Void elves can look like blood elves but not vise versa

You. Specifically you, Starlagosa (as well as a host of other anti-High Elf players), spent YEARS spreading misinformation about Warcraft lore and trolling the High Elf community with spiteful and blatantly false forum posts and God knows what else. The bad person here is you, both in defeat and in your natural state of being.

Go away.



For the love of…


This isn’t even the only time… theres been at least three of these threads.


well duhhhh i know they made a thread but the point still stands

I mean… if you already knew you could have cut out that bit and just left the last and had the same effect…

Its just so weird to assume these folk didn’t put forth their requests. They did.

All moot points at this… uh… point.

Though seriously Belves need more options than they got…


dont tell me how to post ever
i never assumed anything im referring to people being mad over people being happy that void elfs finally are getting natural hair colors instead of just adding to the thread .
that is my point .

You say to someone responding to you expressing support for someone telling other people how to post.


Yeah I get that. but what you quoted included the assessment that those people hadn’t made their own posts requesting options and spent all their time yelling at others.

My point is that you didn’t need to include that bit if you already knew it was false.

And I didn’t tell you how to post… I said that if you already knew you could have cut that bit out and still had your same point come out.


Welll excuse meeeeeeeeee idk i wasn’t allowed to just quote the whole post

that is basically literally telling me how to post

Nah. You’ve been pretty insufferable in these threads Karen. And this is just more of the nonsense telling people they aren’t allowed to advocate for what they want in a game if it doesn’t meet your standards of approval for what people are allowed to want.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. You’ve earned a like.



At best its a suggestion of how you could have worded it better. I’m not telling you not to post it.

Look if you want to be this… sort of person go ahead.

Though if you post something like that which is easily found to be false… I mean I don’t know what to tell you. Others will respond.

Blood Elf players have made their threads trying to get the customizations they want.


nah im not , im not telling people to not ask for things there is a difference , saying to stop being mad at people who are happy at getting more options. Those are “karens” :sob: :joy: . Like just ask for more unique things for belfs aswell there is nothing wrong with that ,apparently thats too hard for people to understand .

You say ignoring the 15 or so years of demands to speak to the manager.

So that you Karens can steal those too?


You are on a roll, it’s a shame I’m out of likes at the moment, actually I’ll jump to an alt and give you them because you totally deserve them.

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lol is that all you got ? sad go outside relax its not that big of an issue .


And you say ignoring your demands for the manager to take off those evil evil natural hair colors :rofl:

Please, show me where I’ve done that?

Before it’s happened I’d advocated for keeping things unique and interesting, but they made the stupid decision, we’ve got to live with it.


please manager don’t put the alliance elves on the menu! is basically your whole presence on GD