Bans being issued for SS leavers

Are the bans not blizzards solution?

They literally banned people for standing in towers in av for wrath

He can’t, and he’ll call you a law and order wannabe for actually having a factual and correct opinion lmao.

Are you trolling in this thread I honestly can’t tell

I was alluding more to the problem that no players earn anything when there are leavers, as that’s what I quoted

Yeah I think their solution is to ban people who leave, so that people stop spam leaving, so the issue of no rewards gets “fixed”

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That seems like a disingenuous take to me.

When the problem specifically addressed is “people should get rewards when there are leavers”, the pain point in that particular situation isn’t that leavers exist, it’s that people don’t get rewards when someone leaves.

Leavers existing is a more pervading issue.

There’s no way to balance points when someone leaves

Assuming someone leaves because they have no wins the people who got put on their team more regularly would be punished

Nothing disingenuous at all about my take

Regardless, that’s what was said by Blizzard, and that’s the particular point I was commenting on.

I agree. That’s Blizzard’s issue to solve, not mine. What’s most likely going to happen is that those who won will be awarded a lesser amount of rating and those who lost lose nothing.

If blizzard says “we intend for people to earn rating when a match has a leaver” (ie, rewards given at end of match) and you say “blizzard intends to ban leavers and that’s what they mean by rewards given at end of match”, I believe you’re being disingenuous in that that is clearly not what Blizzard meant.

he’s a mop glad. he knows what hes talking about LOL.

What an odd and irrelevant comment.

Oh, right, Swole.


If this did happen its isolated and has to do with the person being reported. Blizzard is notorious for avoiding any solution that involves direct intervention on their part because they don’t ever dedicate GM time to hands on problem solving…that would cost money.

When Blizzard does implement some type of response to this issue it will be automated and require no additional resource commitment from them.

you can be banned for not playing the game as intended aka if blizz can ban you for anything they deem. that being said as for your other post saying that they cant tell your motivation for leaving. its pattern recognition, they arnt banning people for leaving once or twice but probably multiple times and just so happens its every time they would lose rank.

The thing you clicked ‘I Accept’ to before you started playing gives them plenty of ground.

Sure, but it’s easy to just ban a few people and see if that curbs leaving at least for a little while until they come up with a realistic way of providing rewards post leaver

Does anyone actually know someone this happened to?

I’d say there’s probably many reasonable steps that can be taken before “ban” to curb this behavior, like:

  1. Account-wide auras that prevent queueing RSS (and potentially other rated content), escalating more and more after repeat offenses
  2. Significant CR and MMR loss

As much as I despise leavers, I have a hard time saying “ban an account outright” for leaving a niche game mode.

That said, yeah, a recurring pattern should eventually lead to an account suspension / ban after multiple warnings have been given.

Eh, a little popup warning that says to stop leaving might help. If somebody is healing shuffle on multiple chars and just leaves whenever they’re going negative that has the potential to affect a pretty extreme amount of players.

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And this spec got ret wog nerfed, absolute degen disgusting players -.-

LMFAO 3 people i know woke up to 14 day bans today


It seems unlikely leavers would be banned on the action alone. People who were trolling chat and leaving, that’s a little different.