Sparks of Shadowflame for Alts/Returning Players

In Season 1, we were able to accrue Sparks on our alts by doing the quests each week, but the quests were unlocked week-by-week with a catch-up mechanic in place. Eventually we were able to skip all the quests entirely on alts and grab all our sparks at once.

In Season 2, there doesn’t appear to be any sort of catch-up mechanic if you miss a week, so alts may fall behind or even mains if you have a circumstance that doesn’t allow you to log on for a full reset. Thanks Dratnos for making a video about this.

Are there any plans for a catch-up system or should we plan to make sure we’re logging into all of our alts every week to get the splintered sparks?


Clarifying a couple of points here.

Sparks are every 2 weeks starting tomorrow (half a spark per week), and there is a tutorial quest that grants an additional half spark. This means players can get their first full spark the same week as the release of the patch, and the second spark will be creatable on week 3 (the week after season 2 starts), etc.

For any characters that fall behind on Spark creation, extra Sparks have a higher chance to drop from sources like:

  • M+ end-of-dungeon chests
  • PvP Wins
  • The new World Boss
  • Your first time defeating the dragon boss of the Fyrakk Assault
  • The public event Researchers Under Fire
  • Niffen Cave Dives
  • Aberrus raid bosses

until the character is caught up.