Where exactly are these?

Ways for alts to catch up with sparks if they miss a week.

  • Your first time defeating the dragon boss of the Fyrakk Assault
  • The public event Researchers Under Fire
  • Niffen Cave Dives

Where are these three events located? Have not seen them as of yet.


First 2 aren’t available yet. Last one is marked on the map in Loam.

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Dont come out until Season 2. I’m not sure about the other 2, but I believe the fire one comes with Season 2 as well

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Thanks all. Thought i totally missed them while down there.

Just quick, is that the digs?



Continuing the discussion from Sparks of Shadowflame for Alts/Returning Players:

Are you missing your third splintered spark of shadowflame this week?

Did you turn in the quest power united while having two splintered sparks in your bags?

Then this is the problem/solution,

It is a known bug and I had to submit a ticket to obtain my third splintered spark. posted below is the conversation between myself and a GM.