Consecration "incorrectly" counts as a debuff

Can we get rid of debuff limits already? I’m sure people will be fine with it.


ectoplasmic distiller gets hotfixed and nerfed within a week of the report and yet this bug report has been sitting fallow since November 2019…


Bliz y u no reply?

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I’m almost positive that if it hasn’t been commented on by now, that they’ve looked at it and it is the same as reference. The patch notes may say one thing but it still not work “correctly” in the background, but it match the reference client and them decide it’s not something to be fixed because that’s how it was in 1.12. Given this has impacts on debuff slots, I can’t imagine they would change it if it’s the same but that’s my opinion.

if thats the case - why is it so hard for a blue to come in and confirm it? Even if people disagree at least it lay to rest. It just feels like they purposely troll this forum, and enjoy being as inactive as possible - its Schadenfreude for them.


and yet they had to write up THREE separate blue posts in order to respond to the obvious fact that Nightfall was broken AF on Classic…

TLDR - they had to set the record straight not once, not twice, but THRICE on Nightfall and yet this and multiple other Paladin bug reports have sat fallow for almost a year now…

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#Pathetic is the only answer as to their lack of answer

i mean these guys hotfixed/nerfed ectoplasmic distiller within a WEEK lol

even though it was actually 100% blizzlike on their precious 1.12.1 vanilla reference client

TLDR the current roster of devs are out of their depth and making it up as they go along so as to do the least amount of work possible


what i dont get is why make it invsible if its taking up a debff slot?? would really like for blizz to clarify this.


  1. make (a statement or situation) less confused and more clearly comprehensible.

i miss the days where you could put up a ticket and would be able to talk to a GM where he would be able to clarify everything and you would be happy knowing that that the issue you were having isnt a bug or if its meant to be.


With all the layoffs, they are having enough trouble staying above water. I hope that phat $38 million bonus the execs are going to get is worth putting out crappy service.

What layoffs?

The ones that happened last year. I doubt they’ve been replaced even by now. I should have said it was the bonus they already got, huh?

Zero developers and likely no WoW QA employees were laid off. The lack of response here has nothing to do with the February 2019 layoffs.

I couldn’t tell you why the Classic devs don’t take a couple minutes of their time to communicate here. Blizzard communication has almost always been pathetic and lackluster.

Then the problem must stem from them not actually having any dedicated classic staff anymore.

The part that just still confuses me is the language in the 1.9.0 patch notes:

  • Consecration - No longer displays a debuff icon on targets in the area of effect.

I’d love to see the bug report that resulted in that change.

Did it go something like this: “Consecration is being shown as a debuff when it shouldn’t” or “Consecration is incorrectly taking up a debuff slot” or “Consecration should be a hidden debuff. It takes up a debuff slot, but we don’t want players to know that.”

Why even show the debuff list if it isn’t comprehensive? You’re basically misleading your players. The 16 slots physically exist on the screen whether you show the content of the slot or not.
I don’t understand why Blizzard would do that intentionally.

I think the two most likely scenarios are:

  1. Blizzard always intended that Consecration should be a hidden debuff, and so it would be cool if they could at least say this to put the conversation to rest.
  2. Whomever handled the bug report and/or the code change didn’t understand the ask or it was too difficult to fix, so they swept the visible debuff entry under the rug and hoped no one would notice.

Honestly, I (and probably most paladins still thinking about this once every few months) think the more likely scenario is the latter.
Based on my limited knowledge of sims, I think the mechanics of applying a spell like Consecration to a target in the Vanilla engine were probably fairly complicated unless implemented as a debuff and so it would require serious changes to alter Consecration’s behavior.
PLUS, by the time 1.9 was released, TBC was probably well under way and the debuff limit was increased to 40 there, probably to further avoid this problem.
40 is a pretty curious choice for increasing that limit too. Originally it was 8, then 16 (normal byte => byte * 2 size increase in programming land).
So why not 32 (byte * 4)? Probably because there are 40 people in the raid, and bumping it to 40 gives every player a debuff slot. Some players won’t be putting on debuffs, so that gives wiggle room to certain players that need multiple debuffs.

And with all that being said, bumping that debuff limit to 40 in Classic is almost certainly against #nochanges, even though that was probably Blizzard’s own solution to an engine limitation that impacts something like Consecration and would pretty easily put this thread to rest once and for all.

Thanks for listening to my RET talk.

Paladin is in 9th place in the bug fixes/transparency order. Warriors just found a new bug so you’ll get a reply in another century or so after you’re dead. Actually, by then no one would would even bother querying a question for such lowly forms of entertainment.


I can’t believe we won’t get a blue post here before the end of Classic. :frowning:

You mean this Blue Post they posted almost 2 months ago? WoW Classic Era - “Not A Bug” List - Updated April 22, 2021 - #208 by Aggrend-1483

By god they finally did it. XD

Late but I’ll take it.

Lol, wow! We did it, guys!

What happened? Did they fix it?