Solo shuffle Improvement Thread - Healers Perspective

I really don’t think you understand the benefits of this suggestions.

  • For people who are healer mains or play healer mostly and stopped queuing rss because either they got burnt out, or don’t want to only heal, this would give them an incentive to still queue. It is really no different then offering them gold, materials, etc. It’s an incentive to make them queue as healer

  • For people who play mainly as DPS and are ok with trying out healer, this would give them incentive with faster queues on their DPS char

  • For people like you, who don’t want to contribute to the solution, that only want to play DPS spec, and simply don’t understand that the only way to make queues shorter for DPS is to have more healers queue, there isn’t really any viable option. You will just sit in the queue for 40 mins because A) you don’t care to contribute to the solution, B) offer no ideas.

Zero potential detected for abuse.

No, the healer is in a 3v3, just like the other five players.

Unless of course you’ve encountered games in which the 4 dps afk in starting rooms and let the healers duke it out.

The issue here is that solo shuffle fundamentally requires all six games be played. Everyone needs to play with everyone. When that doesn’t happen, the games are skewed.

When someone leaves, it sucks, sure. The best thing to be done is to impose harsher punishments for leavers.


The opposing healer is never on your team, unlike the DPS. If the other healer leaves, that’s because you won against the other healer.

I can assure you that it’s possible for people to disagree with your ideas and understand them.

The incentive is that they want to try an alternative spec because they’re bored / burnt out of their current one. This doesn’t require some sort of queue time reduction to be a reality.

They don’t need that incentive. This would only lead to people abusing this awful system. If someone wants to heal, they’ll heal.

Yes, I don’t want to play a healer. That is my choice because I’m playing the way I want to play. Are you trying to impose guilt on me or something lmfao?

At which point in anything I’ve typed this far did you determine I was not aware a shortage of healers is what is causing the longer queue times? Break down that logical process for me, please.

I guess this wasn’t enough of a hint.

No, I don’t care to be a healer. I’m not “working against a solution”. I’m simply playing what I want to play. I understand that, and I expect to sit in longer queues accordingly.

You are a healer. It isn’t an issue for you. If you want to play the more popular role, you wait longer. It’s very simple.

There are plenty of ideas that aren’t awful like yours.

Give healers more honor gain. Give them more profession reagents. Know when the role icon glows yellow because there’s a large demand? Do that. Make it more appealing.

Your system simply allows for far too much abuse potential.

If you want to say “there needs to be greater incentive for healers to queue up”, I think any reasonable person would agree with you

Just stop defending this terrible idea.

Agree to disagree. There are plenty of people who like the idea and plenty who don’t. What is interesting though, the people who support the idea are the ones that heal or are ok with playing as healer. People who oppose it are people who want nothing to do with healing.

I think that speaks more to how desperate healers are for a solution, such that they’d latch onto anything because it appears to be one.

This particular solution is not viable. You’ve done no job of defending it when I bring it under scrutiny, and the most you’ve attempted is to simply tell me I don’t understand it, after I’ve made it very clear that I do.

Defend the points. Don’t go off on tangents.

If it was a good idea, it’d have more than four likes after a day of being in the forums.

Hell, even Biebz knew how easy it’d be to abuse.

It doesn’t “appear” to be one, it is one. It would make me, and healers like me who like to play DPS and are burnt out of only healing, queue everyday as healer. It is no different then making people who would value gold, or materials to queue more if those were the incentives given. It is an incentive and it would make healers who value a priority queue as DPS spec queue more.

I have no desire, will or reason to defend my idea to you as someone who have no problem sitting in queue for an hour. This will not impact you in any way because as you said it

I am not even sure why are you posting on this thread as you seem to have no problem at all with waiting in queue.

In other words, you can’t. You’re paying attention to the avatar or the player behind the avatar, not the words being spoken.

“Shorter queue times as a different role by playing a particular role” is so obviously a fundamentally broken concept.

I saw a bad idea and called it out as such. It’s very simple.

I have no idea why you continue to reply with nothing of value instead of taking the same amount of time to defend your idea.

Maybe don’t misquote me? I said I have no desire to defend it to “you”.

There is nothing to defend. I, as a healer, would queue more with a priority que and there is one another healer in this thread that seem to agree. You do not heal, you don’t wan’t to heal, you are ok with queue times. Thus I have no reason to further engage with you.

That isn’t a misquote.


Yes, there is. You had an idea. Someone is telling you it’s a bad idea and they’re explaining why. I’ll even elaborate at the end of this post.

You are not defending your idea, but you’re still taking the time to reply. You’re just replying with nothing of value. This is simply absurd.

Here is why your idea is bad:

  1. Choreghast.

Your idea is eerily reminiscent of Torghast. It was a game mode people enjoyed until it became mandatory. Now, it wouldn’t necessarily be mandatory to queue as a healer, but it’s similar in implementation. I wouldn’t queue as a healer (do torghast) because I want to do that content. I’d do it because it benefits me in a different form of content. I would then grow to resent the system because it motivates to do something for all the wrong reasons.

Telling people to play healer because “it’ll shorten queue times as dps” does not make the idea of healing better for the sake of healing. It makes it better for the sake of dps. This is why it is a fundamentally broken idea.

  1. I am exactly the person you are trying to convince to play a healer.

Your argument has been self-defeating. You’re claiming you want existing healers to have motivation to queue as a healer, but they already have that. They’re healer mains and they have short queue times. Not to mention, the amount of the existing healers is the problem

You need to convince players like me to heal (the very fact you’re dismissing me as a dps main is hilarious).

You don’t need to convince people already queuing as healer to continue to queue as a healer. That isn’t fixing anything. The current number of healers queueing is significantly less than the current number of dps queueing. You need to lower the dps and increase the amount of healers. Not maintain the amount of healers.

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Honestly, last reply to you because I just realized you are either trolling or simply not understanding what I am suggesting. What I am suggesting has nothing to do with Torghast at all. The fact that you even make this comparison is absurd. You do NOT have to play as healer to play arenas. Telling people to play as healer to shorten their queue times as DPS is an OPTION they can exercise and tied directly to the solution of shorter queue times for ALL.

I am beginning to think you are definitely a troll because you just said earlier you had no desire to play as a healer;

Yes, yes you do. I was queueing as a healer. I played hundreds of rounds but I stopped queueing. You are literally telling me, a healer main, what would incentives me lol.

I think you’re simply not understanding what I’m suggesting.

Like idk if you just start reading and then you seethe and are incapable of reading beyond that point or what.

Yeah, I definitely think you just start seething about 10% into reading something and your brain shuts off at that point.

Yes, if you stop queueing, that’s one less healer, which is bad, sure.

If you stop queueing to queue as a dps, that’s worse, which is effectively what your “solution” is doing.

But if I queue as a healer, that’s one less dps and one more healer.

Idk man, you perceive trolling where it doesn’t exist. I think you’re simply angry and stop processing the words being spoken to you. I strongly suggest you actually take the time to read what someone is saying if you’re going to take the time to reply.

I didn’t even need to say anything new in this post because your response addressed things I already clarified in the previous post.


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Not at all. I still don’t think you really understand how this works.

Let’s use some numbers so that we are both talking about some quantative data.

Let’s say, for the arguments sake, there are a 1000 players who play RSS and as Blizzard stated there are 4 DPS for every 1 Healer so;

  • 800 of these players are DPS
  • 200 of these players are Healer.

For the healers, let’s further separate them out as 100 of these healers are dedicated Arena Healers and queue everyday and 100 of them simply stopped queueing because they are burnt out

Now, let’s consider how my suggestion would play out as I see it.

  • Let’s be conservative and say majority of the DPS feel like you do and they don’t want to heal. They are happy sitting in an hour queue and would rather not play as a healer. So let’s say 80-20. 80% don’t want to heal and 20% would give it a try knowing that they will get a priority queue when they play DPS. So now we have 160 new Healers an increase of 160% in the number of available healers (100 Healers + 160 DPS that now would try healing = 260). PLUS we now have less DPS queueing as DPS at any given time because some of them are healing. This is exactly as you suggested, bringing in NEW healers to the Arena.

  • Remember the 100 healers that quit? Let’s say half of them would now try healing consistently because they want to be able to priority queue when they play their DPS alt or spec. So now at most you have 260 + 50 = 310 Healers queueing for RSS and at least 100 (from the original number).

What we effectively did is increase the pool of available healers for RSS. You could argue about the shortcomings of the approach, or how people can abuse it, and these all can be worked out by adding rating requirements for priority queue or other measures.

By the way, priority queue is only ONE incentive. As suggested, add in gold, material, etc. and we have a situation where we are effectively increasing the number of healers, decreasing the amount of DPS and shortening queue times.

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I just read a long post using unsubstantiated numbers apart from the 4-1 ratio (which, source please?) which were then used as justification for a bad idea.

You can’t make up numbers and then say “proven.”

I do. I still don’t think you grasp that this idea isn’t that complicated. It’s simple, and it’s bad.

Yes, that’s what I said.

The priority queue idea is awful. Stop dying on a hill over a bad idea. There are other incentives that can be better implemented.

A priority queue is 100% never going to happen. I have no idea why you’re clinging so hard to this.

I also love how the only thing in my entire post you quote is that. Like you bypass every point I make and then quote something entirely irrelevant, and then proceed to validate your opinion with fake numbers.

This is what I mean by you and tangents.

You need to defeat arguments before you can proceed to come up with more.

Your response to my torghast comment was a complete whoosh. I guess if you just don’t mention it, it goes away

It’s in the post made by Blizzard on this very forum called " Solo Shuffle Update - December 16" and the fact that you didn’t even read a pinned post about this very subject by Blizzard shows just how much of a troll you really are.

I’ve given you numbers, there are people who support the ideas, and did about as much as I can to engage with you but no more Mr. Troll.

Lol. I guess the criteria for a troll in your mind is “didn’t read a blue post”. Most reasonable people would simply say “here’s the source” and that would be the end of that brief tangent. But you’re so desperate to write me off as a troll because in the entirety of this thread you’ve not competently defended your bad idea.

I reasonably admitted I needed the source to check your ratio, and also knew that every other number you provided was nonsensical.

The very idea you would consider your “numbers” reasonable is laughable. Not to mention, comments like this:

are incorrect. You are presupposing players will do something based on why you want them to do it. You want a priority queue to motivate people to do something, so you make up numbers and say people will do something because of your idea, which is wholly unverifiable.

People support serial killers. that doesn’t make them good or right. Every bad idea might have a few people who like it.
Can’t ignore the exponentially larger group of people who dislike your idea, however. Reality’s fun like that.

You have not refuted a single point I’ve made. If you consider your behavior in this thread as genuine effort, I don’t know what to tell you. That’s very, very sad.

I mean an individual typed “ban maps”, which was entirely off-point from the OP, and that got more likes than your idea

Well the guy here suggesting that if he plays a bunch of games as a heals that his dps alts should get a shorter ques is self serving and never will fly

I think solo shuffle is a great idea, but I also think there is a bunch of things wrong with it right now. The queue times for dps is insane i’ve had 40 min queues religiously. I also cannot climb to save my life. I main healers mostly and I get so many teammates that are horrid. I’ve never had 1 dps ever peel for me. I think they need to increase the rating you get until about 1700. I just queue in and one person is the weak link and everyone targets him the whole game, I finish with 3 wins 3 losses because that one guy it garbage and gain no rating. I feel like I’m just wasting my time.

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Who’s the genius that thought if one person ragequits nobody gets any rating would be a good idea. That couldn’t possibly be abused right?

Wish we would get fixes a lot faster too. This is ruining the whole mode and making it borderline unplayable. Almost every other game is someone leaving because they’re losing. And it’s getting worse because people are catching onto it and it’s becoming more popular to do. Not a good precedent for dragonflight if PvP is going to be ignored like this