Alt spark catch up

Just want to clarify how this works now.
We do the loam rep qst to get half a spark then the rest come from random drops?
How many total should we have now this late in the game?
3 full ones?


Catchup mechanic announced here by Blizz. Tl;dr: alts who are behind will have a higher drop rate for relevant activities.

As the post says sparks are half per week (with an initial tutorial quest offering a half spark. Since we started on May 02nd, that should bring us to 3 total sparks so far. Someone correct me if I’m wrong). :slight_smile:

3 sparks is right

I’ve been a little unclear on what activities exactly can get them. Personally I saw one toon that was behind get one (fragment) as a reward on a niffen dig, but wish I could find a proper list of “relevant activities.”

Ive gotten some from m+, world bosses, lfr.

So im thinking dang near anything

Basically anything counts as relevant activit to got one from a dirt pile

I’ve been getting them so quickly on alts that I don’t even notice where they come from. Just 70, do a few bgs/skirms, open bags and I already have 3 or 4. :dracthyr_sweat: This type of catchup usually doesn’t happen until later patches.

Ty all awesome