Malefic Cores And Catching Up With Corruption Resistance

We’re now a couple of weeks from some players reaching Rank 15 on their legendary cloaks, and we’d like to clarify how you’ll further improve your cloak in the weeks after hitting Rank 15.

At Rank 15, players who wish to make use of more and greater Corrupted items will want to imbue themselves with greater Corruption Resistance. This is done at Rank 15 with a Malefic Core, which can be consumed and applied to the cloak, increasing the cloak’s max Corruption Resistance by 3. There are two ways to acquire a Malefic Core:

  • Complete all four objective areas and the boss in a Horrific Vision.
  • Defeat N’Zoth the Corruptor in Ny’alotha on Normal (or higher) difficulty.

Players who are at the limit of the cloak’s progression can receive one Malefic Core from the first of these two activities completed each week, and can continue to upgrade their cloak with a Malefic Core once per week for the remainder of Visions of N’Zoth. However, if your cloak isn’t caught up to the current cap, you can acquire and use up to two Malefic Cores per week by doing both of the activities above.

Beginning with weekly maintenance in each region the week of March 24, players who previously reached Rank 15 will start receiving a Malefic Core from the two feats listed above.


Why the change from clearing a vision with a mask, to just clearing a vision?

So is 125 no longer the corruption resistance maximum, and instead this is another infinitely-growing stat we can grind?


Welcome to modern WoW. Grind until you think you’re done and then grind some more indefinitely because they’re deathly afraid you’ll unsub if you run out of power progression on one character.


Are you really that concerned about +3 resistance a week? Is this really going to be a “muh time played?” conspiracy? Really?


Any combination of the two, or would it have to be 1 vision and 1 N’zoth?


Low participation perhaps?


I admit I’m burnt out leveling my cloak. There I said it. I already grinded AP/Titan Residuum/Essences/Gear/Cloak. Getting kinda old. I don’t find visions fun at all, they piss me off.


Have you not seen the numerous posts complaining about HVs? There are people struggling to just get a couple side areas and the boss done.


You do realize that its 9/9/2020 is how long it will take to get 125 corruption resistance. Their new expansion will either be out or releasing soon at that point.


That’s the insinuation but I wanna hear what Blizzard says because giving a release date for Shadowlands isn’t going to be it. Also, I just want confirmation that this is yet another open-ended power rental system like the neck has become.

I don’t think those players are at current/max cloak level. Or, they’re trying to solo with a class that shouldn’t be soloing this. Some classes/specs can easily do this with 1-2 additional players, but choose to make it hard for themselves by going solo, and then have problems with completion.

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This corruption resistance won’t even make a difference cause you still see dps with like 200 corruption and they say look at my dps and complain about the healers when they die.


I just logged onto my druid to get my cloak, and I am sitting in Pandaland, and suddenly realized, I don’t want the cloak because it comes with too hefty of a price. It makes me do boring chores.

I will never see rank 15. Fully capable, but I can’t figure out, for the life of me, why I need to. / shrug


Hey, just wanted to express some appreciation. Being able to catch up, if you started late or took a break or even just were away for a week or two, is really important. It’s also a bit friendlier for alts, since you could stagger their progression without having to play all of them every week.


neato burrito


It doesn’t “make” you do anything.

You can literally equip it and go on about your happy life and never touch a vision.

Is this a video game or an AA meeting?


This is rad!

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More folks would be at this point if Stormwind weeks weren’t a thing. The tuning for that vision compared to Org is just silly


Why is this so important and not essences? The visions just come passively tbh. Essences are the far worse system but for some reason they won’t touch it


Majority of essences are 8.2 content. They need to stay focused on 8.3 content.

There really only 1 essence that is super annoying to get and its conflict and strife. Everything else can be gotten in like 3 weeks or less.