I've had 10 people leave when im 5-0 in solo shuffle

and for some reason i keep qing this bracket. ama


on a scale of 1-10
whats ur sanity level

Still sane because I only treat solo shuffle as a gimmick bracket that I q when i don’t have real games.

Yeah, it seemed like one of the biggest potential problems with the mode.

Hopefully they’ll have a solution eventually here.

Do you know if leavers still don’t lose mmr? If so they need to change that asap.

I don’t believe so. Just rating, which can be easily recuperated.

leavers should have ion hazzikotas drive to their house and smash their legs with retired server kits


Yeah they need to make mmr drop aswel, losing cr doesn’t do anything because of how fast solo shuffle equalizes your cr to your mmr. You can make up a left game in 1 match.

So, if a person plays a caster, and loses 5 match ups and wants revenge, all he has to do is leave and the mongo melee won’t get any points or conquest?

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You say this but 2 of the best specs in the game are casters in demo and spriest.

Yeah, every game has Preservation, Demonology and Shadow. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

tell me ur a bad caster w/o telling me ur a bad caster

don’t make kennie tap the sign

I can’t really bank on finding partners to play so I have to play solo shuffle. It’s absolutely maddening when people quit at some point in the 6 rounds. Just like you I’ll be 5 of 6 and get no rating reward for the 20-30 minute queue. Then I have to queue again and before you know it I’ve used up all my free time to play the game. Saw a reddit post that suggested a 24 hour deserter debuff for leaving solo rated and I cannot express how much I agree with and want this - account wide.

I feel like all that change will do is have people leave games quicker rather than waiting for the 6th round. It’s almost always a healer that leaves since they don’t have to sit 1 hour queues and you can usually tell when someone is gonna get 6-0’d in the first game in my experience. They should just lock the arena and throw away the key once everyone enters imo. Would ensure players get 6 games every time and if someone has to sit through all 6 (or wait til they end) they are more likely to just end up participating. We will see though.

It really is unplayable just did one where I sat through the queue finally get in win the first game, almost immediately kill the warlock the second game and the enemy healer just leaves right as he’s about to die, back to sitting in a queue that says 8 minutes every time but is always 15-30 minutes.

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