Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

I stated BOP items.



It’s a blatant exploit you have to make a concerted effort to pull off.

They don’t necessarily need to ban people, but posts like this from the ‘Blues’ are a joke and really send the wrong message to the community.


You can use librams through the trade window normally and always have been able to. No quick casting required. I used to buy head/leg enchants from a rogue that does vault runs every time I got a new piece of gear. You can also do it with the Fiery Blaze Enchantment that alliance gets from a badlands(?) quest.

Dumb question, but i dont generally look at anything for any class but mine.
What does a mage or warlock get by having the others enchant?

Like mine would be funny but totally silly if anyone but a holy priest or pally took as it is heal related.

Here’s the Priest Enchant:
+10 Stam, +24 Healing, +4 Mana per 5 sec
and here’s the Paladin enchant:
+10 Stam, +24 Healing, +7 Defence

Now any raiding Paladin would easily prefer the Priest enchant over their own class one.

Mage enchant
+18 Spell Damage, +1% Spell Hit
Warlock enchant
+18 Spell Damage, +10 Stam

Once again here, most casters would probably prefer the Mage enchant

+10 Stam, +1% Hit, +24 Ranged Attack Power
+28 Attack Power, +1% Dodge
+10 Stam, +7 Defence, +15 shield Block

And here, even though they won’t use the ranged attack power stat, DPS Warriors and Rogues might prefer the Hunter enchants if they need the +Hit, otherwise the Rogue one is better than a +8 stat from a Libram of Voracity.


Please Pazorax can you fix the shadow oil bug. There is a 10 second internal cooldown on the item when there shouldnt be. Players are going nuts over it.

The item shadow oil has a 10 second internal cd and frost oil doesnt. The most confusing thing about the Shadow Oil thing is that Frost Oil has no internal cooldown, and Blizzard hasn’t officially put it on the “not a bug” list.

Threads have been made about it and for months we have no answers.

I don’t want to patch pre existing bugs but I also don’t want them to work in new ways that would change itemisation in ways that wasn’t possible in vanilla.

Librams are BoE, the Arcanums are BoP, but if you enchanted something for someone else THEY were in possession of the item being enchanted, right?


Imo, the best course of action is to stop it from going onto raid items and change it so boes can get them like it used to be.


and i am transposing libram with arcanum
libram is what i gave to get the arcanum

the arcanum is what i cast on someone else

? what does this mean exactly ?
Make it so you can only enchant BOE and not BOP items?
If so, that is not terribly good?

Either remove the items that are enchanted/remove the enchant/make enchanted items only usable for the classes they are supposed to be specific to or make it so you can just trade the enchants. People crying that it should remain as it was in Vanilla are clearly forgetting the fact that information on things such as this was not spread half as widely as it is now. You are basically making people exploit cross class enchants if they want to optimal.

You can say ‘well you don’t have to do it’ which is a complete cop out unless you are in a casual guild that doesn’t care about making people take the most optimal choices. Classic has been theorycrafted to death most guilds that care about PVE will expect raiders do this convoluted exploit if it’s beneficial.


Are you referring to oomkins? IDK what this boomkin you speak of is. … Lol

As a DPS Warrior and Enhancement Shaman raider, I can tell you for certain that the class enchants are totally useless for many class/spec combos.

We SHOULD be allowed to pick another class enchant. For example, the Hunter enchant, even with the useless Ranged Attack Power, would be a huge, huge upgrade for DPS Warriors.

It’s ridiculously poor game design, that only certain classes/specs will benefit from these enchants.

classic has never been #nochanges and it never will be.

this is not a bug or an exploit. it was doable in OG Vanilla, and was never changed in retail, even to this day. People like the OP are why we can’t have nice things.

Ranged AP and 1% hit? The rogue one is 28 AP which would be better considering the HS Queueing macro

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how something that wasn’t originally in Vanilla (2hr trade window) is now having ‘potential’ massive changes to loot priority? Like just think about it. It’s pretty friggin amazing how something that was downplayed so heavily as ‘not having a massive impact’ may very well have…a massive impact hahahaha.


does this work with loot trading?

For BoE items it was, but for soulbound items it was not because the soul bound items could never be traded after the fact of looting in vanilla.

This exploit exists because Blizzard included with this legion client the ability to trade items that are bop.