Missing Splintered Spark of Shadowflame

Started the patch late and was getting splinters through catch up mechanic and the once weekly quest. However I have one less splinter than everyone else and cant make my third spark this week. This was actually an issue last week where everyone had 2.5 sparks, but I only had 2 sparks.

This is despite running multiple keys, raid boss kills, weekly activities, etc. as listed below. I feel like it shouldn’t be this rare if the first 5 splinters dropped so easily. My alts are not having this problem, just my main Sideen-Proudmoore.

For any characters that fall behind on Spark creation, extra Splintered Spark of Shadowflame has a higher chance to drop from various sources until the character is caught up.


same to me man.it must be some bug

boiz I’m in the same boat, unfortunately… I am 1 week behind since week 2… Can’t catchup with that last spark on one of my characters… I literally exhausted every option… I did everything in the game including like gazillion M+'s…

I started a fresh alt last week… He got all sparks in less than 10 hours. My Paladin though is 1 week behind on sparks for 3rd week now… It must be some kind of a bug

Am in the same situation. I believe I did the weekly loamm rep quest every week, and have done the initial quest week one for a whole spark. I have cleared multiple raids, and many keys, and have not received catchup

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I have not gotten one since the first week. Ive ran raids RBG and Tons of dungeons. I put a ticket in but got no human response.

I just checked my Reagent Bag and two of them were in the REAGENT bag.