Enchanted Shadowflame Crests

It says in the tooltip that it upgrades items made with a spark of shadowflame. Are we seriously going to have to do the spark grind all over again for items we already had crafted in s1?

I believe we will be able to upgrade our S1 items to current ilvl in 10.1, but I could be wrong.

Sparks are given every 2 weeks, not RNG.

You can re-craft items that are made with season 1 sparks with the new sparks, then upgrade those items with the Shadowflame Crests.

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That’s kind of how it works in every expansion / major patch though? … :person_shrugging:

I should rephrase - if you do the weekly quest every week you get a spark every 2 weeks.

I really hope they fix that though - it’s going to suck if my alts fall behind if I don’t play them.

I hope they have catchup for sparks. Cause it’s going to suck if people fall behind on sparks if they don’t actively play, cause sparks are such a major part of the gearing process. :confused:

There was catchup for the last sparks, which was why it worked.

The first five were all quests with no other reward. That’s why they were easy to be put into a catch-up. The new ones coming off the weekly makes that more difficult to wrap up in a neat package.

Telling us there will be catchup in 10.1.5 would give us solace that catchup is coming though.

As of now we have no knowledge of any catchup coming.

Every season is a new grind. Hell, they’re throwing us a bone for once by letting us keep our sockets and enchants.


Lol, no. The sockets added by the season 1 socket item get deleted when you upgrade your items to a season 2 level.

Well… that is some garbage. Does this mean I get to expect a mass of people wanting R3 diamonds?

I think they’re going love that the most.

This should not surprise me though, no way they would pass up another opportunity to get into your wallets.

Ah Sh*t, here we go again…

My R3 diamond is in my neck so that is untouched.

Wait, we can upgrade season 2 crafted items to season 2?

You have to replace the spark of ingenuity in your items with a spark of shadowflame. Also, if you used the s1 socket item form the vendor on an item, upgrading it to a season 2 item deletes the socket.