<Seraphic> [H-Area52] Mythic Progression

Seraphic is a Horde guild on the Realm Area 52, our focus is mythic progression and mythic +. The guild is being formed from a group of friends, one with multiple CE achievements and the rest with mythic progression. We’re wanting a chill yet serious environment where players can enjoy the time they have to play the game, but still progress at a fair or quicker pace through the high end PvE content. We raid 8pm to 11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Below is a list of our general goals and ambitions

  • Be fairly geared throughout the expansion.
  • Clear Heroic within first or second week of tier release.
  • Complete +15 M+ keys once a week minimum.
  • To build a community of players that are online around the clock.
  • Preferably a friendly environment.
  • By the end of Shadowlands, we want to be CE in more than one raid tier.

If interested, reply to this post with battletag or Discord information.

Feel free to add one of our officers on Discord for a faster response:
Borii#4823 - Officer / Raid Leader
vmsfroggy#4819 - Officer / M+ Organizer
Isaac (Stink)#7494 - Officer

We are still recruiting!

What are your raid times? I have a friend with very specific hours he can raid, but I’m holding out hope there’s a guild out there that fits. His availability is 3-8pm Mon-Thurs, All day Friday, and up to 8pm on Sat. All times EST. Thanks.

As of current our raid times are 8pm to 11pm Tues, Wed, Thurs, but majority of us are flexible and willing to change times for the right players.

We are still recruiting!!!

We are still recruiting!!!


Looking for more badass raiders to add to the core.

It’s mid day!

It is night and we want more ranged dps!

Hey guys, we are still recruiting dps and heals!

Hey we are still here

Looking for Mages, Boomkins, Ele Shamans, Holy Pallys, and Resto Shamans. Hit us up, going to be a fun time and good prog.

If you’re looking for a great group of people with like-minded goals to pushing Mythic, we gotchu fam.

It is the afternoon and we are looking for some great players! Hit us up!

My heals bring all the Deeps to the yard. Come join in. Free flash of lights for everyone!

We’re especially interested in DPS and Heals. Come join the fun. Message us today!

Yo guys we still looking for peeps!

Need more Ranged DPS and a pair of Mega-Healers hit us up!

After reading this post you will be overcome with an urge to speak to our recruitment office about a spot in our team.