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We’ve got lots & lots of events planned for the upcoming weeks! Msg me to find out more!

Doing Glory of the Hellfire Raider tonight @ 7pm EST!

Raiding tonight & tomorrow 8-11pm est!

We are now 7/11 Normal Seplucher! Def need a few more ranged dps to fill in some empty spots! Msg me for details if you’re interested in joining us :slight_smile:

Still looking for more new friends for now & Dragonflight! Raiders are def welcome, too!

Looking for a shadow priest & other ranged dps!

Great group of people. If you’re looking for a guild that’s helpful and likes to do stuff together give us a try.

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Still looking for more!

Still looking!

Had a great raid last night! Hopefully get Anduin down tonight. Also had a night of mythic plus with 2 groups having a lot of fun and success.

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This guild is what you get when you want the traditional “classic” feel of a genuine close-knit community of people who play together and care about each other mixed with the PVE content of Retail!

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still looking for more!

In desperate need of some flex healers!

still looking for more!

Looking for more healers!

Hi! Interested in learning more and possibly joining - my btag is Kovo#1606

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I added you! I’m Jem :slight_smile:

Looking for more still! :slight_smile:

I’ve been in this guild for two days, and from what I’ve experienced, I can say there’s a lot of friendly people here!

They’re not afraid to say hi or help one another.

If anyone reads this, please feel free to join in the friendliness and fun!

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