Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

Ythisiens did say they could make an exception. He never said that they would.

In fact, he practically went out of his way to all but say the exact opposite.

I’d be sitting in Orgrimmar right now in BfA showing it off, because that’s the game I would have bought it for. It has no place in Classic.

And you dig your hole even deeper every time you say that troll line about an authentic experience. For a year you’ve been arguing against that. Now suddenly it’s something you want to retain, so you completely flip-flop on the issue. Not to mention it makes no logical sense.

Oh, guess we have to have server crashes. Authentic experience. Guess I get my old pvp rank restored. Authentic experience. Guess I get my old epics sent to me. Authentic experience. Guess all my bank items will get deleted. Authentic experience.

There is absolutely no consistency or logic to what you’re saying.

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Ah, you’re getting it now. Yes, they could. I didn’t say they WOULD.

So I will continue to make a case, and make sure everyone with a CE knows about this thread.

Then it’s not an “authentic experience”

I don’t know how Blizzard will handle the AQ event and the scarab lord, but I would be very surprised if the same time restrictions that applied in vanilla did not apply in classic.

I certainly hope that they do, even though that means I will never have that title or mount. Without those time restrictions, that title and mount become meaningless, IMO.

Honestly, I would have the expectation that you won’t get them in Classic just because you already own them. That license was to have them in the current game, which you still do.

I can’t 100% say it will or won’t but it’s less than likely, meaning it’s not really something to argue about on the forums.

Assume Retail and Classic are two separate games entirely (apart from the sub granting access to both) unless we announce otherwise.


You really think Starman is going to accept that answer?


Fair, but then you should make Classic its own sub.

Why? Are transmog shared between games? Are mounts shared? Are battle pets shared? Are heirlooms shared? Are achievements shared? Is anything shared? No.

You just want your one exception to the rule, and if you don’t get it…what? You want to change the rule?

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No. I did not say that Blizzard could not add the pets without adding the collections system. I said that adding them sets the precedent for adding the collections system and everything that entails, including linking the two games.

You may not be referring to Murky, but Starman has latched onto Murky like a putbull to a bone, even though Murky was NOT account wide and did not flag at the account level.

It’s not just me. Check how many people have asked for the same thing here. It’s pretty expected that CE owners would get their pets in Classic because how else is Classic going to have those pets?

And if they make a Classic CE, fine, but that just seems silly.

I think I might just have to bookmark this post for future reference and quotability.

Okay but the goal is authentic.
And furthermore why the change you guys want and not tg at group over there or those guys in the back.

I truly think that you and Mogar are making this personal. And that’s sad.

I’m waiting for Starman to pull out the old Jim Carrey.

"So you’re telling me there’s a chance. YEAH! "


But it doesn’t though since you do not have to add the collection system to add CE pets, no precedent would be set.

Hence why i said i was not talking about Murky at all, just the CE pets. As only one of those actually stands a chance of being implemented.

But in the end anyway, I much prefer the way that gives me pets to add to my collection while also giving me my special buddies(albeit a different color) to run around with me in Classic.

Not personal. Just happy to see a blue provide the clarification you requested earlier.

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But you’re acting like you’re happy you’re taking something away from someone.

Adding the collections system is NOT required to set the precedent to add the collections system.

Adding even a part of that collections system sets a precedent for adding more parts of that system, though.

I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you.

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I’m happy that it appears that Blizzard will be holding to their stance of nothing transferring between the two games. I’m happy that it appears that Blizzard will not be opening the can of worms that is the collections system or even appearing to set any sort of precedent for that can of worms to be opened.

I would welcome players having the chance to obtain those pets, or different pets, in classic via a Classic CE that only applied to Classic.