Is there catch up for missed spark last week

if i didnt play last week am i just missing half a spark forever

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They have a chance to drop from stuff. Let me find the exact information for you. One moment.

Edit: here you go!


only a chance? damn that’s kinda fried i thought there was catch up mechanic rip my alts that i didnt do the weekly on last week

It says “higher chance.” But I honestly don’t know what that means.

I’ve seen them drop from stuff like LFR and World Bosses, so the catch up mechanic definitely exists. Not sure how common they are because I have yet to fall behind on any of my characters however.

I’ve won a handful of BGs and 12 Arenas. Still haven’t gotten my half… so the chance is kinda garbo, if you ask me

That explains why I saw two drop for people while in LFR on an alt. Good to know!

I have completed N raid, did LFR, 5/8 Heroic, Mythic + at least 15 dungeons, quests, dives, and World boss, looted rare chest, still no catch up fragment… Don’t think this qualifies as a catchup mechanic.

in the same boat as u my man… Except i’ve done like 60+ dungeons. Stuff just doesn’t drop. Someone mentioned that for alts the catchup right now is 4 not 5, so that could be a thing, i’m not sure.

I missed the quest on my alt tank. I logged her on and the first thing I did was run a dungeon for vault. One dropped at the end. :+1: