Show Oil does NOT have a flat 15% proc rate in Classic

lots of tests from various Paladins show that Shadow Oil does NOT have flat 15% proc rate

SlimysquidYesterday at 4:46 AM
@Judgement I just tested shadow oil on my hunter. I first tested to see if it procced with wing clip - and it did.
Then i tested more than 450 auto attacks and wing clips combined. I had only one weapon equipped in my main hand, and nothing in the off-hand.
It procced around 3% of the time. :frowning:
EVERYONE -> please spam them with bug reports. This sucks.

Merry christmas :heart:

SmeetYesterday at 5:09 AM

What’s dumb is how easy this is to test. Swing 1000 times, see how many procs you get. If you get nowhere near 150 procs? There’s a problem with it according to the tooltip. Unless there is an underlying mechanic like an ICD or ppm scaling that the oil has which is driving the proc rate down.

SlimysquidYesterday at 10:15 AM

ppm would make no sense, then the tool tip shouldnt outright state 15%… then it would say something like “has a chance to cast a shadowbolt when you strike” and be purposefully vague

i believe ICD would also make it have a purposefully vague tooltip

SmeetYesterday at 12:51 PM

I was using a flurry axe (for a 1.5 speed and extra swing procs). After 801 landed hits, I got 70 procs, for an overal proc rate of 8.7%

SlimysquidYesterday at 1:38 PM

I tested with a random level 20 fist weapon for main hand only that had 1.5 speed. My proc rate in 450 attacks was under 3%… I had nothing in my offhand, feelsbad

here you go. I realize 450 attacks isnt enough to conclude anything… but frankly, we have enough data at this point for me not to waste more gold

SlimysquidToday at 3:42 AM

Alright, my math was wrong.

This is a screenshot of me testing a low-level (in case it’s based on weapon ilevel) and slow weapon to see if it’s PPM based.
I have auto-attacked only for 10 minutes straight. As you can see from the resulsts, I have done a total of 169 attacks.
Obviously Shadow Oil won’t be able to proc from dodges, so we discount those. That leaves 142 hits, and 18 crits for a total of 160 attacks.
11 shadow bolt procs over 160 hits equals 6.875% proc chance.
I will now test with a high level (lok’delar) and slightly faster staff to see if the results change.

SlimysquidToday at 4:02 AM

Second test of the day, now testing if the weapon ilevel affects the chance to proc. The staff used in the previous test was a level 31 staff, and in this test I used Lok’Delar. Please discount the “absorb” as it was just from power word: shield, and I did get a proc during a shield so that shouldn’t affect the chance.
Here we have 192 attacks and 6 dodges for a total for 186 hits that connected. Out of those 186 hits, we saw 14 shadow bolt procs. That equals 7.52% chance, which is slightly above the last 10 minute test. Considering the short length (it doesn’t feel that way!) of the tests, we can assume that the item level didn’t chance the proc rate.

SlimysquidToday at 4:25 AM

Third test: testing to see if it has anything to do with PPM using a flurry axe instead of a slow weapon. I had nothing in my off-hand. A little note: I started having misses, which I don’t understand. I have 5% chance to hit from my equipment, and as far as I know you need 3% hit chance to hit level 60s/pvp. I didn’t dual wield either which would explain it. In any case:

SlimysquidToday at 4:35 AM
The melee and melee (flurry) are to seperate events, and both are NOT counted under “melee”. This ruins the test slightly, as I can’t remember how many misses and dodges the melee (flurry) had.
We had 399 regular attacks. 59 of them were dodged, and 44 of them missed. That leaves 296 hits that connected.
We had 12 melee (flurry attacks). If we assume (I KNOW, SORRY :angry: ) that 9 of them connected, we then had 296 hits + 9 hits. That is a total of 305 hits.
In those 305 hits, we saw 29 shadow bolt hits. That is a 9.5% chance to proc shadow oil.

PS: There are a couple of things with this test. First of all, the flurry melee hits was annoying, and I don’t know if they proc shadow oil or not. Secondly, we saw a 14.8% dodge chance… Have you ever seen that fast a dwarf priest before?! Thirdly, I had an 11% chance to miss, even though I have 5% chance to hit from gear. I can’t explain the last two.

In conclusion: item level doesn’t seem to affect the proc chance, as it was only slightly higher with lok’delar (and considering 10 minute tests, they were probably the same)
Flurry axe seemed to have a higher proc chance, and also procced 29 times in 10 minutes instead of 11 and 14 procs with the slow weapons. That means it is probably not PPM based.
Also, I’m done using shadow oils for the day :smile: I hope some of you find the data useful


This video says it may have an ICD of 15 seconds:

Try testing it with only a single attack every 15+ seconds. If your proc rate over a large sample size of swings with a delay of 15+ seconds is 15%, then mystery solved.

EDIT: I mean delay your swings 15+ seconds after a proc, lol. No need to delay every swing to test the ICD.

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omg if this is true then lulz at blizzard - they coded the 15 correctly but in the wrong table lol

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I second this. It’s proccing lower than 15%

lol turns out this is true after all…and FYI internal cool downs did NOT exist in Vanilla - they were added from TBC onwards

SlimysquidToday at 12:16 PM

Apparently, my sanity is strong. I just tested shadow oil for THIRTY!!! minutes straight, waiting 15 seconds after every proc. Let’s put it like this, I owe my friend a favor. These are the results:

Here we see I have 311 attacks that connected, and 44 procs. That means the procrate was 14.15%, close enough to 15% that we can indeed conclude that it has a 15 seconds internal cooldown… @Theloras would you post this in the forum?

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I /combatlogged bashing a Servant of Allistarj with Flurry Axe that had Shadow Oil applied. Ended up with a 9% overall proc rate. 18 times I had a proc occur within 10 seconds of another proc, but the minimum amount of time I observed between procs was 10050ms.


maybe it’s a 10 second icd then /ugh either way though

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It’s great paying $15/month to beta test their game for them.


Any decent test will use 5 thousand hits min - the more hits the better the data. I like 20k myself.

Very easy to test - has it ever procced twice within 15 secs. Usually backed up with raid logs over an extensive testing session.

go to bed dude - i know i am

Im an aussie man, its early. What i should do is log in and join the hour long av q while im on these forums though.

While more hits = better data is true, you certainly don’t need 20k, or even 5k for a 15% proc chance.

The higher the chance to occur, the fewer events you need to confirm those odds and shrink the error.

A 5% proc rate only needs around 5k swings to drop the error to under 1%.

A 15% proc rate like shadow oil needs far fewer.

By 2k swings total on a 15% proc rate you should almost never be seeing 8-9% averages. We have been seeing these averages (or lower) since classic launched.

If you add up all of the shadow oil tests listed, we have over 2500 hits, none of which were above, or approached the 15% chance advertised on the item.

The only small sample that got close was testing a 10-15 second ICD.

We have collected plenty of data here, and there has been plenty more from earlier in classic’s lifespan that isn’t here, but points to the same issue of shadow oil not being a 15% chance to proc for some reason.

EDIT: Checked a combat log of 70 shadow oil procs using Flurry Axe. The closest together the procs came between each other was 10s.

When waiting 10s between swings (after seeing a shadowbolt) in follow up tests, I have seen 2 procs in a row for the first time.

SmeetToday at 8:22 AM

Ok, so it has always bothered me that Seal of Righteousness procced Frost Oil but didn’t seem to do it with Shadow Oil.

So I decided to test a shadow oil with Seal of Righteousness on, but this time, pausing my attacks for 10 seconds whenever I saw a shadowbolt.

Got a 23% proc rate on shadow oil doing that

(note, some number of attacks were wasted due to parry hasting or extra auto-attacks bleeding over after the shadow bolt registered in the log)

So in actuality, the % would be a bit higher

So it seems like the proc rate is probably pretty close to 15%, but with a 10s internal cooldown. Also, Seal of Righteousness does seem to proc it @Theloras

(and also, due to the ICD, it’s not possible to get a double proc, so about 15% of the SoR hits couldn’t proc a shadowbolt)

SmeetToday at 9:35 AM

Combat log with flurry axe auto-attack. 10s is the shortest time between procs:

Combat log with Shadowstrike + SoR, attacks stopped for 10s after shadow bolt procs seen (some errors made in that process, but 23% proc rate per white swing observed):

fusionpitToday at 10:14 AM

thanks so much. Yeah the first one shows a min between procs @ 10059ms (avg 15642.31ms, median 13985ms, max 35531ms) and a total rate of 8.65% (70 procs over 809 swings) Second was for sure 22.259% (67 procs over 301 swings) with avg 26301.11ms, median 21879ms, max of 85227ms. (these might be slightly off since I don’t yet consider resisted shadow bolts) I’d like to see more swings for the “wait between autos for icd” test since 300 is low, and to see more tests without sor in that situation (you only had 1 swing without sor active)

SmeetToday at 10:25 AM
Yeah, it is definitely a lower hit count than I’d like, but that was the full duration of a shadow oil :frowning:

I’m willing to bet that a wait for icd only autoattack would yield something around 15%

I was using SoR to effectively double my swings in that timeframe, while accepting that the % proc would be a bit off due to the impossibility of a double proc.

Even with just 301 swings, SoR pulling the proc rate up to 22%ish should be outside of the realm of error in saying that SoR likely does proc shadow oil.

fusionpitToday at 11:08 AM

i would think that would be easy to prove, since SoR damage comes about…800ms after the SWING_DAMAGE_LANDED event. But, with Shadow Bolt, it sometimes will come on the same batch tick as SWING_DAMAGE_LANDED but other times it seems to come about 100ms after the previous SWING_DAMAGE …no definitive patterns i’ve been able to spot with manually looking at the log. I’m gonna filter through it to only display Swings, SB procs, and SoR procs so I have a clearer view of timings

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Still hoping that shadow oil gets this internal cooldown axed.


Please look into this Blizzard!!

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Has this been looked at yet?

Reupped for visibility


reupp for visibility

Please check this.