Solo Shuffle Update - December 16


We’re excited to see Rated Solo Shuffle underway in Dragonflight Season 1 and are happy to see interest in the feature. In October, we posted an FAQ about Rated Solo Shuffle and we want to provide another update following the abundance of feedback and data we’ve received.

Title Rewards

As indicated in the first FAQ, we recognized the feedback around the end of season title for the top 0.1% of each specialization in Solo Shuffle, Crimson Soloist, to be an underwhelming choice of title. We discussed alternative titles and landed on one we think better encapsulates the prestige of the achievement: Crimson Legend. Going forward we plan to use the Season name as the prefix.

Additionally, Solo Shuffle is missing a goal for high end players who are not necessarily in contention for ending the season in the top 0.1%. Similar to how the Gladiator title works in 3v3, we will add a new seasonal title with a corresponding achievement in Rated Solo Shuffle: Legend. You’ll earn this title by winning 100 rounds of Solo Shuffle above 2400 personal rating. This title will then be available to use for the remainder of the season and will be reset at the beginning of each season.

These updates are coming to the game next week. Unfortunately, due to a technical limitation, the tracking for rounds won for Legend will not be retroactive.

Future Improvements

We also want to provide an update on some additional features and improvements we’re actively working on implementing. These will come to the game with future updates:

  • Rating calculated per round in games with leavers.

  • Deserter debuff being tracked account-wide.

  • UI improvements

  • Matchmaking Value for each player in a match will be displayed on the scoreboard.

  • Adding a warning prompt that displays the penalty for leaving if a player attempts to leave a match.

  • Mouseover on the queue time for a match will display the Average DPS wait time as well as the Average Healer wait time.

  • Indicator on the UI for Call to Arms for Healer, displaying extra rewards that healers receive for queuing.

Finally, we recognize that queue times for damage dealers can be extraordinarily long due to having a low ratio of available healers to DPS in the queue; there are nearly 4 DPS for every healer during the most active queue times. We’re actively discussing the best options to incentivize more healers to queue for Solo Shuffle and we’ll share more about that as we develop ways to address it.

Thank you very much for all of your feedback!


No shot you settled on Legend being better than soloist. Are you even trying?


Also, what’s wrong with just plain gladiator? Why does it need a different title from rated arenas?


The best thing may be to revert the change where tanks are treated as dps.

Ya people hate tank matches but I think they hate long wait times more.

Additionally maybe a opt in toggle to say I want to play matches with tanks, and a toggle to say I want to play matches with healers similar to role checks could help (and both could be toggled on for DPS players). That way there ya to play with only healers may have a longer queue and may incentivize them playing with tanks.

Personally I’d rather play with tanks (or be a tank) as a trade off for shorter queue times.


People definitely hate tanks more


Nah, 30+ min queue times they hate more. And nothing wrong with giving them an option to opt in to play with tanks instead of healers.


Healing in SS can be rough when your playing a healer that needs peels to live…which rarely happens in SS. Other issues from the same problem… Basically playing arena healer without coms is pretty rough.

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These are great additions so far! It would be awesome if u could get glad mounts like you do in 3’s as well, a good idea would be to just recolor the glad mount if not enough time to make new ones so u know the difference between glad mounts from 3’s and solo shuffle, tbh not sure y we dont have glad mounts for 2’s/3’s/rbgs/solo shuffle. Every bracket has its own metas and sure the game is mostly balanced around 3’s but thats y u have diff mounts/ or recolors of glad mount for each bracket. To me it just adds more incentives to que all brackets and lets be real more rewards cant hurt.


legend is far better than soloist. i’m happy with it personally.


On the topic of being a healer in solo shuffle, the experience is relatively awful personally speaking. As a priest healer especially, being comp dependent does mean something. There needs to be something which makes being a healer in solo shuffle less of a pain in my opinion. At this point, I have no desire to solo shuffle as a healer when I have dedicated partners who actively seek to make my life easier and actually peel me.


I’m glad you recognize this, but a title without a corresponding mount is not really sufficient imo.

Similarly, 2v2 should be given a bracket specific reward to incentivize pushing 2400+.


100% agree with this

Give healers double vicious saddle progress when they play solo shuffle.


This is cool and all, but why even offer these titles without a mount, unless you get top 0.1% what do you have to show for your efforts in 2400 + 100 games won, a title I can wear for the rest of the season? Legend should award the seasons Gladiator mount. At the very least Crimson Legend should.


Healer here. Give a bonus bag like you do for dungeons, except make it have primal chaos instead of the pve vantus runes.


get more healers to play. I’d be fine with losing rating if the queues weren’t 30 minutes every time.

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Agree. Lack of peels is a big problem.

What do you think about buffing healer defence in SS (passive armor/health aura). Not healing, just tankyness.

This would help offset the lack of coordination for peels that the healer is pretty dependent on.

For kills, it would force DPS to CC healer, instead of targeting healer.

I know this would limit gameplay a little overall, but might make more people play heals in SS?

Also, title change and other changes look good.


Can we please enable the gladiator mount as a reward for Legend status? I really don’t understand why you wouldn’t.


Because it’s a 3v3 reward.

Legend could give a different mount, though. :dracthyr_love_animated:

I’m guessing you don’t have details to provide yet, but assuming a scenario where there is a clear weakest link who ends up leaving, I’m curious how this will work without punishing those who did not get to play their games against said weakest link.