused with it.

They don’t get green and golden, which are the main Belf colors.

But not with normal colors or Belf hairstyles.

It doesn’t, because there are still Velf customization only options: hair colors and styles and they still don’t get green and golden eyes.

Because Belfs follow the Light and Arcane and aren’t infused with Void.

Because they can’t be a copy paste and Belfs aren’t infused with the Void.



Yes. And we’re coming for your hair colors next!


Because Sin’dorei literally never did the process to infuse themselves with the Void…

Ren’dorei have, and the extra customizations can be explained by varying levels of corruption; I’ve seen some in RP who have extra eyes on their head or forehead, and some who only show void corruption if they’re in combat.

Because it does not need to be. It would make ZERO sense to be.


Here before the bald man


so than why can blood elves play shadow priests?


Let’s be honest guys: Void elfs were a mistake


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To OP, there is a lore reason why the Blood Elves cannot have that aesthetic. The Void Elves were ousted from the Blood Elves and were forbidden to go near the Sunwell.


blood elves can play shadow priest which is the most void thing in the game


Shadow Priests wield the Shadows. Just like Mages use spells to wield Arcane, Fire and Frost.

Velfs are infused with the Void, through and through, part of their DNA.

Your comparison is nonsensical.


100% true.

I’ve long thought Blood Elves should get a second visual theme since VEs effectively have one minus natural hair colors and it just so happens their secondary theme is the only visual theme of BEs.

Felblood or San’layn come up a lot and I support those the most, but I also see ideas for more Light customization as a second visual theme and that’s fine with me too so long as one is done to balance things out.

Other races need stuff first but one thing I am adamant about is no further sharing of BE visuals (natural hair colors / styles) with VEs let VEs be unique moving forward. And yes copy pasting Kul Tiran colors / any natural color still makes a VE look like a BE with the natural skin tones that have been shared.


But Shadow priests aren’t infused with void magic, they just use shadow magic.

Did you happen to do the questline to unlock the Void Elves? It’s all there.


they can literally use void eruption, how isnt that void magic