Solo Shuffle Update - December 16

I’m already tired of these healers, but what are these bonuses, put 6 dd, we’ll fight, don’t give bonuses to these clowns, they don’t want to, let them not play, why ask them? We are already tired of fighting to increase the rating of these useless slots, the healers are spoiled by this game, they are absolute loafers, they should learn how to play from the healers from Lich King.


100% Happy with this, Legend is pretty cool. I really like the rating calculated per round when people drop and the account wide deserter debuff… That will help.

For 17 hours I didn’t get into a single mixing, let me go to the arena, I’m ready to fight without doctors

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Legend is way better


The Deserter penalty needs to be extremely harsh if they leave after 4/5 rounds.

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I would have been happy to fight with real healers, but they remained in Lich King, these are real strong guys who did not cry. And new healers from retail can do 3 things: Cry on the forum that they don’t get rating, fart in the arena and press 3 buttons in half afk mode. Here’s what the retailer did to the doctors.

Just let us play 6 damage dealers!


Could you possibly just put in a 3v3 DPS feat?

I mean you match rate healers against healers so it’s essentially dps vs dps in 2dps 1healer vs 2dps 1 healer. Like the healer match rating doesn’t affect the dps match rating if that’s how it works


or a recolor if they don’t have time to make new mount


And in order to have a balance, they can do this: if there are 6 representatives of the same specialization in the queue, they can get six of them into one arena. into 6 death knights or demon hunters and so on.
the rating is still tied to the specialization.

And we need a mount. Why is there no beautiful mount in solo
shuffle, like in 3x3.

bring back the tank queues. they were faster games and very short queues


most ppl have too many saddles already sitting in their bags useless

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Give them more goodies!

better yet, just make tanks and healers enterchangeable… meaning besides identical teams, you could also get dps/dps/tank vs. dps/dps/healer.

Game mode is a pointless, time wasting, endeavor as it is now.

  • At 22 minutes in que, someone declines.
  • At 24 minutes in que, someone declines.
  • At 29 minutes in que, someone declines.
  • At 31 minutes que fills.
  • 2 people in lobby have 0 rating, 1 in the 700s, 3 ~1400.
  • Win 4 games and get zero rating change. ZERO.

It’s literally a negative investment.


As a healer, I enjoy playing Solo Shuffle. However, there is little incentive to play past about 2k right now because the CR hasn’t inflated, yet. I regularly get matched with healers (perhaps people I just faced who are now on their alt) which are sometimes more than 1500 CR lower than I am. I can only lose CR in these matchups. Fixing the CR differences in matchmaking is one part of the problem, but the bigger problem is that CR gains do not equal CR losses. The current CR/MMR system is designed as a positive feedback loop which inflates over time during each season. 2k CR in week 1 is far harder to achieve than at the end of the season. This is silly and creates an incentive to not push rating until the end. Instead, start everyone at a default CR (like 1000) and make the gains equal the losses (like an Elo in Chess).

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has the team considered providing priority queue tokens as a reward for healers when needed? would allow people to jump to the front of the queue.

this would be a great incentive to get more healers playing but would need to be account wide.

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Please add a solo rated battleground queue! :smiley:


Drop ilvl to 398. I have 2 70 healers I could que with and just equip the crafted pvp gear. I am sure others are in my situation. I am not going out of my way to grind full honor set just to que solo. At least not a priority this early in the season. Make it easier to get in and more ppl will.


Exactly. You would have to be playing full time to unlock the great vault rewards in PvP right now due to the que times. My que times for Solo Shuffle were over 30 minutes so I just gave up on it. If bringing back the tank role to solo shuffle will fix the que times for DPS, then do it.


OMG, have you heard anything so “***”?
They don’t play healer in pvp so you “incentivize” them?
Man, I don’t smoke weed can you give some for free?