Shadowflame Splinter Catch Up

So it says it exists.

But I’ve done a ton of stuff and have yet to receive a shard over the past 2 weeks and now I’m most definitely behind.

Blizzard, little help?

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Can you catch up? It literally ate my Shadowflame Splinter on my mage last week so… What am I supposed to do to catch up on alts?

I haven’t taken my disc priest to Loam yet, and have done 2 raid bosses and exactly 12 m+ dungeons on her. I have 1 full spark from it.

made a new account on monday and made a crafted item, here we are this week and ive done everything under the rainbow for the catch up and i cant craft my 2nd item

“The second spark will be creatable on week 3” “characters that fall behind on Spark creation, extra sparks have a higher chance to drop from sources”

What, you haven’t received a single shard? Have you done the tutorial? Week 3 started yesterday, so… not exactly the driest anyone’s ever been for a drop.

Yes, there is a catch up for alts or anyone who falls behind:

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can you confirm this works right now? because somehow im 1 spark splinter behind, ive queued several arenas and won, several bgs and won, killed world bosses, no splinter all week, and my alts had no problem getting their sparks

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yes, i’ve gotten catch-up sparks this week on two characters (both from m+) because i did no world content at all on them last week.

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It did work for me, I received one from a world boss.

I have the same problem on one toon, did all this weekly aiding accord, pvp epic bg, worldquest, cave rep, killed world boss, killed cave boss, killed assault dragon, and did the pvp brawl and still missing one splinter.

Apparently there was a bug where the spark quest took all splinters in your inventory, so until they actually refund the sparks, some people are just permanently behind.


That is assuming they actually refund them. I haven’t seen a blue post saying that they are going to correct the splinters lost to the bugged ‘Power Unified’ quest. Everyone affected might just permanently be behind the entire patch.

Hopefully they fix it though fingers crossed

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From my testing and understanding, You will only get up to 1 less half-spark than the current max.

Because to get the last half-spark, you got to complete the quest “worth ally Loam”

This week maximum is four half-sparks (2 sparks). Means if you already have 3, it will no longer drop from content.

I can confirm that I’m behind, I have only received 1.5 in total. I have cleared LFR, cleared normal, downed 5 heroic bosses, 10 mythic + instances, World boss, even the PvP weekly and nothing to catch me up at all.

can confirm i’ve done everything underneath the sun and i’m only at 1.5 sparks.

There was a bug where the quest “Power Unified” that was supposed to give you 2 pieces in exchange for 1 only gave you 1. (Support Article about it:

People have been opening tickets to get the missing one back, if they were affected. But that assumes you were actually affected. You’d have to be 100% sure you were affected by that bug.

And I know at least 2 people in discord who have gotten a spark back from a ticket, so I know it’s possible.

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Yeah, the catch up doesn’t work for me.

It seems to be having issues for a bunch of people. :confused:

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My healer friend I run M+ with doesn’t do world content, only runs keys. I’ve seen her loot splinters at least 2x times since that first week.

I did read about the bug others are referencing, and that may be why some aren’t seeing splinters when they should be. But the system was certainly working the previous week.

My alts all have their 2 sparks, only my main is perma behind, despite me doing way more on him.

Definitely bugged.

I will do what others have suggested and drop a ticket. Fully expecting Blizz to not help but we’ll see.

Doesn’t matter much, I can craft again tomorrow and this character is probably only pvping so I won’t need a lot of crafted items.

Edit: The GM did restore my splinter.