What happened to customer service (seriously)

I never recall this company being so disinvolved with its customer base. I remember a time where GMs did work and talked to you without BS replies. I am so tired of supporting a company who has zero regards for its customers.


What was the issue you need help with?


If you have feedback on the ticket that prompted this post, there is a survey attached to the ticket once it’s closed.

If you share what the issue is, there could be some clarification on the response you received was.

This post might also help understand that response also.


It depends on the issue you need help with. Asking about anything quest/in-game help has never ever been answered. In the past, the response was just “we cannot give game hints” and that was it. Now, they refer you to the forums and Wowhead to get community-driven help.

For other issues, like refunds/restorations/etc, they have added a lot of self-help resources over the years. This gets you what you need a LOT sooner than waiting for a GM to respond (which, under the best of circumstances, would take 12-24 hours).

For bug reports and game feedback/suggestions, they have never ever taken those reports through a GM ticket. You need to post on the Bug Report Forum or by using the in-game Bug Report Forum (for bug), or posting in the appropriate forum or using the in-game Suggestion feature (for feedback/suggestions).

Looking through your recent posting history, I see that you have the following issues:

  1. “Gamebreaking” bugs
  2. Solo Shuffle players leaving
  3. A bunch of threads not knowing how an in-game system works (Primal Loot boxes, Void Elf heritage armor)
  4. Pushing an insane “Discord rumor”

Here are your answers:

  1. You need to report them on the Bug Report Forum. As established in another thread, your definition of “gamebreaking” is much more liberal than reality. A racial not scaling properly to 70 is not “gamebreaking”. Gamebreaking means exactly how it sounds: the game is broken, meaning you cannot actually play the game.
    Even so, if you have found a bug and reported it properly, it takes time to recreate the bug, troubleshoot why it’s happening, determine how to fix it, then actually do the work of fixing it, then testing the fix to make sure it doesn’t break anything else, then pushing it live (which sometimes take until weekly maintenance). It’s not an instant process, and it’s not a process that GM’s have any part of. And they never ever have.

  2. While certainly irritating, there is currently nothing that requires someone to stay the entire time. Emergencies happen, disconnects happen, and beyond that, there are many reasons why someone needs to leave.
    That said, they are making adjustments based on feedback (given in the correct place, such as the Arenas forum). You can read about it here: Solo Shuffle Update - December 16. Especially pertinent is the “Future Improvements” section.

  3. See above: CS does not give in-game hints. I didn’t check all these threads, but the community can easily answer your questions. It’s not up to a GM, nor has it even been.
    (Edit to add: Regarding the Void Elf heritage armor, it is not awarded for simply unlocking the Allied Race. After unlocking, you need to create a new Void Elf character and level it to 50 (maybe 60 now?). No boosts, no transfers or race/faction changes. Just level it. And once earned, the heritage armor is only available to that race, not any other race. This is all in Support articles: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/000137384 and https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/143078)

  4. Just stop. Seriously. “I heard a rumor” is not a reason to contact the GM staff to inquire or complain about it. First, if Blizzard wants to ban addons, that is their choice. But I guarantee that: a) you would hear it directly from Blizzard well before it happened, and not through a “Discord rumor”, and b) it’s never going to happen.


And it has been awhile since I saw a player request an exception - get that exception, then immediately redelete a character.

I’m not sure what your intention is on deleting and then asking for these characters back, Ênkí, but you may find going forward no further exceptions will be made and you’ll need to work within the existing systems.


I think it’s still 50. I leveled a new Kul Tiran. I’m pretty sure it was after DF launch that she hit 50 and got the heritage armor. When I’m not at work I’ll verify.


If anyone was still wondering, this is my new Kul Tiran. As you can see, not yet 60, wearing mostly heritage armor transmogs. And her level 50 achievement appears to be on 12/6/22, so after DF fully launched, so it looks like this hasn’t changed with DF.

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Good to know!

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What hasn’t changed? You’ve never clearly explained what issue you were experiencing.

Earlier, Melaesia wasn’t sure if allied races now had to reach 60 instead of 50 to unlock heritage armor. Understandably, given that other things did change from 50 to 60 (and I believe it took a bit for Blizzard documentation to get updated with that info). So I was just confirming that I did earn heritage armor at level 50, and that took place after DF launched.

Edit: if it wasn’t clear, Dariador is my alt.


OK, is OP another of your alts? Confused as to what this has to do with this topic.

It was a side tangent. Melaesia was responding to either a deleted post or a post from another forum, I think the implication was that the OP was having a problem with not having access to the Void Elf Heritage Armor even though they unlocked the race. They explained that the OP would have to level a Void Elf to 50 or 60 to get the armor.

Auryssa checked their Kul Tiran and confirmed it’s still level 50 that it unlocks at.

And thaaaaat’s how we got here. /jazzhands


Yes, I looked at Enki’s post history and that was one of the issues they had discussed in another thread.

Apologies that I wasn’t clear on that.


I eventually figured it out. :sleeping: Couldn’t sleep last night, and been awake and uncaffeinated for about 17 hours now. I really should correct that.


The awake part or the caffinated part?




I approve as it was the answer I was expecting.

Truly the only proper answer if you ask me.