Can't seem to catch up on splintered sparks

Started 1 week too late so i was behind from the getgo. For some reason I can’t get the spark to drop from any world content. I do the 3 weekly quests, the 2x PVP ones and the 1500 Rep one and that drops 1 splintered spark for me, but i’m already 1 week behind. I have not gotten the catchup spark through any world content. like 30+ Mythic +'s and LFR+Normal Raid Clears. I see them drop for people all the time… Am i glitched or something?

There have been others reporting this same issue. I’d check the Bug Reports forum and add to it.

From what I can see if you are behind you will have an increased chance of getting one.

For any characters that fall behind on Spark creation, extra Splintered Spark of Shadowflame has a higher chance to drop from various sources until the character is caught up.

If you don’t believe this is working correctly, I"d agree with Sendryn, and recommend submitting a bug report so our QA team can take a look.


I also have this same issue, and is one splinter behind on my alt mage.

Based on this support article ID: 338270 there is a known problem with the Power Unified Quest removing All splintered sparks of shadowflame.

Usually once a player gets to that quest they have 2 splintered sparks and not 1. Therefore what happens is that 2 splinters get removed and replaced with 2. for a net 0 gain. How it should happen is that 1 splinter gets removed and replace(intended) for a net 1 gain.
The game therefore still thinks the character is ALL caught up. It probably looks at the whole Loot history of how many splinters were looted up to each week.
I believe because of that “loot history” we will never get the splinter by the automatic catch up system.

Can we be compensated for this problem? I currently have 2 GMs that will not compensate me and still think we can be caught up using the catch up system when I have done 10+ dungeons this week + 2 full clear of raid and received no splinter catch up.

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You need to file a bug report for it to be looked into. Unless the Devs say otherwise, GMs are generally hands-off for items that can still be acquired by the players.


I ran about 90x Mythic + 11-17’s… Did all LFG/Normal/Heroic Bosses in the new Raid… + World Boss… and all the 3 quests that award the epic satchel. None of them have yieleded the catch up spark… and yeah it would seem like there’s a bug with it like Ooforia said. Glad to know it’s not only me… I would also like to get compensated for the missing spark that I can’t seem to get

Then post in the Bug Report Forum like Vrak suggested. Also, you will not be compensated for something that you can catch up on just because you didn’t have the luck of the draw to get caught up yet.


Just as a heads up… I started to gear out my 3rd alt today. In less than 10 hours with minimal content done, he managed to get all 5 sparks as a catchup. My Paladin is still stuck at 4 sparks and I’ve done ALL possibly content on him from week 2. My paladin has done about 30x+ more content than on my newly geared alt whose all caught up in half a day. So yeah… Something is definitely UP

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Not to dismiss the concerns of anyone as a simple misunderstanding, but are you sure you’re reading what the quest is doing correctly. I did it last night on a new alt, and it removes one and returns two splintered sparks; so you end up with a net gain of only one splintered spark. At first I thought it had shorted me as well, but it works exactly like any other quest turn in. You lose the required item to the NPC.

Just a thought, scared me a bit when I saw it not give me two additional splintered sparks.

Currently experiencing this on my fresh 70 pally. I’ve been grinding M+ for the last week and have over 60 combined runs, LFR clear, and a 9/9 Normal clear and I’m still half a spark behind where I should be. It’s almost certainly not going to drop for me if it hadn’t by the time I logged off last night.


Me too… 3rd week now trying to catch up on my Paladin… Can’t get that last spark… Ran all Raids LFG/Normal/Heroic and done about 20x Keys this week + WQ and the 1500 Rep quest. The last spark did NOT drop for me… I’m 1 week behind